Benefits of Yakult for Toddlers – Is Probiotic Drink Safe for Them?

Yakult is well known as one of the brands of probiotic drink with a lot of health benefits of Yakult that have been proven scientifically. However, how about benefits of Yakult for toddlers? Should they drink it or not because its tasty flavour is the reason why toddlers also love it? Is Yakult Safe for […]

Surprising Health Benefits of Soil Based Organisms #Gut Health

Have you ever heard a name of soil based organisms? It turns out that soil-based organisms or SBO are a probiotic supplement. This supplement is believed to support the gut health and a balanced gut microbiome. This supplement is made by enriching the soil for plants so that it provides optimal nutrients for crops. It […]

12 Health Benefits of Probiotics (No.6 Everyone Need)

In your body, there are tons of microorganism called bacteria. However, these bacteria are divided into two groups, good bacteria and bad bacteria. It is really important to maintain the balance between that good bacteria and bad bacteria because if the imbalance between those bacteria occurs, it will affect your health. The bacteria that considered […]

Top 17 List of Foods Contain Probiotics Naturally

Maybe you’ve heard “probiotics” before from advertising dairy products or yoghurt. But you know, what is the probiotics? Probiotics are beneficial bacteria in our digestive that keep our digestive system to remain healthy. According to the FAO/WHO (2002), probiotics are defined as microorganisms that live and when consumed may provide health benefits to the host, […]

20 Scientific Benefits of Lactobacillus Acidophilus Bacteria

The development in the medical field is getting better. It was proved by many discoveries which are definetely beneficial for human life. One of the discoveries is about “friendly” bacteria. Friendly bacteria had been known as beneficial bacteria for human bodies. One of the friendly bacteria is Lactobacillus Acidophillus. There are not many people know […]