Health Benefits of Ruzu Herbal Bitter – Magic Potion from Nigeria

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There are a lot of buzz recently talking about one of the bitters which is non-alcoholic but has a lot of benefits for human health called Ruzu Herbal Bitter or RHB. Since there are a lot of people around the world are discussing about the health benefits of Ruzu Herbal Bitter surely more people are wondering about what it is.

Ruzu Herbal Bitter is Not Usual Bitter

Bitter is well known as alcoholic beverage flavoured with some natural botanical compounds which will produce a beverage with the combination of sour, bitter and sweet flavour. Ruzu herbal bitter is made of three natural herbs which all of them are native to Nigera; first is Colocynthis citrulus, second is Curcugio pilosa and the last one is Uvaria charmae. So, Ruzu Herbal Bitter is considered as unusual bitter because it is non-alcoholic and has a lot of benefits for human health.

  1. Lowering High Blood Pressure

One of the main health benefits of ruzu herbal bitter is great in lowering the symptoms of high blood pressure to prevent some fatal conditions like heart attack and stroke.

  1. Good for Diabetic Patients

Once a person is diagnosed with certain types of diabetes, the first they should do is finding a continual solution to manage their blood sugar. Ruzu herbal bitter contains some active compound to help regulating the blood sugar level.

  1. Natural Solution to Erectile Dysfunction

Do you know that Ruzu herbal bitter becomes one of the most-wanted merchandises from Nigerian due to its amazing benefits for men’s health? Yes, consuming it regularly is able to overcome several men’s health problem including erectile dysfunction.

  1. Overcome Some Menstrual Problems in Women

Not only for men, there are also some benefits of this herbal concoction for women especially in overcoming several symptoms caused by menstrual problems from stomach cramp up to irregular menstrual cycle.

  1. Prevents Obesity

There are a lot of people out there have realized the health risks of obesity. Ruzu herbal bitter contains some active compounds well known for weight management and excellent to prevent obesity.

  1. Natural Detoxification for Liver and Kidney

The natural compounds found in Ruzu herbal bitter could be used as natural detoxification for your liver and kidney to help optimizing their function so toxins could be flushed optimally.

  1. Solution to Infertility

Infertility is a serious condition but unfortunately, most people found out about it when it is too late. Consuming Ruzu herbal bitter regularly could be a solution to infertility and it works for both women and men.

  1. May be Helpful to Deal with Malaria

Countries like Nigeria are very prone to health cases like malaria. This condition is easy to deal with and could be fatal when it is not properly dealt with. Ruzu herbal bitter contains some active compounds that been proven scientifically to help overcoming malaria cases.

  1. Get Rids of Back Pains

When consuming Ruzu herbal bitter regularly, you could say goodbye to back pains for good.

  1. Eases Up the Symptoms of Arthritis

Not only back pains, the anti inflammation contents found in Ruzu herbal bitter is also able to ease up the symptoms of arthritis and other joint pains conditions.

  1. Overcome Cellular Damages

Unlike other types of bitters, Ruzu herbal bitter is packed with antioxidants that could help eliminating free radicals and overcoming the cellular damages.

  1. Eliminates Free Radicals

As mentioned in the previous point, you could get rid of free radicals optimally and naturally just by consuming this magical potion.

  1. Improves Proper Blood Flow

The minerals contents found in Ruzu herbal bitter could help you improving proper blood flow. It means you could optimize the production of red blood cells and support the work of heart. In other words you could maintain your cardiovascular health optimally.

  1. Contains Anti-Bacteria Properties

There is no easy way to fight infections but the anti-bacterial properties found in Ruzu herbal bitter could help fighting all kinds of infections caused by bacteria. Some studies also stated that if you want to know how to prevent bacteria in children, just make sure you keep a bottle of Ruzu herbal bitter in your first aid box.

  1. Natural Solution to Indigestion

The key to healthy metabolism is having healthy digestive system. Indigestion may sound like a common digestive condition but if you don’t deal with it properly could lead to several health conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome.

  1. Helpful to Deal with Common Cough

Coughing is a common condition and there are a lot of factors that could cause this condition. However, you don’t need to worry anymore because Ruzu herbal bitter contains some active compound that have been well known to be effective anti expectorant to help dealing with common cough.

  1. 100% Natural Herbal Concoction

Though there are a lot of health products you could find in the marketplace today, there is no better option but the natural one. Ruzu herbal bitter is 100% natural herbal concoction that is safe to be consumed in a long term even by children older than 1 year because it is natural and with almost no side effect.

Drawbacks of Ruzu Herbal Bitter

Aside from the health benefits of ruzu herbal bitter there are some drawbacks you should know as well because though there are a lot of people have claimed it to be effective for certain health conditions.

  • Ruzu Herbal bitter is one of the products from Nigeria so you have to super careful in choosing the original one and don’t easily fall to the cheap price but with uncertain or unreliable source.
  • Rubu Herbal Bitter is recommended for everyone except for pregnant women. So, pregnant women or breastfeeding women is better to avoid consuming ruzu herbal bitter.
  • Though ruzu herbal bitter is safe to be consumed by children but there is specific dosage you should follow.

One more important thing to remember, for those who are using ruzu herbal bitter to help maintaining specific health condition such as diabetes or hypertension should consult it with their doctor first to avoid negative interaction with the prescribed medicines.