Benefits of Mulethi for Eyesight – Traditional Ayurvedic Medication

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There are a lot of factors that could affect your eyesight and vision health from aging process, aged-related disorders, health conditions like certain types of diabetes and hypertension up to genetic. However, there are also a lot of ways you could do to improve or maintain the health of vision such as consuming foods high in vitamin A, maintaining your healthy lifestyle up to conducting laser surgery.

Natural Way to Protect Your Eyesight with Mulethi

The first thing that probably crossing your mind is “what is mulethi?”. Well, mulethi is the local name of liquorice. Surely some of you have been well known with the health benefits of eating liquorice but not all of you know about how specifically this herbal plant good for your eyesight.

  1. Mulethi Contains Powerful Flavonoid

Some studies regarding flavonoid contained in mulehti has promising outcome. Flavonoid may be helpful in slowing the progression of visual field loss caused by certain conditions such as ocular hypertension and glaucoma.

  1. Natural Solution to Edema

Edema condition could damage the mucula; it happens when there is some abnormal activity in your blood vessel which grows in the retina and leaks the fluid and blood. The effect is someone could lose his or her vision. Some studies in patients suffering from edema, the mulethi consumption has been proven to be effective in helping patients maintaining their sight.

  1. Mulethi Contains ISL (Isoliquiritigenin)

More researches were conducted in China and found out about ISL or Isoliquiritigenin that has essential role in suppressing the angiogenesis or the abnormality in the blood vessel of the retina. Though further studies are strongly required to support this claim because so far, though it shows positive result but the studies were only conducted in animal.

  1. Mulethi Is Packed with Potent Antioxidants

It is a common knowledge that consuming foods that packed with antioxidants are good for body cells. It could support and optimize regeneration of cells including degenerated cells that could affect the sight health. Antioxidants will ensure the optimal cell regeneration and protect your eyesight in longer time.

  1. Reduces the Risk of Eye Cancer

When your eye health is fully covered, risk of certain conditions like eye cancer could be prevented entirely. The flavonoids and antioxidants contained in mulethi are the reasons why mulethi is good for eyesight. They are the perfect combination to prevent cells from suffering the oxidative stress caused by free radicals.

  1. Natural Solution to Cataract

The fact that mulethi has been effectively used to fight cataract is not only well known as part of Ayurvedic medication but also well known since ancient time by the Chinese. The good news is you cannot only prevent cataract by using the natural eye drops made from mulethi but some studies also showed potential outcomes when you using mulethi as part of cataract treatment.

  1. Suppress Inflammation in Eyes

Inflammation could occur in all parts of your body including your eyes. The factors that cause it could be anything but when you don’t deal with it properly, inflammation could lead to several serious eye conditions. The worst scenario is you could lose your eye sight just because you don’t treat the condition properly. Mulethi contains flavonoids and several anti-inflammatory properties to help you dealing with the condition naturally though you still need to make an appointment with your doctor.

  1. Improves Eyesight

As mentioned above there are a lot of factors that could cause you losing eyesight from health conditions like hypertension and diabetes up to several aged related conditions. However, consuming mulethi regularly could help you maintaining your eyesight and improving your current poor eyesight. This fact has been proven scientifically and also traditionally used as part of Ayurverdic and ancient Chinese medication.

How to Use Mulethi to Improve Eyesight

The fact that the using of mulethi to improve eyesight has been proven and there are a lot of claims that stated it to be effective may attract your attention. Surely you are wondering how to use mulethi to improve eyesight. Actually there are some ways and below are some recommendations:

  • One of the health benefits of licorice powder, you could consume the licorice powder or grinded mulethi which is mixed with cow’s milk regularly to help improving your eyesight.
  • If somehow cow’s milk is not in the option because you are suffering certain condition, you could consume it when mixed with honey.
  • You could make mulethi into herbal eye drops but you should make sure that it is safe and free from bacteria before you drop into your eyes.
  • Today there are a lot of herbal tea products made of mulethi you could consume regularly. The health benefits of licorice tea are not only good for vision but also for your overall health.

Side Effects of Using Mulethi

When there are benefits there are also side effects you should consider. Mulethi is one of the herbal remedy excellent to fight several health conditions including eyesight problem. However, some side effects below are also important for you to know.

  • Consuming too much mulethi is not good for pregnant women because it could affect menstrual disorders and could lead to miscarriage and early delivery. However, consuming it in moderate amount is still good.
  • Those who are suffering hypertension should not over consumption the mulethi because it could worsen the hypertension condition and trigger the symptoms of high blood pressure.
  • For those who are taking prescribed medicine to fight diabetes to lower the blood sugar level should not taking mulethi because it could interact negatively and cause the drop of blood sugar.

Well, before you conduct any surgery to improve your eyesight which is high in risk and cost is better for you to start maintaining your health before it is too late such as doing exercise regularly, eating healthy foods and avoiding all kinds of activities that could put your health in bad condition. One of the natural ways to protect your eyesight is by using mulethi. As mentioned in some lists above the benefits of mulethi for eyesight has been proven scientifically and has been used since ancient time as part of Ayurvedic medication.