Benefits of Yakult for Toddlers – Is Probiotic Drink Safe for Them?

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Yakult is well known as one of the brands of probiotic drink with a lot of health benefits of Yakult that have been proven scientifically. However, how about benefits of Yakult for toddlers? Should they drink it or not because its tasty flavour is the reason why toddlers also love it?

Is Yakult Safe for Toddlers?

Toddlers are child with age 12 – 36 months, so basically young children age after 1 year old who start learning to walk are also categorized as toddlers. “Is Yakult safe for toddlers?” it is probably the first question that most mothers would ask when they want to give Yakult for their toddlers because during this age toddlers love to eat and taste almost everything including Yakult. Well, some scientific studies have strongly stated that Yakult for toddlers are safe as long as they only consume it in proper dosage.

Nutritional Facts of Yakult

Serving Size: A Bottle of Yakult 80 ml

Nutrients% Daily Value
Calories50 kcal
Total Carbohydrate12 g (4%)
–          Dietary Fiber0
–          Sugar11 g
Sodium15 mg (1%)
Protein<1 gram

More information about Yakult is this probiotic drink is containing no cholesterol, no preservatives, no gluten and also no fat.

Benefits of Yakult for Toddlers

As mentioned above probiotic drink for toddlers are not harmful, so mothers could feel relieve whenever their toddlers are asking Yakult for a drink, instead they may bring a lot of health benefits of probiotic for the toddlers.

  1. Good for Digestive System

Do you know that per bottle of Yakult contains around 10 billion of LcS (Lactobacillus casei Shirota) which is also well known as good bacteria? It is a common knowledge that one of the health benefits of probiotic drink is good for digestive system especially for toddlers which their digestive system is still in developing stage.

  1. Solution to Fight Diarrhea

Most mothers will easily get panicked when their toddlers are suffering from diarrhea. There is no easy way of how to prevent diarrhea especially for toddlers when they love to put anything to their mouth. However, Yakult is not only tasty but also excellent solution to fight diarrhea in toddlers.

  1. Reduces the Risk of Allergies

Some scientific studies have stated that toddlers who were given probiotic drink like Yakult may likely not prone to the risk of allergies. There are a lot of side effects of allergies and one of them is allergy is the root to the symptoms of asthma in children.

  1. Natural Colic Treatment

Colic is prone to children under 1 year old but sometime children older than 1 year old is also prone to colic. Though further researches are strongly required but a study published in 2007 has strong and enough evidence that probiotic treatment may affect positively to children with colicky condition.

  1. Eases Up Tummy Problems

Toddler younger than 2 years old may still have weaker digestive system compared to children age more than 2 years old. That is why some tummy problems may occur and giving them Yakult may be super helpful in easing up their tummy problems.

  1. May Reduces the Risk of Asthma in Children

As mentioned in the point number three, some scientific studies have stated that Yakult may be beneficial to reduce the risk of allergies and one of them is type of allergy that could lead to asthma. In other words, giving Yakult to toddler may be helpful in reducing the risk of asthma, especially in children.

  1. Assists in Developing Stronger Immunity System

One of the health benefits you could get by giving Yakult to toddler is you could ensure that they have stronger immunity system. Toddlers with strong immunity system are not easily prone to infections caused by viruses, bacteria or even worm.

  1. Packed with Calcium

The health benefits of calcium for toddlers are super essential because calcium is required to optimize their development. Moreover, calcium has prominent role in maintain not only the health of the bones but also the strength of bones and optimize the teeth and gum development and health.

  1. Excellent Source of Protein

There are two types of protein, animal-based protein and plant-based protein. Since Yakult is made from milk, Yakult becomes one of the excellent animal-based protein sources for toddlers. Protein has essential role in optimizing the development of toddlers. Protein is also good for hair, skin, muscles and nerve system.

  1. Helpful with Eczema

Besides asthma, eczema occurs because of allergies reaction in children. As Yakult could help reducing the risk of allergies, the risk of eczema could be reduced significantly as well. Though further studies are still required to support this claim.

Cautions of Yakult for Toddlers

The ten benefits of Yakult for toddlers mentioned above are good for most mothers to know whenever their children are asking a bottle of Yakult. However, still there are some cautions mothers should aware as well when giving Yakult to their toddlers.

  • If it is the first time for mothers to give Yakult to their under two year old toddlers, they should give a closer attention about any reaction that may occur. Some studies stated that children with specific health condition may suffer some drawbacks from taking probiotic drink such as children with symptoms of lactose intolerance or children with weakened immunity system.
  • For some childrens, Yakult is probably too sweet. That is why mothers may need to take a half bottle of Yakult to be mixed with water before giving it to their toddlers.
  • Dosage is really matter in giving your toddlers. If adults’ recommendation is two bottle of Yakult per day/drink, you may need to reduce the dosage when giving Yakult to the toddlers.
  • If your children are suffering or allergic to animal-based protein or milk is highly recommended to keep them away from Yakult.

So, overall Yakult is safe for toddlers but mothers should really aware about the dosage not only focusing on the benefits of Yakult for toddlers. Though from the explanation above, nothing that mothers should worry whenever their toddlers are asking Yakult because generally probiotic drink is safe for them and super healthy.