18 Health Benefits of Vitamin B6 (Top 3 Most Helpful)

Vitamin B6, which also known as pyridoxine, is one the parts of Vitamin B complex. The main three forms of this vitamin are pyridoxine, pyridoxamine, and pyridoxal. While pyridoxamine and pyridoxal could be found from animal food, pyridoxine could be found only in plants and seeds. Vitamin B6 is a water soluble that very important […]

10 Vitamin C 1000 mg Benefits (#Top 1 For Beauty & Health)

Vitamin C is the most popular vitamin in healthy life people. It can be gained from foods, fruits, vegetables, or even supplements. There are so many single vitamin C products distributed with a dose 500 to 1,000 mg of Vitamin C. Whether in capsule shape, liquid, infusion, or even injection. For some more active people such […]

14 Health Benefits of Taurine (No.5 Like Holy)

Taurin is known as 2-aminoethanesulfonic acid. It is not essential amino acid that we get from our food intake. Taurine is usually called as conditional amino acid that is produced by our body and found mostly in our heart and brain. Taurin is not a toxic. The excessive taurine is usually discarded through urine. Consuming 1-4 gram […]

20 Vitamin C Benefits For Health & Beauty (No.8 Amazing)

Vitamin C is one of the most popular vitamins among others. Mostly, people relate it to the body immune or orange fruit. When somebody gets unwell, people likely say that the one has lack of vitamin C and suggest to drink orange juice. The same condition happens when finding a relative or friend with bleeding […]

5 Side Effects of Taking Iron and Calcium Together

Are you in special diet program? There are a lot of reasons why a person decided to conduct a special diet program, not only weight loss diet program but some people decided to change their lifestyle into the better one by only consuming specific foods. Avoiding junk food is the first step a person should […]

98 Symptoms and Health Risks of Magnesium Deficiency

People maybe less aware with this magnesium but this mineral is same important as other mineral such as calcium. Magnesium, along with other minerals including calcium, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, sulfur and chlorine are belong to macronutrient, which means our body needs them in relatively large amount. Magnesium is mostly found in bones and teeth around […]

15 Vitamin A Benefits Apart For Eyes Vision

People like to relate vitamin A benefits to eye treatment. Every time they hear and talk about vitamin A, they would likely think that foods with vitamin A are good for eye care and treatment. Two of most popular foods in relation to vitamin A essence are papaya and carrot. Anyway, have you ever wondered […]

28 Proven Health Benefits of Selenium (No.5 is Best)

Selenium (its chemical sign is Se), is categorized as a micronutrient mineral. What is a micronutrient itself? It is one of nutrient substances that is needed by our body in a small quantities. However, its marvelous impact for our health is unquestionable since it plays an important role for our metabolism. Below are Benefits of Selenium for […]

11 Incredible Benefits of Potassium For Health ( No.4 Super Powerful)

Potassium is one of most important minerals your body should take daily. This has a very great role in improving your health and this is why experiencing in low of potassium can lead to many types of illnesses such as stroke and high blood pressure. So you should make sure that your daily meals include the […]

5 Real Vitamin K Benefits – Type – Foods – Deficiency – Overdose and Facts

Every single of human want to have healthy and strong body. We can do many useful things for our self, our family and society when we have healthy body. Human body needs vitamin so their body’s organs can perform better. There are some kind of vitamins that are already well-known by people such as A, […]