Health Benefits of Kathi Roll – Incredibly Healthy Indian Snack for your Diet

Are you wondering of having a good and healthy snack for your diet? There might be thousands types of snacks available in your area, but are they really healthy and good? You may check Health Benefits of Polenta Chips for Diet Snacks to give you slight idea of having healthy snacks. If you want a […]

Health Benefits of Pani Puri – Indian Snack to Try

Pani puri is an Indian fried bread snack, that consists of a round, hollow puri (Indian style fried bread), deep fried until it is crisp and filled with a mixture. That mixture itself is made up of flavoured water, tamarind, chutney, chilli, potato, onion, chickpeas as well as chaat masala powders. Pani puri is a […]

Tteokbokki Health Benefits – Korea’s Most Popular Street Food

With the ongoing hype of Korean cultural wave spreading rapidly around the world, sure it leaves some curiosity behind to try out their national dishes. The ever rising demand and trend of tteokbokki is an example that responds well into this phenomenon. The name “tteokbokki” literally means “stir-fried rice cakes”, and the term “tteok” refers […]

Benefits of Kellogg’s Choco – Tasty and Healthy Breakfast Choice

There are so many options of easy and tasty breakfast, from cereal up to nutritious snacks. Among the famous brands, Kellogg’s choco is probably in the top of the list due to its tasty chocolate flavour loved by everyone from children to adults. What is Kellogg’s Choco? Kellogg is a snack and cereal brand which […]

Incredible Benefits of Homemade Kale Chips for Healthy Snack

Kale has always been associated as healthy green vegetables. Most people consume it as steamed kale, salad, or light stir fry to maintain the nutrients, yet improve the taste. However, recently people are buzzing over the healthy kale chip. Wait, how can chip be healthy? Does it usually contain high sodium and isn’t it fried? […]

Find Out Unexpected Health Benefits of Swedish Fish Here!

Do you love to eat candy? In this article, we will talk about popular candy which may providing health benefits. It is Swedish fish that known as fish-shaped, chewy candy originally developed by Swedish candy producer Malaco in the late 1950s for the U.S. market. Swedish It comes with a few colors such as yellow, […]

Health Benefits of Kale Chips – Tasty and Healthy Option for Snacking

Who doesn’t love chips, the salty and tasty snack for all kinds of situation and mood? People eat chips when hanging out with friends, people eat chips for celebration and even people eat chips when they have broken heart. However, the salty and tasty snacks like chips are rich of MSG and contain a lot […]

Unexpected Health Benefits of Sourdough Breads for A Diabetic Diet

Knowing your body health needs is a must for everyone. Keeping our body health is an insurance to have a great future later. These days, the findings of health cure have gone wild. The scientists seem to be effortful in making new researchers and innovations in the medical field. Nonetheless, there are a lot of […]

The Health Benefits of Apple Bread (#1 Healthy Homemade Snack)

Apple is a fruit with a very good reputation for its health benefits. For example, most people have known about the Health Benefits of Apple Tea and Health Benefits of Eating Apple before Bed Time.  Besides the health benefits, apple is also known for its distinct sweet taste and aroma. It makes apple suitable to […]

Health Benefits of Cookies and Cream (#1 Healthy Snacking Tip)

Just like salt and pepper, cookies and cream make a very good combination. Although there are many possible flavors of cookies and cream, we have been familiar to the combination of delicious and crunchy chocolate cookies with the sweet buttery vanilla cream. It’s no wonder that we can find the taste of cookies and cream […]