Health Benefits of Kathi Roll – Incredibly Healthy Indian Snack for your Diet

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Are you wondering of having a good and healthy snack for your diet? There might be thousands types of snacks available in your area, but are they really healthy and good? You may check Health Benefits of Polenta Chips for Diet Snacks to give you slight idea of having healthy snacks.

If you want a light snack for your diet, you must try kathi roll. It is a snack originated from Kolkata, West Bengal, India. This snack is really popular not only in the area where it comes from, but it is popular around the world now. Let’s read the following for further information about kathi roll, so you will be sure to start consuming this!

What is Kathi roll?

If you take a look at kathi roll, it may look similar to kebab. It is traditionally a kati kebab that is using paratha bread that is layered. Paratha bread is kneaded dough in the shape of rope and coiled into a round shape and flattened and fried in oil. Kathi roll is known as traditional snack in India. Kathi roll originally used beef but now you can find various modifications of kathi roll, such as using chicken or mutton as the fillings.

The meat that is being used is marinated by using some traditional spices and cooked on skewers over coals. While waiting for the roll to be prepared, chillies and sauces are tossed with onions on the tawa (griddle). Then, it is laid in a thin strip of the paratha. Some other sellers will add other kinds of sauces, vinegar or lime to the filling.

How can kathi roll be beneficial for your health?

Though kathi roll looks like fast food that are mainly unhealthy, but kathi roll has incredible effect on your health. It has some ingredients that are beneficial for our health. Let’s take a look at the amazing benefits of consuming kathi roll. If you are looking for another healthy snack, you may check Benefits of Kumquats Diabetes Treatment – Tasty and Healthy Snack.

Easy to be prepared

The first thing that impresses most people about snacks or food they eat is the way it is prepared. Kathi roll is very easy to prepare as breakfast, lunch or even dinner. The ingredients to make kathi roll are also easy and flexible, you can make it as vegetarian food or non vegetarian food by adding some meat.

Incredibly healthy ingredients

Kathi roll has various healthy ingredients, one of which is whole wheat flour. Whole wheat flour is rich in B1, B2 and B3 vitamins. Besides, it also contains zinc, iron, magnesium and calcium. Can you imagine consuming those nutrients at once? By consuming those nutrients, you can maintain your health. Moreover, whole wheat flour is also low in sugar that makes it perfect for people who suffer from diabetes.

Besides whole wheat flour, it also contains paneer or cottage cheese. If you are curious of the amazing effect of consuming this Indian cheese, you may see Health Benefits of Eating Cottage Cheese (#Amazing). It has a lot of amazing effects, such as rich in calcium that can strengthen your bones and preventing cancer as well.

Nutrients Value of Kathi Roll

It is stated that kathi roll has incredible benefits for your health and now you must be wondering about the nutrients value of it. Here is the nutrients value of kathi roll.


For one serving of pure kathi roll, it contains:

  • 225 calories
  • 12 g (18%) of total fat
  • 0 g of saturated fat
  • 0 g of unsaturated fat
  • 40 mg of cholesterol (13%)
  • 50 mg of sodium (2 %)
  • 30 g of carbohydrate (10%)
  • 2 g of dietary fiber (8%)
  • 4 g of sugar
  • 5 g of protein
  • 0 g of Vitamin D
  • 0 g of calcium
  • 0 g of potassium


Here are some information that you need to pay attention to before consuming kathi roll. You have to be careful before consuming kathi roll:

  • it is not suitable if you are intolerant of lactose or gluten
  • if you are allergic of dairy, you can change paneer with tofu
  • it is free of egg, nuts, soya or corn
  • it has wheat and dairy

Making kathi roll is very easy and it is flexible for you to add someingredients into it. You don’t have to go to Indian restaurant to have thisdelicious snack, you can simply make it at home! Have a delicious kathi roll athome.

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