Unexpected Health Benefits of Sourdough Breads for A Diabetic Diet

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Knowing your body health needs is a must for everyone. Keeping our body health is an insurance to have a great future later. These days, the findings of health cure have gone wild. The scientists seem to be effortful in making new researchers and innovations in the medical field.

Nonetheless, there are a lot of people who have not realized that it is not only the modern innovations that can improve the body health, the classic foods and beverages do so. For instance, the Jaffa Cake which has a lot of energy that makes you gain strength as you can read on Health Benefits of Jaffa Cake.

Following the Jaffa Cake, there is also a food which contains a lot of carbohydrates that has unexpected health benefits. It is the sourdough. Most people may just see a sourdough as bread which is delicious, especially for breakfast or lunch. Some of them even think that the consumption of any bread, including sourdough, will make the health condition even worse because of the sugar ingredients. Unexpectedly, researchers finally proved that such an assumption is wrong at all. They finally proved that consuming sourdough will be a good solution for some diseases, especially diabetes.

Nutrients of sourdough

The benefits of sourdough bread for a diabetic diet cannot be separated from the contribution of each nutrient in the bread.  Before we get to the list of nutrients of sourdough, it will be better if we know more about this bread. The sourdough bread itself was firstly introduced in Europe.

The tale tells that the bread came from Egypt from 3700 BCE. Hence, we can call it classic bread which has been generated through the centuries. After some years, the distribution of sourdough bread was getting wider to other countries in Europe. Today, all of the people around the world can enjoy the delicious taste of this bread.

The sour taste that you can feel while eating sourdough comes from the lactobacilli and yeast. Both bacterias support the fermentation process of a dough which finally becomes a dough we call as sourdough. Nonetheless, even if there is a sour taste, the texture of the bread is not much different from the common bread. The aroma even smells better with a softer texture as well. That is why it is no wonder that this kind of bread is adored by thousands of people around the world. Moving to the nutrients of sourdough, each piece of the bread in a medium size contains these following nutrients:

  • 144 calories of carbohydrate
  • 30 calories of protein
  • 11 calories of fat
  • 3 mg of thiamin
  • 95 mcg of folate
  • 3 mg of niacin
  • 3 mg of riboflavin
  • 3 mcg of selenium acid
  • 3 mg of iron
  • 3 mg of manganese
  • Calcium
  • Phosphor
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin B6
  • Pantothenic acid

With all those nutrients listed above, sourdough can be a perfect solution to end the proliferation of diabetes within our body. How could it be so? Here is a brief explanation of the scientists’ findings.

The several kinds of acid that are contained is what makes us able to get the benefits of sourdough bread for a diabetic diet. From what we have known before, a medium piece of sourdough contains the pantothenic and selenium acids together in a bite. Both acids become a powerful cure with no composition of sugar or fat that will danger our cholesterol that leads to diabetes. This is what makes the sourdough different from other kinds of bread. Hence, if you are a diabetes patient, having a diabetes diet by consuming the sourdough is a perfect action. 

In addition, even if those nutrients can be found in other kinds of bread, there is no other bread that can be better than the sourdough in term of its friendly quality. Some people stated that sourdough is a solution for those who avoid the consumption of bread.

How could this thing happen? The fermentation of sourdough takes a very long time whereas other bread is produced fast by machines. That is why the texture and the taste of the bread will be different from others. This is also a reason why people can enjoy their lunch with sourdoughs when they cannot feel the same by consuming other bread. Also read: health benefits of Turkish bread for daily diet.

A great solution for obesity

There are several health benefits of Sourdough Breads for a diabetic diet. As the nutrients of acids within the sourdough bread will be beneficial for the cholesterol and the blood sugar, the consumption of sourdough will also be a great solution for other health problems such as obesity. Sourdough has a low-fat nutrient with many other good nutrients additionally. Hence, all of those nutrients can help you gain stable nutrients within the body which finally leads to a stable condition of the body as well.

Besides, consuming sourdough will also be beneficial for your bond strength. As this bread has the ingredients of calcium, magnesium, and phosphor, the consumers will have a strong bond and teeth as the consumption is done regularly.

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How to consume?

As far as we know, the consumers of sourdough eat this bread in different ways. Some of them consume it in the morning with butter and eggs. The carbohydrate contained in the bread will help you gain strength and energy to start your day.

Nonetheless, some others choose to consume the sourdough for lunch. Sourdough bread will be very delicious to be combined with other ingredients such as beef, cheese, chicken and more. Hence, making it hamburgers will be a nice choice. In addition, spaghetti and soup can also be a great combination for sourdough to be consumed during lunch.

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All in all, sourdough bread is a great solution for a diabetic diet. This kind of bread is even able to prevent obesity with its beneficial nutrients. The bread can also be a delicious medicine for diabetes as the bread can be consumed together with spaghetti, eggs, or butter for breakfast. However, make sure that you consume it regularly thus you can get maximum benefits of sourdough bread for a diabetic diet. Indeed, that’s all the explanation about health benefits of Sourdough Breads for a diabetic diet.