Health Benefits of Cookies and Cream (#1 Healthy Snacking Tip)

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Just like salt and pepper, cookies and cream make a very good combination. Although there are many possible flavors of cookies and cream, we have been familiar to the combination of delicious and crunchy chocolate cookies with the sweet buttery vanilla cream. It’s no wonder that we can find the taste of cookies and cream in many kinds of foods including ice cream, milkshakes, and candy.

However, do you know that cookies and cream is not only satisfy our sweet tooth, but also beneficial for health? Find more about the health benefits of cookies and cream on this page. And you will find the reason why you should include cookies and cream into your favorite healthy snack.

Nutritional Information Of Cookies And Cream

Most people love to eat the combination of cookies and cream in a cup of ice cream. Some of you might guess that it will contain with mostly sugar and fats. So, here are what you get in a cup of cookies and cream ice cream:

  • Total fat 10 g
  • Saturated fat 6 g
  • Trans fat 0 g
  • Cholesterol 0 mg
  • Sodium 135 mg
  • Total carbohydrate 17 g
  • Dietary fiber 2 g
  • Sugar 5 g
  • Protein 14 g
  • Vitamin A 0%
  • Vitamin C 0%
  • Calcium 14 g
  • Iron 6%

Can you see? You are right if you think a cup of cookies and cream ice cream is packed with fats and sugar. But don’t worry. They amount of calories you get from every single of ice cream cup above can be tolerated, as it doesn’t exceed the maximum amount of daily fat and sugar intake. Therefore, you can get the health benefits of cookies and cream.

The Health Benefits Of Cookies And Cream

People may be afraid of consuming cookies and cream may make them fat and lead to some health problems to appear. However, don’t be worried as cookies and cream might be good for your health as well. Here are some of the health benefits of cookies and cream you can get.

1. Good for your heart

A new study proved that saturated fat could bring significant health benefits for heart. The research from university of Bergen in Norway concluded that the consuming high fat food in the limited carbohydrate content did not cause any harm for the heart health.

It is possible since consuming fat with limited carbohydrate makes our body to use fat as the main energy source. Therefore, the fat won’t clog the artery, and it is safe for our heart and the whole cardiovascular system.

2. Energizing

As mentioned above, our body can use fats as the energy source. Besides, sugar can also be a potential energy source. As we know, cookies and cream is packed with high dose of fats and sugar. Therefore, consuming cookies and cream can energize our body, fill our tummy and satisfy our cravings at once. It will also enable you to recharge your energy in a short time. However, make sure you eat it within the tolerable portion.

3. Reduce the risk of stroke

A study in Swedish in 2011 obtained a result that women who ate sweet foods have lower risk of developing stroke by 20 percent. It includes the habit of consuming cookies and cream. In addition, if the cookies and cream contain good amount of dark chocolate, so it will be healthier for us to take it.

4. Good for muscle

Just like the Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate, cookies and cream is usually beneficial for muscle. It is possible since the cookies usually contain dark chocolate which is beneficial for muscle health. It is able to improve the growth and the strength of our muscle.

5. Alleviate stress

It is true that eating something sweet can instantly boost your mood. It is possible since eating sweets such candy, ice cream, and also cookies and cream is able to release endorphin, a hormone responsible for the feeling of happiness.  As you know, enjoying foods such cookies and cream is just like how we enjoy our life.

6. Good for bones

Cookies and cream is one of the delicious foods with good amount of calcium. Therefore, why don’t you let your children have it? The calcium will be very good for your children bones health and growth. Provide them with cookies and cream as their daily snack or cookies and cream milkshakes for the beverage.

7. Good protein source

Protein is one of the significant nutrients for health. Protein is also one of the significant energy sources for our body. Therefore, it is better for us to fulfill the need of protein by consuming good foods. In this case, cookies and cream is a snack which is able to provide you with good amount of protein. So, we can obtain protein not only from the Health Benefits of Meat, Poultry and Fish as the number one protein source. 

You can also gain the following health benefits of cookies and cream:

  1. Promote brain power
  2. Improve performance
  3. Aid weight gain
  4. Promote the production of red blood cells
  5. Enhance immunity
  6. Good for skin health
  7. Good for children growth
  8. Prevent the risk of kidney stones formation

Recommendation In Consuming Healthy Cookies And Cream

Talking about cookies and cream, it is true that you can simply buy them from the store. However, there is a healthier option if you want to consume cookies and cream. It is the homemade cookies and cream ice cream. What’s better than the homemade snack? We can guarantee the health and hygiene of the food by ourselves.

To get the health benefits of cookies and cream in a cup of homemade ice cream, we can prepare Greek yogurt, coconut milk, healthy Oreo cookie butter, vanilla crème-flavored stevia extract, xanthan gum, and salt. From the ingredients, we can already see that it is healthy.

Just like the choice of using Greek yogurt over daily milk to get the Health Benefits of Greek Yogurt and the use of coconut milk other than butter to get the Benefits of Coconut Milk. Besides, you can also see the use of stevia extract for the natural sweetener instead of white sugar to get the Health Benefits of Stevia. And over the top, this homemade cookies and cream ice cream is actually gluten free.

Once the ingredients are prepared, you can prepare the ice cream maker bowl first. Next, blend the yogurt, coconut milk, cookie butter, and stevia extract together. Add Xanthan gum and salt while blending the first ingredients. When everything is mixed well, freeze them. That’s how you can prepare a healthy cookie and cream cookies dessert from your own kitchen.