Benefits of Kellogg’s Choco – Tasty and Healthy Breakfast Choice

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There are so many options of easy and tasty breakfast, from cereal up to nutritious snacks. Among the famous brands, Kellogg’s choco is probably in the top of the list due to its tasty chocolate flavour loved by everyone from children to adults.

What is Kellogg’s Choco?

Kellogg is a snack and cereal brand which is using chocolate as its main ingredients. The most well known product distributed by Kellogg’s is choco fill while the cereal is the combination of wheat flakes and crunchy rice. Kellogg’s comes from United Kingdom, which its biggest factory located in Manchester. Though Kellogg’s is really well known in Europe, Kellogg’s is also well known in some Asia countries like China and Korea.

Benefits of Kellogg’s Choco

When it comes to easy and tasty snack, sometimes parents are so negatively considering it as bad for their children, especially when refined sugar included in the ingredients. Well, there must be reason why Kellogg’s choco is really famous as nutritious breakfast choice or easy snack and it is not because it is bad for your health. The list of benefits of Kellogg’s choco below may put the parents at ease.

  1. Excellent Fiber Source

One of the main benefits every parent could get when adding cereal for breakfast, especially whole grain cereal is its fiber content. There are a lot of health benefits of fiber which is not only good for the gut to improve bowel movement and prevent constipation but fiber is also good for heart.

  1. Whole Grain Kellogg’s Choco is also Rich of Iron

Essential minerals like iron, magnesium and potassium is good for human especially for children during development stage. Kellogg’s choco is one of the products which are packed with iron. The health benefits of iron are not only simply optimizing the production of red blood cells but when RBCs content is good, metabolism could work optimally.

  1. Cholesterol Free

For those who are looking for foods that lower cholesterol level, some breakfast cereal products made of entirely plant-based product could be a good choice. One important thing everyone should know when it comes to cholesterol is it is the product of animal-based. It means, choco cereal made of whole grain with chocolate flavour could be considered to be cholesterol free.

  1. All the Benefits of Chocolate in One Product

Surely you have known about all the health benefits of dark chocolate. Though perhaps the chocolate content is not as you expected but you could still get all the benefits from consuming chocolate. Consuming chocolate could help reducing and relieving stress. Chocolate is also good for brain, that is why it is perfect for easy snack option during study.

  1. Easy Option for Breakfast

There are a lot of children in this world should skip their important meal of the day, breakfast, just because their parents don’t have enough time to prepare it for them. Well, it is not going to be a problem anymore because today there are a lot of options of cereal breakfast which is rich of nutrient like Kellogg’s choco for easy option for breakfast.

  1. Brain Booster Snacking Time

Snacking time could be super useful when you choose healthy snack. There are so many option of snack from Kellogg’s which is rich of several nutrients that could act as brain booster, especially during study time. Children needs snacks that could help them focus and concentrate.

  1. Fast Energy Booster

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and parents should make sure that their children are getting enough nutrients for fast energy booster. Kellogg’s choco cereal could be the best option in this matter because the combination of carbohydrate and sugar could be a perfect and fast energy booster in the morning.

  1. Could Be Combined with Children’s Favourite Fruit

There are a lot of ways and ideas for parents to serve their children, not only tasty but also healthy breakfast. Cereal chocolate is perfect when combined with some children’s favourite fruits such as banana, kiwi, avocado or strawberry.

  1. Excellent Calcium Content

When consuming chocolate cereal, normally you need consume it along with milk. Well, sometimes children don’t really like to drink milk but they will crave for it when they consume it along with their favourite chocolate cereal. Main health benefits of calcium are good for bone health, teeth and gum. Moreover, calcium is good to main the bone density and optimizing the children growth.

  1. Good for Children during Development Stage

Some points mentioned above have emphasized that consuming Kellogg’s choco is good for human health, especially for children during development stage. It is because in a bowl of chocolate cereal contains some essential vitamins and minerals essentially required by children to optimize their development.

Cautions of Consuming Too Much Kellogg’s Choco

Everything which is too much is never good. Surely, parents have realized that though there are a lot of benefits of Kellogg’s choco as mentioned above, still they should realize that it is also good when consumed in the proper amount. Some cautions may occur when you consume too much Kellogg’s choco.

  • Kellogg’s choco, just like any other cereal breakfast product may contain refined sugar if consumed in large dosage could cause some cardiovascular problems, obesity and certain types of diabetes.
  • The product is also said to be high in salt content. Those who have symptoms of high blood pressure should be super careful in consuming this product.
  • Though Kellogg’s main ingredient is mostly chocolate but if you want to get all the benefits of dark chocolate is not recommended to rely on this product.

Aside from all the cautions, there are a lot of benefits of Kellogg’s choco for both parents and children, especially children during development stage. The choco cereal is an easy and nutritious breakfast choice so parents could save a lot of time due to its short preparing time, though combining it with real food like fresh fruits such as banana, strawberry and kiwi is highly recommended. Instead of only snacking the choco fill, parents could accompany the snacking time with a glass of fresh milk to fulfil the calcium intake for their children to optimize their development.