Benefits of Catfish during Pregnancy Every Mother Should Know

During pregnancy consuming healthy foods with high nutrients is highly recommended. It is because during pregnancy is not only the mothers who need all the nutrients but also the baby growing inside the womb. The deficiencies of some essential compounds could be really fatal like baby born with birth defect or even premature birth. Fish […]

Remarkable Benefits of Jackfruit Seeds during Pregnancy!

Pregnancy could be a lifetime experience for a mother because it is a special gift given directly by the God. Unfortunately, there are a lot of mother forget to appreciate such gift by not consuming healthy foods beneficial not only for the mother but also for the baby. Traditionally, people from Asia love to eat […]

Amazing Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit for Pregnant Women

Speaking of exotic, tasty and healthy fruit, dragon fruit is one of the fruits in the top of the list. The crunchy texture and mild sweet flavour is the signature of dragon fruit though the appearance may drawback some people to taste its sweet flesh inside. Dragon fruit is also packed with nutrients and highly […]

Hidden Benefits of Eating Ripe Bananas during Pregnancy You Need to Know!

Pregnant women need to eat the right and healthy foods in order to keep their health and the baby as well. In this case, there are recommendations for the food consumption including fruits and vegetables. However, there are fruits that are good and bad for the pregnant women. One that is well known as the […]

Benefits of Curry Leaves for Pregnancy – Every Mom Should Know!

Most of Pregnant Mother Problems  Kimberly from Kentucky, USA shares her worries with us for her 7-week pregnancy. “Not only have I had to deal with the morning sickness and constant nausea, now I have to deal with the diarrhea like a combo packet for real. I planned my weeklong meal with certified nutritionist and […]

12 Interesting Health Benefits of Savoiardi Lady Finger During Pregnancy

  Many pregnant woman might not know the health benefits of lady finger for pregnancy. This kind of cookies usually are favorit among the children. But it is find out that the snack also good for pregnant mother too. Therefore, there is no wrong to try having this snack for daily afternoon meal only during […]

The Secrets and Benefits of Massage during Pregnancy Third Trimester

Massage is believed to make you relax, not only your body but also your soul. During pregnancy, feeling sored and tired are normal because the weight mother should carry will progressively increase day by day. The unbalance hormonal condition could affect the mood as well. That is why massage during pregnancy is essential. Is Massage […]

10 Secret Health Benefits of Bitter Leaf Soup in Pregnancy

The various health benefits of bitter leaf soup in pregnancy can benefit to keep a healthy pregnant mother. Therefore, this is one of the must consume food while pregnant. Furthermore, pregnancy needs more concern and need to keep the various vitamins and minerals to consume. Hence, it is a main thing that needs to take […]

The Secret of Namaz – Benefits of Namaz during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a gift from God, a chance that only women could experience. That is why in Islam, women are well-respected due to this holy role. The holy role of women is not limited to pregnancy, but also how they put their lives during the labor process, rising and taking care the children and from […]

Pregnancy Tips! Benefits of Laughing during Pregnancy

If you are a mother to be and want your baby to be happy, the first thing you should assure is you are happy. Laughing is a simple gesture or response toward something funny or interesting but aside from that there are a lot of benefits of laughter and laughing during pregnancy is very essential. […]