Let’s Check these Health Benefits of Cashew Milk During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy milks are the ones that are specially made so that their nutritional content is in accordance with the needs of pregnant women and the fetus in their wombs. This milk, like benefits of macadamia milk, is very good for maintaining the health of pregnant women and supporting fetal growth and development.

Many pregnant women experience morning sickness so they don’t have an appetite as good as they had before. This could lead to a less nutrition intake, which means their health would be at risk.

Pregnant women need a variety of nutrients, including vitamins and minerals, in greater amounts than before pregnancy. Therefore, in order not to lack essential nutrients, pregnant women are encouraged to drink milk that are specially made for them, especially if they have difficulty eating something nutritious.

As has been said before, pregnant mother’s milk provides benefits not only for pregnant women themselves, but also for the fetus in their womb.

The body of pregnant women undergoes many changes that increase the need for certain nutrients. For example, the need for calcium during pregnancy increases to 2 times when compared to when they’re not pregnant. 

If certain nutrients are not sufficient for the fetus, these nutrients will not satisfy the nutritional needs of it. If this happens continuously, it is not impossible for pregnant women to experience chronic energy shortages and certain nutritional deficiencies that can cause various diseases, such as osteoporosis or anemia.

In addition, the complete nutritional content in the pregnancy milk can reduce the risk of problems or complications in pregnancy, such as preeclampsia and hypertension during pregnancy, which can be avoided thanks to the calcium content.

The fetus gets nutrition from its mother. If a pregnant woman’s own nutritional intake is not sufficient, for example because it is difficult to eat or she just doesn’t like to eat certain foods, then the fetus may suffer from it.

By consuming milk for pregnant women, this condition can be avoided because this milk complements the intake of nutrients that enter the body of pregnant women, both in terms of quantity and type.

Among other types of milk available in the market, like benefits of almond milk, cashew milk, which is highly supporting the growth of children, is indeed also beneficial for pregnant women. Here’s why, drinking chase milk is important, especially for them :

1. Becomes Main Source of Protein

Just like benefits of mung beans milk, cashew milk is a good source of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for pregnant women. This is a type of good fat that can maintain the health of the blood vessels of the mother and fetus, and optimize the development of the fetal brain.

In addition, a handful of cashews also provides a much needed protein for pregnant women and the fetus to build new cells and replace old damaged cells. The omega 3 and 6 fatty acids in cashews will be well preserved if they are properly processed, for example roasting.

Avoid frying cashews because the good content will be replaced by the bad fat composition from the oil.

2. Pleasing Way to Get Iron

When pregnant, women are very at risk of developing anemia due to iron deficiency. This is because all iron reserves in the body are used up to form hemoglobin that plays a role in circulating oxygen to the cells of the body of the mother and fetus.

If it is not balanced with adequate iron intake, oxygen intake to the fetus will be disrupted. Well, cashew milk is one of the foods that can answer the iron needs of pregnant women.

3. Provides A Good Amount of Antioxidants

Apart from protein, fatty acids, and iron, cashews are also rich in antioxidants that can ward off free radicals. Not only dangerous for the health of the mother, free radicals can also threaten the growth and development of the fetus.

Some of the conditions that can occur due to free radicals are preeclampsia and eclampsia, which are really dangerous and pretty alarming. This is a condition where high blood pressure in pregnant women can cause seizures can be a threat to the life of the mother and the fetus. However, you may find the same benefit in the other natural milks as well, like benefits of soy milk.

4. Reduces Allergy Risk

Research in 2015 states that consumption of nuts, milk, and wheat during pregnancy can reduce the risk of allergies and asthma in the fetus. One of the types of nuts in question is cashews.

If parents have a talent for allergies and want to reduce the risk to their baby, there is nothing wrong for pregnant women to regularly eat cashews since pregnancy. They can either eat the cashews as a snack or drink the cashew milk for easier digestion. 

5. A Good Source of Vitamin K & Copper

One ounce of cashews contains 9.8 mcg (micrograms) of vitamin K. Pregnant women need 90 mcg of this important vitamin every day  to ensure that she does not suffer from excessive bleeding in pregnancy or later in childbirth.

The development of blood cells in the fetus can also be accelerated if cashews (a good source of copper) are consumed sufficiently during pregnancy. One ounce of cashews contains 0.6 mg of copper and can help meet the needs of pregnant women who need only a  gram of it per day. 

Consuming the healthy milks like this cashew milk or benefits of oat milk, is highly important to strengthen the mom and the baby.