5 Scientifically Proven Health Benefits of Avocado Oil During Pregnancy

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When pregnant, women must try to overcome health complaints in the natural way possible, ranging from gentle massage from her beloved husband, drinking warm tea, to applying or diffusing essential oils..

Yes, essential oil is popular, but it’s not just a trend. There are many essential oil benefits for the body like the benefits of basil essential oil, that can be dripped into a diffuser, dissolved, or applied directly. 

But do not carelessly choose, because there are a lot of essential oil types that could be dangerous, and it is important for you to choose the appropriate type to relieve your complaints.

Although most of them have many benefits, not all types of essential oil turned out to be safe to use while pregnant. Gestational age also determines what types are safe to use. Let’s know more about how to use and types of essential oils that are safe to consume during pregnancy.

Based on researches and doctors recommendation, pregnant women are forbidden to use essential oil in the first trimester, because it can cause contractions or interfere with the early development of the fetus. While more research is still needed, it’s better to prevent it than to treat it.

According to the doctors, moms should avoid the use of aromatherapy products and treatments in the first trimester, and since essential oil is the main ingredient of aromatherapy, they need to get rid of it completely.

After moms are entering the second and third trimester, essential oils then safe to consume. You can start using kinds of essential oils based on your condition. For example, if moms have difficulty in their sleep, it’s better to have the benefits of cedarwood essential oil.

This also goes in the same way with the avocado oil. Not only useful for skin and beauty, there many health benefits of avocado oil during pregnancy, such as:

Health Benefits of Avocado Oil During Pregnancy

1. Contains high oleic acid

The first benefit of avocado oil during pregnancy is that there are many oleic acids. In fact, about 70% of the total weight of the oil is this very healthy fatty acid. Oleic acid contained in avocado oil is also the same as that contained in the health benefits of olive oil

The benefit of oleic acid is to maintain the health of the body, especially the heart. Consuming regularly will also provide quite a lot of energy sources and can be safe for those who are in pregnancy. You can use this oil to cook or mix it into the cake ingredients so as not to get tired of consuming it directly.

With consuming avocado oil, mom can be more healthy and protected against fatal diseases. This way, both the mom and the baby can be happier.

2. Lower cholesterol in the body

There are times when cholesterol levels in pregnant women become higher during pregnancy. If before pregnancy a woman’s cholesterol tends to be high, meaning cholesterol levels can rise even higher. This happens in addition to the influence of increased estrogen levels, since cholesterol is needed to provide nutrition for the fetus.

Of course controlling the body’s cholesterol level is not as easy. Not just any cholesterol-lowering medicine can be consumed because it is not necessarily safe for the fetus. However, there are several ways that cholesterol levels can be maintained.

Cholesterol is an important substance that can be found in almost any tissue of the body. But the danger is, if the cholesterol level is too high, it risks causing plaque in the walls of blood vessels. Consequences? heart disease and stroke.

Risky cholesterol is LDL or low-density lipoprotein. Usually, this cholesterol is called bad cholesterol. While high-density lipoprotein or HDL is good cholesterol for the body.

In order to treat this, pregnant women are recommended to eat more fiber, increase physical activity, or limit the sweet and savory food consumption. They also try to use natural remedies, such as avocado oil.

By consuming avocado oil on a normal and recommended consumption basis, high cholesterol can be more maintained and normalized. They can also make the result better by consuming more water during the day. Plus, they can add a more healthy menu to their diet, including having the benefits of coleslaw salad.

3. A great source for lutein

As one of the good sources of fat for the body, avocados can also maintain the health of the eyes. The oil from this fruit contains quite a lot of antioxidants called lutein. 

These antioxidants will keep the body from the occurrence of cataracts or dewy eyes and also premature aging. Lutein is not produced by the body itself and can only be obtained by eating avocado or its oil. 

Anyone is advised to consume avocado oil regularly, especially those who are getting older. Lutein can also play a role in improving the vision of unborn babies.

4. Increase nutrient absorption 

If you consume avocado oil along with carrots or vegetables with carotenoid content, the chances of these antioxidants being absorbed perfectly will be great. As we know that carotenoids are substances that will maintain the health of tears. Find these two things in salads or juices.

5. Get rid of stretch marks

Stretch marks are lines that occur when the skin is stretched and this condition is very normal. Almost everyone has stretch marks as a sign of stretching on some parts of the body, including the breasts.

But if you want to get rid of it, you can use avocado oil. Avocado oil works in the same way as any other good essential oil. You can apply it gently on the skin surface and let it dry for a minute.

If you can’t find any avocado oil, just use the other essential oils like benefits of rosemary essential oil. Argan oil also works great for treating this problem.