5 Meaningful Health Benefits of Prunes for Babies

Prunes are dried plums, scientifically known as Prunus domestica. Plums have more than 1,000 varieties, but in size, it is more or less located between oranges and peaches. Prune has a sweet taste and is very fibrous. As explained in the health benefits of prunes during pregnancy, plums and prunes are good for your overall […]

4 Proven Health Benefits of Prunes During Pregnancy

Eating lots of nutritious food like benefits of cabbage during pregnancy is very necessary for meeting the nutritional needs of the mother’s body and the little one in the womb. Balanced nutrition is not only obtained from animals, but also a lot from vegetable sources and that is why, an abundance of good fruit and […]

5 Main Health Benefits of Dried Prunes You Should Aware

Prunes may still be less well known by tropical countries even though the benefits of prunes are very good for maintaining a healthy body, even for overcoming several health problems. They are one type of fruit that is widely cultivated in western countries, such as America and Europe, and they are also rich in antioxidants […]

Fantastic Prunes Health Benefits for Pregnancy On First Semester

Many people might not consider the prunes health benefits for pregnancy. Most of them thinking that this fruit only good for skin and also bring some fiber source. However, it is find out that the fruit also good to support pregnancy and even can help to make a faster process of getting pregnant. Therefore, this […]