Wonderful Benefits of Homemade Sausage for Your Daily Consumption

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Who wouldn’t love sausage? It is very simple to prepare, easy to get, delicious and practically filling. It can also be cooked into any kinds of foods you want.

However, some people and even health practitioners claim that sausage we get from store may be bad for our health, especially for its preservative.

So how about making homemade sausage? Can it be a perfect solution for healthy sausage? Of course, yes. We can make sure every ingredient is alright if we make our own sausage at home, just like Health Benefits of Homemade Meatloaf for Body and Brain. About the hygiene, we can also control it. So what are the benefits of homemade sausage? We will talk about it later.

Nutritional Information Of Homemade Sausage

Talking about the nutrition in homemade sausage, we can say that it depends on what kind of meat we use for the sausage, also what are the other ingredients we involve. So, this is only the example of nutrition we can get from homemade sausage made of pork butt.

Serving: 12 pieces

  • Calories 243.0
  • Total fat 18.4 g
  • Cholesterol 71.8 mg
  • Sodium 242.5 mg
  • Total carbs 0.2 g
  • Dietary fiber 0.1 g
  • Protein 18.0 g

It also contains small amount of B vitamins, and minerals such as iron.

That’s what we can get from homemade pork sausage. There is no significant additional ingredients except salt, fennel seeds, and parsley leaves.

The Benefits of Homemade Sausage

There are some benefits we can get from consuming homemade sausage. Of course, there is something to between the benefits of homemade sausage with Health Benefits of Meat, Poultry and Fish as the main protein source. Here are some of the benefits of homemade sausage:

  1. Prevent anemia

Anemia might be a common case for women. It is mainly caused by the lack of some kinds of vitamins and minerals. In this case, consuming homemade sausage can both provide you with healthy food and prevent you from anemia. It is because sausage contains good amount of vitamin B-12 which takes part in producing hemoglobin and red blood cells.

  1. Provide energy

Homemade sausage can provide both carbohydrate and protein. As we know, carbohydrate and protein is the main contributor to our energy. We need them to get done all of our activities. And we can say that consuming homemade sausage is an effective way to recharge your energy as you can get both carbo and protein in one meal.

You just need to add some vegetable to add the benefits of your food. For example, you can add some  tomatoes and onion to get the Health Benefits of Tomatoes and Onions Mix . Vitamin B-12 in sausage also allows your body to effectively transform foods into energy. 

  1. Good for muscle

Sausage which is mainly composed from meat can be an excellent protein source. As we know, protein is very good in building tissues. It is also very good for muscle. It provides strength to muscle.

We can also consume it to allow faster recovery of muscle after workout, as vitamin B-12 in sausage allow the better oxygen circulation to all parts of the body, including muscle. Benefits of Red Meat For Body Building  are also the reason why homemade sausage is good for body builders.

  1. Allow better function of internal organs

Consuming sausage, especially the healthy homemade sausage may improve the function of internal organs. It is because the powerful B-12 vitamin in meat which is able to protect the organs from damage. It also enables the better blood circulation throughout the body.

  1. Maintain hormone balance

Protein is also needed to maintain the balanced hormone. In this case, your homemade sausage will provide the good and healthy protein for your hormonal balance. It is because homemade sausage may contain less harmful additive compounds such as preservative, artificial seasonings, and etc.

  1. Improve brain function

To improve brain function and improve your cognitive performance, you can rely on pretein. Besides provide you with energy, protein is able to empower your brain to perform optimally. And as we know, the homemade sausage is simple and accessible. You can prepare it everytime you want, and you can wrap it for your healthy and filling lunch.

  1. Provide recreational benefit

Making sausage in your own kitchen may give you such a recreational benefit. The sensation of creating something will make you happy and satisfied. In addition, sausage is very simple to make.

There will be no fail product for your creation. You can add your favorite spices to the meat and see how satisfied you are when you see the casings are full. Not to mention when your family members praise the delicacy of your homemade sausage.

Precautions in Consuming Homemade Sausage

Besides the fact that homemade sausage can present the benefits of homemade sausage, there are some points we need to consider as a precaution in consuming sausages, including the homemade sausage.

The first is that the main ingredient of sausage which employs red meat. Studies concluded that the prolonged consumption of red meat may contribute to the cause of cancer. Red meat contains nitrates and nitrites which can be converted into cancer-causing compounds in the body. especially when the sausage contains any additive ingredients such as preservatives.

This is also the reason why people start to rely on the Health Benefits of Giving Up Meat Today. The second bad news from homemade sausage is that it may contain high salt and fat. The combination between salt and fat is certainly not recommended for cardiovascular health. it may influence our blood pressure and heart health. to add, the unhealthy cooking such as deep frying may damage your ‘healthy’ homemade sausage. So, be careful with sausage, even if it is a homemade sausage.

Recommendation for Healthy Homemade Sausage

To get the benefits of homemade sausage and avoid the side effect, you can go based on these recommendations. For example, in making the sausage, only use the low-fat meat. Make sure you clean it well before you grin it. Put only a little salt to avoid sodium fluctuation. And for the hog chasing, you can soak it before you use it, as it may contain additional salt for the preservatives.

During the storage, make sure you put it in a proper temperature to avoid the growth of bacteria. And the most important is that for the cooking, avoid the unhealthy cooking such as deep frying of grilling with too much oil or butter. It is better or you to cook you homemade sausage with minimum oil, as it has already contains fat which can instantly turn into oil when it is heated.