Health Benefits of Veal Meat – High Protein Source

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Veal meat is actually beef because veal is meat of calves or young bovine. However, beef and veal are two different things because from the nutrients, texture, colour and aslo the flavour are different. Some scientific studies also stated that the health benefits of veal meat are also significantly different with the health benefits of beef.

Nutritional Values of Veal Meat

Speaking of the nutritional values of veal meat, some studies stated that veal meat is very nutritious and even more nutritious than the regular beef.

Veal Meat

Per Serving Size: 100 gram

Nutritional ValueDaily Recommended Intake %
Total Fat8 gram (12%)
–          Saturated Fat3 gram (15%)
–          Polyunsaturated Fat0.6 gram
–          Monounsaturated Fat2.8 gram
Cholesterol103 mg (34%)
Sodium83 mg (3%)
Potassium337 mg (9%)
Protein24 gram (48%)
Vitamin B620%

Health Benefits of Veal Meat

Some people might be thinking, what is the point of replacing their regular beef with veal meat? Well, the list of health benefits of veal meat below may open your mind that perhaps instead of consuming beef; veal meat is much more recommended.

  1. Lower Saturated Fat

There are a lot of health benefits of saturated fat for metabolism but excessive fat in your body could lead to several health conditions from increasing the health risks of obesity up to several cardiovascular conditions.

  1. Low Cholesterol Meat Substance

Animal-based products are the number one source of cholesterol. However, compared to the regular beef, the amount of cholesterol found in veal meat is surprisingly low. So, for you who are currently having problem with your cholesterol level, you still could get animal-based protein from meat like veal meat.

  1. High Protein Content

One of the health benefits of red meat is its high protein content and veal meat is no exception. Protein has essential role in forming a strong and healthy muscle. Protein is also required to build muscle mass for you who want to have not only healthy body but also ideal body shape.

  1. Low Calories

If you are currently in a low calories diet choosing what you eat carefully is essential. Veal meat could be the best source of protein and minerals to fulfil your daily intake but you don’t need to worry about the calories consumption since it contains low calories.

  1. Packed with Vitamin B Complex

Veal meat is packed with some essential vitamin B complex. Vitamin B complex has essential role in maintain your energy source so you could use it optimally. Vitamin B also has essential role in maintaining nerve system and brain health.

  1. Essential for Energy Source

Red meat is essential source of energy and veal meat is included. The fat contained in veal meat is enough to provide you the energy you need to do the activities but as long as you consume it in proper amount will left nothing to store as fat.

  1. Improves Metabolism System

The key to healthy body is having healthy metabolism. Veal meat contains some essential minerals that will support your metabolism optimally.

  1. The Amount of Iron Is Similar to Beef

If you are looking for the amount of iron that similar to beef but with lower calories content, veal meat is the best option available.

  1. Excellent for Those in Low Carbohydrate Diet

There are a lot of people out there who are currently doing low carbohydrate diet which is good to maintain blood sugar level for those who are diagnosed with certain types of diabetes. Veal meat is excellent choice of meat.

  1. Easily Digested by The Digestive System

The tender texture of veal meat is easily digested by the digestive system. So, this type of meat is excellent for you who have specific digestive system condition.

  1. Rich of Omega 6 Fatty Acid

Health benefits of omega 6 fatty acid has essential role in your metabolism and just like any meat, veal meat is also packed with this type of fatty acid.

  1. Tastier Red Meat Option

Are you looking for something new and even tastier to be served in your dining table? Well, veal meat could be the best option in this matter.

Drawbacks of Veal Meat

Aside from the health benefits of veal meat there are also some drawbacks you should know about this type of meat and reasons why people prefer to savour the health benefits of giving up meat.

  • Veal meat is offered in slightly more expensive compared to beef. While beef is cheaper option of meat and also easy to find.
  • In some countries, finding veal meat is not easy because usually veal meat is produced in specific countries with its own target market. So, for regular stock is not easy to find veal meat.
  • Since veal is raised in a modern farm, the using of antibiotic and GM is high though some farms are trying their best to work with the veterinarian to ensure the best quality of their meat product.
  • When veal is compared to beef in the aspect of sustainability, beef is considered to be more sustainable than veal.

Tips to Buy and Cook Veal Meat

Well, unlike regular beef there are some specific instructions you should well known if it is your very first time to purchase veal meat.

  • Selecting high quality meat is essential. Choose veal meat with creamy pink colour with very little fat. The appearance is similar to lean meat.
  • Before you buy veal meat is better for you to decide what kind of meal you want to prepare. For example is if you want to make steak, choosing the veal chops from the rack or loin part is highly recommended.
  • Actually, veal meat could be cooked into anything you want. The tender and juicy flavour of veal meat is actually the reasons why people love it.

In summary, both beef and veal are healthy option. If you are in a specific diet that force you to consume lower calories and fat content, veal is probably the best option since it is high in protein and also packed with minerals similar to beef. However, if what you need is the calories and fats content for energy booster, beef is a better option. Between the health benefits of veal meat and beef, the final choice is based on your need.