Health Benefits of Rat Meat that Amaze You

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Have you ever imagined of consuming meat other than the regular beef, mutton, pork or poultry such as duck and chicken? Well, there are also a lot of people out there who are so into exotic meat like crocodile or porcupine. How about you? What do you think of trying something new like rat meat?

Health Benefits of Rat Meat

You might have known well about the health benefits meat, poultry and fish. However, some of you might consider that eating rat meat will give you nothing but diseases. Well, it is true that there are some types of rat and it is also true that most rats bring diseases like typhus or toxoplasmosis. However, there are also some types of rat such as type of rats commonly found in rice field are considered safe to be consumed. The list of health benefits of rat meat below may change your mind about this little creature.

  1. High Source of Protein

One of the health benefits of red meat is as excellent source of animal-based protein and rat meat is included in the list. Well, it is true that rat meat is excellent source of protein. However, if you are willing to eat rat meat, perhaps protein is the only health benefits you could get from eating this rodent.

  1. One of the Suggested Solution to Fight World Hunger

There are a lot of discussions to fight the world hunger problems and one of the solutions suggested is by establishing the rat farm to provide enough protein and nutrients to fight malnutrition. Well, the idea is not really bad especially when it is in crisis situation. However, there are more solutions better than this one.

  1. Mini-Livestock Farming

As mentioned in the point number two, one of the reasons why rat meat could be a solution to fight world hunger problem is because the rate of rat’s reproduction is very high. The rapid reproduction of rat may provide enough protein to feed people in hunger efficiently.

  1. Solution to Solve Rat Crisis

There are some discussions about how or the best way to solve rat crisis. Once rats decide to make a place a home is very difficult to eliminate them. So, some crazy ideas came up, instead of eliminating them, you are harvesting them. Well, the point number three have emphasized that rats grow rapidly and even harvesting them is not going to be enough to solve the crisis.

  1. Tasty Meat

There are some countries that are actually serving rat meat in their menu. For those who have tried eating the rat meat said that people are generally underestimating the flavour of rat meat. The fact is rat meat is not that different with chicken or other poultry meat and it tastes actually really tasty.

  1. New Born Rat for Asthma

Back to the ancient China when people are depending on the traditional medication practice; it is said that eating the new born rat alive could help solving the symptoms of asthma. Well, though further researches are strongly required because this kind of practice still could be found even in this modern era.

Some Facts about Rat Meat

The fact that there are some health benefits of rat meat may surprise you. However, there are also some interesting facts about rat that you should know about this animal.

  • There are a lot of types of rat. You might think that rat is one of those cute little creature when the fact is in country like Papua New Guinea there is one species of rat that could reach weight 3 pounds or around 1.5 kilogram.
  • Cat is well known as one of the animals that could help controlling the rat attack in your house. Well, the fact is cat is not an effective solution. If you want to deal with the rapid growth of rat in your neighbourhood, calling pest control service is the best idea.
  • Some people thought that meat, cheese and peanut butter are effective as rat bait. Well, those are expensive. The fact is rat eats everything, even you could use cotton ball as rat bait.
  • Sometimes is not the environment condition that attract rat because even the cleanest public place could attract rat to make their home because rat eats anything from bird seeds up to pet food.
  • Eating rat meat is not the only way for this creature to spread the diseases. Rat bite could be infectious as well. Rat could contaminate the food. While fur and urine dropping are enough to cause disaster and serious health problem.

Drawbacks of Rat Meat

Speaking of the drawback of rat meat or the side effects of rat meats perhaps some of you have been super familiar with the health benefits of giving up meat especially this type of meat. The fact that rat is the source of diseases is also true because one of the natural instincts of rat is eating everything. They prefer to live in wet and dirty environment because there is where they could get foods easily. So before you decided to add rat meat to your dining table the list below is important to know.

  • Rat meat is the number source of diseases like typhus and toxoplasmosis. Typhus is type of diseases that attack the digestive system while toxoplasmosis could cause miscarriage or baby born with birth defect.
  • Rat eats everything. Yes, that is why rat becomes one of the sources of deadly diseases. You also would never know from where the rats came from.
  • Though in some countries like China and India rat becomes one of the menu you could easily find in the marketplace but still you could not ensure whether the food is safe to be consumed.
  • Some scientists may suggest that instead of killing the rat, you are harvesting the rat. Well, it is not an ideal solution at all because of how fast the reproduction of rat is. You cannot just simply harvest it because rat could be super destructive.

Well, if you are not living in a country where hunger becomes the problem is better for you to just choose regular meat instead of rat meat. It is because the drawbacks of this type of meat is more than just the benefits you could get.