Health Benefits of Pheasant Meat – Healthier Option of Poultry

Pheasant is one of the bird species native to Asia which is well known for its brightly decorated colour of the feathers. In Asia, pheasant meat is consumed as one of the alternative meat choice after chicken due to its lower calories content but higher in protein. Nutritional Facts of Pheasant Meat Aside from the […]

Health Benefits of Ostrich Meath – Healthier Option of Red Meat

Ostrich is one of the bird species native to Africa. Aside from being part of bird species the ostrich meat is grouped into red meat instead of white meat unlike others poultry such as chicken and duck. From the nutrients the content is closer to poultry but when it comes to texture, colour and characteristics, […]

23 Health Benefits of Meat, Poultry and Fish (#1 Protein Source)

We can say that we cannot leave any of meat, poultry, and fish out of our diet. We can easily find them in the main ingredients in our main course. Besides, some people have a kind of mindset that meat, poultry, and fish contain more beneficial nutrients than vegetables, fruits, and beans. This is the […]