Health Benefits of Ostrich Meath – Healthier Option of Red Meat

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Ostrich is one of the bird species native to Africa. Aside from being part of bird species the ostrich meat is grouped into red meat instead of white meat unlike others poultry such as chicken and duck. From the nutrients the content is closer to poultry but when it comes to texture, colour and characteristics, ostrich meat is closer to red meat.

Nutritional Facts of Ostrich Meat

While the health benefits of ostrich meat is still not really well known but some studies have been conducted to find out about how healthy ostrich meat is for human started from its nutritional facts.

Ostrich Meat

Serving Size: 100 g

Fat3 mg
Iron3.2 mg
Cholesterol81 mg

Health Benefits of Ostrich Meat

If you are wondering about reasons why you should switch your regular red meat to ostrich the list below will change your mind.

  1. Ostrich Meat Has Low Fat Content

Some of you might be thinking that all meat contain high fat content. Well, all meat may contain fat but you must be surprised how low fat content found in ostrich meat is. As mentioned in the nutritional facts table above you could see that per serving size 100 g of ostrich meat you only get around 3 mg of fat. It is amazingly low for such meat that is high in protein and minerals.

  1. Low in Cholesterol Level

Speaking of foods that lower cholesterol level, not in million year ostrich meat will cross your mind. However the fact is though it won’t lower your cholesterol but consuming ostrich meat will not cause spike your cholesterol level as well because it is almost cholesterol level due to the lack amount of fat, saturated fat and super low in calories.

  1. Rich of Protein Content

Healthy diet is not always about vegetables. Animal-based protein is also essential for muscle growth, health and strength. Protein found in ostrich meat is quite high and able to fulfil your daily recommendation intake of protein.

  1. Excellent Source of Iron

One of the amazing things you could get from replacing your current regular meat option with ostrich meat is excellent source of iron without worrying about your cholesterol level. The health benefits of iron are super essential for human metabolism because iron promotes the optimal production of red blood cells and at the same time is preventing conditions caused by iron deficiency.

  1. Has Lower Saturated Fat than Beef

If you are looking for healthier food solution, ostrich meat is one of the recommendations. Some studies have found out that the saturated fat contained in ostrich meat is significantly lower compared to beef.

  1. Ostrich Meat is Leaner than Others Red Meat

The leaner the meat is the better. It is because you could get all the protein required for your body without worrying about the fat and calories content in the meat. Ostrich meat is considered leaner because they were raised in the wild and only consuming foods provided by nature.

  1. Sustainable Source of Protein

Though you think you are not consuming meat regularly but for sustainable reason, replacing your regular unsustainable source of protein with the sustainable one is also one of your obligations. Ostrich was raised in several small farms that cause no harm to the environment, support them by consuming the meat regularly.

  1. Solution to Fight Obesity

In some countries obesity becomes one of the serious health issues due to some health risks of obesity. Factors like unhealthy lifestyle, economic pressure up to bad environment condition is the reason why the obesity cases are progressively increasing day by day especially in children. However, some scientific studies have emphasized that ostrich meat may be one of the solutions recommended to fight obesity since it is low in fat and calories but high in protein and minerals.

  1. Good for Heart

Any foods that are low in calories and fats are good for heart especially ostrich meat. This type of meat is rich of protein and minerals. Iron is super helpful in optimizing the function of cardiovascular system and reducing the symptoms of high blood pressure while protein will make sure the heart muscle and artery are in good condition.

  1. No Antibiotic

Most of ostrich farms are traditional farms so they are only depending on the environment to feed the ostrich. It means the usage of antibiotic is very minimum or even zero. That is why for you who are looking for healthy meat with zero antibiotic or GM free, ostrich meat could be the best option in this matter.

  1. Excellent Taste

You must be surprised to find out this poultry meat has excellent taste. Furthermore, both the texture and the colour are similar to red meat. It is like you get all the health benefits of red meat and at the same time is also get all the benefits of white meat.

  1. In Category of Clean Meat

Speaking of clean meat which is free from GM and no antibiotic, ostrich meat is the best option for your family meat if healthy lifestyle is your life goal.

The Best Way to Cook Ostrich Meat

For some people is ostrich meat still something new for them to eat. If you are among those who are wondering about the best way to cook or serve ostrich meat some tips below may be super helpful for you.

  • Generally all recipes applicable for both white and red meat are also applicable to cook ostrich meat.
  • However, ostrich meat contains less fat. In other words, low heat or slow cooking solution is not recommended because ostrich meat will be cooked faster compared to other types of meat.
  • Overcooking the ostrich meat is not recommended as well because you will lose its juicy and tender texture. Instead you will get dry and unflavoured meat.
  • So, if you want to cook ostrich meat you should stick to medium or medium rare for the best taste of ostrich meat.

The best thing about ostrich meat is not on the taste but because it is clean and healthy. If healthy lifestyle is your main goal perhaps considering replacing your regular red meat for the source of protein with all the health benefits of ostrich meat is a good idea.