Health Benefits of Bison Meat – Leaner than Beef

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There are a lot of options of red meat and bison meat is one of the meats that you could consider to replace your regular beef, mutton or pork. It is because bison meat is considered leaner even compared to high quality beef.

Nutritional Facts of Bison Meat

Some schools are considering replacing the regular beef to bison meat with reasons that this type of meat has lower saturated fat and more organic.

Bison Meat

Serving Size: 100 g (Cooked)

Nutrients% Recommendation Daily Intake (DRI)
Calories179 Kcal
Total Fat8.6 g
–          Saturated Fat3.5 g
–          Monounsaturated Fat3.3. g
–          Polyunsaturated Fat0.4 g
Protein25.5 g
Vitamins% Recommendation Daily Intake (DRI)Minerals% Recommendation Daily Intake (DRI)
Vitamin B1241%Zinc36%
Vitamin B330%Selenium44%
Vitamin B620%Phosphorus21%
Vitamin B216%Iron18%
Vitamin B19%Potassium10%
Vitamin E1%Magnesium6%
Vitamin K2%Sodium3%

Health Benefits of Bison Meat

Bison is native to North America so for you who are living outside this country may find it difficult to find Bison meat. However, for you who are lucky enough to have direct access to high quality bison meat could enjoy the health benefits of bison meat as mentioned below.

  1. Bison Meat Is More Organic than Beef

Bison normally raised in the wild. It means, you could find the meat to be more organic than the regular beef which was raised in the farm. You will find no antibiotic or GM from bison meat. That is why this type of meat is becoming a healthier option.

  1. Healthier Option of Meat

As mentioned in the previous point, if you want to look for a healthier option of meat for your family considering replacing your regular beef, mutton or pork with bison meat could be a good idea.

  1. Source of Lean Protein

Since bison was raised in the wild you will find the meat to be leaner compared to regular meat you have. Surely you have known that the leaner the meat the higher protein contained in the meat.

  1. Lowers in Saturated Fat Content

When a meat is lean the fat content is also lower. In other words, the meat is also containing lower saturated fat content. As mentioned in point number two, this meat is healthier option even for you who are in a weight loss diet program.

  1. More Omega 3 Content

Some studies also found out that compared to other types of meat the omega 3 content found in bison meat is more. Omega 3 fatty acids health benefits are excellent to maintain heart health.

  1. Contains Lower Calories than Beef

High in protein and omega 3 but low in calories make bison meat excellent choice of meat for those who are currently in a low calories diet.

  1. Packed with Vitamin B Complex

Some scientific studies also found out a surprising fact that bison meat is packed with vitamin B complex especially vitamin B12 which is good for nervous system and brain health, while vitamin B2 has essential role to support metabolic system.

  1. Solution to Fight Inflammation

The selenium content found in bison meat is the reasons why this meat could be a natural solution to fight inflammation. The result is you could prevent some chronic diseases from cardiovascular problems up to certain types of diabetes.

  1. Improve Heart Health

As mentioned in several points above, bison meat is rich of omega 3 fatty acid and selenium that is good to improve heart health.

  1. Support Immunity System

Antioxidant is not something you could think when it comes to meat. However, do you know that selenium’s role in metabolism has similar role to antioxidants? That is why bison meat is also great to support immunity system especially during recovery stage.

  1. Prevents Iron Deficiency

There are a lot of health benefits of iron and iron deficiency could lead to several health problems not only anaemia but also fatigue and unconsciousness.

  1. Natural Solution to Anaemia

There is no easy way to fight the symptoms of anaemia but making sure your daily intake of iron is fulfilled will become the natural way to deal with your anaemia condition and bison meat is packed with iron.

  1. Improves Stamina

The minerals contents, protein and vitamin B complex found in bison meat are the great combination you strongly need to improve your stamina.

  1. Excellent Source of Creatine

Most athletes must be familiar with creatine; one of the chemical compound commonly consumed in the form of health supplement to enhance endurance during physical training. Bison meat is excellent source of creatine.

  1. Good for Weight Loss Diet

For those who are currently in weight loss diet but required protein, bison meat could be the best option since it is low in calories, leaner meat and low of saturated fat.

Drawbacks of Bison Meat

As mentioned above though there are some health benefits of red meat like bison, still there are some drawbacks you should consider when you are about to replace your regular meat choice into bison meat.

  • Bison meat is still popular today due to its limited production per year and this type of meat is not available in all countries.
  • Since most of bison meat is mostly coming from wild bison, you should be super careful because it is still better to know where your meat comes from so you could track what kind of foods they eat.
  • Not only that since bison meat is produced in limited amount, you will find the price is slightly more expensive than the regular meat.
  • Since it is leaner than regular meat like beef or mutton or even pork, bison meat could be hardly to cook since the texture could be really chewy.

The texture of bison meat could be tricky and if you don’t cook it right instead of delicious and flavorous meat you will get dry, chewy and though meat. If you want to make it into steak, for the best texture you should stick to medium or medium rare. While for soup and stew, cooking it in low heat is highly recommended.