Benefits of Bentonite Clay Mask on Hair (Natural Hair Treatment)

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Bentonite clay is a wonderful skincare and haircare product which is much recommended for one to have it. It is a natural healing clay that is mined directly from the Earth’s interiors, formed by the weathering of volcanic ash with the presence of water. Before being made into a beauty product, it is first dried in sunlight.

Bentonite clay is recommended for skin because it has the capabilities of lifting toxins as well as impurities from the skin. But what about hair? Now let’s find out what are the benefits of bentonite clay mask on hair.

What are its Health Benefits?

  1. Bentonite Clay Clears the Scalp from Dandruff

Dandruffs are present as a result of infection done by malassezia fungus, which only happens when the scalp is loaded with excess sebum.

Bentonite clay helps to eliminate dandruffs the same way it absorbs sebum from our face, hence it prevents the further formation of new dandruffs as well as scraping existing ones.

  1. Bentonite Clay Supports Hair Growth

Next, bentonite clay contain health benefits of sodium, benefits of calcium and benefits of potassium, which are needed for hair growth. In addition, it also cleanses hair follicles so that hair could grow better.

  1. Bentonite Clay Protects the Hair from Infections

Being able to cleanse the scalp from sebum, this also makes it useful for protecting the hair and scalp from bacterial and fungal infections.

  1. Bentonite Clay Creates a Shiny Effect on Hair

Intense shine on our hair could be achieved by using bentonite clay as a rinse.

  1. Bentonite Clay Makes the Hair Moist

Bentonite clay has deep moisture, which makes it suitable for frizzy hair, dry or damaged hair, dry scalp, hair with heat damage, or un-shiny hair.

Cautions and Recommendations

Yes, it is a well known secret that bentonite clay brings numerous marvels to the hair. But still, precautions have to be made in order for one to not ruin their hair in the bathroom!

There have been concerns wherein bentonite contains aluminium compounds and whether or not they are safe to be applied on hair.

However, this shouldn’t be a worry because first, our body itself already contains aluminium, so when the two meets there shouldn’t be any problem at all. In addition, bentonite also has a highly negative charge that it is almost impossible for it to leach through our body.

How to Make Bentonite Clay Hair Mask



  1. Mix bentonite clay with coconut oil, castor oil and almond oil in the bowl using spoon.
  2. Add apple cider vinegar into the mixture, froth it for another 15 seconds before mixing it vigorously.
  3. Allow the mixture to sit for a couple of minutes.
  4. The final product should come with a yogurt-like consistency without any lumps.

How to Use Bentonite for Hair Growth

  1. First, rinse the hair until it is wet in order for the mask to be properly applied and absorbed.
  2. Pick up sections of the hair one at a time and apply bentonite hair mask all the way from the roots to the tips.
  3. Should one’s hair starts to dry, dampen it again using water spray.
  4. Roll the hair and wrap it on shower cap.
  5. Leave the mask for approximately 20 minutes.
  6. Afterwards, rinse out the mask using warm water. Shampoo can also be used to help cleanse the hair properly!
  7. Finally, apply conditioner as usual before rinsing the hair out for the final time.