Benefits of Butterfly Pea Flowers for Hair Health

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Having hair problem is not going to kill you but you should admit that having healthy hair will improve your overall appearance, that’s why hair is also well known as the crown especially for women. There are a lot of options of hair treatment to help you improving the health of your hair from modern and professional treatment up to the natural treatment. Speaking of natural treatment, do you know about the benefits of butterfly pea flowers for hair health?

What Is Butterfly Pea Flowers?

Butterfly pea flower has scientific name Clitoria ternatea which is native to some countries in Asia region. This flower has been used as traditional herbs since ancient time by the Chinese and has been part of traditional Chinese medicine for more than over centuries. In modern world, butterfly pea is common used as natural food colouring and now commercially produced as herbal tea with thousands health benefits of blue tea such as immunity booster, overcoming poor eyesight, treating anxiety and many more. Recent studies also find out that the polyphenols content found in butterfly pea flowers are good for hair health. To find out more about the facts that butterfly pea flowers are really good for hair health the list below will inform you with more detail information.

  1. Excellent Source of Antioxidants

Some scientific studies have found out some potent antioxidants found in butterfly pea flowers. The blue color is the strong indication that this plant is packed with anthocyanin; one of the powerful antioxidants good for collagen restoration. Besides that, there are also significant amount of flavonoids and phenolic.

  1. Promotes Hair Growth

The beautiful indigo or blue colour of butterfly pea flower is the strong indication that this plant contains anthocyanin which is also well known as natural pigmented blue and purple commonly found in plants. This compound is super helpful in restoring the collagen in skin to keep it healthy and glowing. For hair, anthocyanin has essential role in promoting optimal hair growth.

  1. Prevents Greying of Hair

As mentioned in the two previous points that butterfly pea flowers are excellent source of several potent antioxidants. Antioxidants have essential role in preventing oxidative stress in cells which could affect premature aging. One of the sign of premature aging is the greying of hair. If you want your hair to be in its natural colour in longer time, considering consuming butterfly pea flowers is highly recommended.

  1. Natural Solutions to Hair Loss

Hair loss could occur to anyone but this case is higher found in men. There are a lot of factors that could cause hair loss from genetic up to stress. Consuming foods rich of antioxidant could help reducing or preventing hair loss. Moreover, consuming butterfly pea flowers regularly is also good to reduce the symptoms of depression that could be one of the factors of hair loss.

  1. Fortifies Hair Follicles

Not only antioxidants, butterfly pea flowers are also packed with certain minerals. Hair follicles were formed by minerals like potassium and manganese. The health benefits of potassium and manganese for hair is optimizing the function of hair follicles to help promoting hair growth and at the same time is preventing hair loss.

  1. Stimulates the Productions of Collagen

This flower is also packed with vitamin c benefits that promote the production of collagen. If you think that collagen is only good for skin and then you thought wrong because collagen has essential role for hair health as well. Some scientific studies have found out the function of collagen for hair is to prevent damage in hair follicles, prevent thinning hair, slow down the greying process and promote stronger hair.

  1. Maintains Scalp Health

One important thing that mostly people easy to forget is the fact that scalp is actually part of your skin. It means you should keep maintaining it just like you maintaining your skin. Butterfly pea flowers contain antioxidants, vitamins and minerals which are good to maintain healthy scalp.

  1. Contains Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Anti-inflammatory found in butterfly pea flowers is flavonoids. This compound is also well known as powerful antioxidants that could act as anti-inflammation as well. This compound could help maintaining healthy scalp, preventing inflammation in the scalp that could lead to several hair problems.

  1. Anti-Microbial Agents

Some microbial agents could cause serious problems in your scalp and hair. Some scientific studies have found out that butterfly pea flowers contain some active compounds that could act as anti-microbial agents that are effective in fighting some hair and scalp problems caused by yeast, bacteria or fungus.

  1. Improves Blood Circulation

Having healthy blood circulation could guarantee the health of your scalp and hair. The minerals content found in butterfly pea flowers are excellent to help improving blood circulation by optimizing the production of RBCs to ensure oxygen and nutrients were distributed optimally.

Cautions of Butterfly Pea Flowers

Though this type of flower is considered edible because could be used as natural food colouring and herbal tea but there are also some cautions you should aware about this plant.

  • The amazing indigo colour of butterfly pea flower may attract your attention when it is served as food. However, you should aware that it may also affect your urine colour. Though it is not a negative indication but too much of it may affect your kidney health especially when consumed in large amount and in long term.
  • Some studies also have found out that butterfly pea flower contains a rare types of cyclotides that could be really toxic when consumed in large amount.
  • It is quite safe to consume it as herbal tea or as mixture of food. However, you should be super careful when consume butterfly pea flower as supplements, especially when you have been taking certain medication especially prescribed by your doctor to treat some health problems to avoid negative interaction.

There are some studies have found out about the health benefits of Clitoria ternatea and specifically for the health of your hair, you could purchase a lot of types of hair products that claimed to be made of the extract of butterfly pea flowers from shampoo up to hair tonic. However, traditionally you could make your own DIY hair mask with butterfly pea flowers with some additional mixtures like honey or coconut milk. The result, you will get smooth, shiny and healthy hair you have been dreaming of.