Benefits of Keratin Hair Extensions for Natural Hair Look

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Having a natural long and beautiful hair is probably every woman’s dream. Unfortunately, growing your hair to be long, beautiful and healthy is not as easy as everyone thinks. That is why hair extension is sometimes becoming the best solution in this matter. It could give you a long hair you have been dreaming of in instant way. There are some methods or treatments of hair extensions and one of them is Keratin hair extensions.

What Is Keratin Hair Extensions?

Some of you might be wondering about things that differentiate keratin hair extensions and other methods and of course the benefits of keratin hair extensions compared to other methods. Keratin hair extension is using advance method which is using keratin bond to extend the hair unlike the usual method which the hair extensions are taped or sewn to the hair. Keratin is specific protein compound which when heated will melt and naturally affix to your own natural hair and it will turn into some tiny bits that will blend with your own hair. It will blend to your hair magically like the extensions are not even there. For you who are interested to extend your hair using keratin hair extensions method the list of benefits of keratin hair extensions below may ensure you more.

  1. Adds Length to Your Hair

Main health benefits of avocado oil for hair is to improve hair growth but still it takes time for you to have long and beautiful hair. Well, of course one of the main reasons why a person decided to get hair extension is to get specific length to their hair. However, compared to other types of hair extensions, keratin hair extension will give more natural look to your hair that is adjustable to the natural colour and type of your hair.

  1. Gives More Volume

To add volume to your hair you could regularly apply coconut oil benefits but since the keratin bond will affix to your hair naturally, the additional hair extension will also give more volume to the hair. So, you could deal with thin hair in easier way because you could add hair extensions with more amount that regular hair extensions method.

  1. Blends Naturally with Your Hair

If you have tried hair extensions methods that are sewn or taped to your hair, you will find it will be difficult to blend naturally to your hair. Furthermore, you will find the tapes could be super annoying when they are visible. However, you don’t need to face this problem when dealing with keratin hair extension.

  1. Fully Customizable

The professional said that using keratin hair extension is fully customizable because the hair extensions could blend with your natural hair perfectly. Moreover, the hair extensions are not only able to blend and match your hair but also improve the look of your natural hair colour.

  1. Lasted for as Long as Six Months

It is normal for hair extensions to get lose but when using keratin hair extensions you don’t need to worry in as long as six months. You probably need to go to hair salon for maintenance purpose but not as often as when you choose regular hair extensions methods. However, if more than 10 strands of hair extensions are losing within days, you need to complain with your hair dresser because it is not normal.

  1. The Bonds Allow Your Hair to Move Naturally

The main reason why people prefer to choose keratin hair extension is because the keratin bonds allow your hair to move naturally unlike the hair extensions that are using regular methods. It means people will not notice that your hair is actually extended with hair extensions unless you tell them.

  1. Gives You More Natural Looking

What is the point of paying a lot of money if what you will get is unnatural look of extension hair? That is why is highly recommended to choose keratin hair extension due to its natural looking result though perhaps you need to invest more money in the beginning but spend less money for maintenance.

  1. Fewer Maintenance

As mentioned in previous point, compared to other hair extension methods you need lesser maintenance when choosing keratin hair extension. It means, lesser time to visit hair salon and lesser money to spend.

  1. Free to Style

Unlike the other hair extension method that will limit you to style your hair, you could do whatever you want with your keratin hair extensions from straightening them, curling them, styling them and you are even able to colour your hair but not permanently. Though, perhaps you still need to depend on the benefits of fish oil for hair loss to prevent losing more hair due to hair extensions.

  1. Have a Beautiful Long Hair in Instant Way

There are a lot of list of herbs for hair growth benefits but there are also a lot of instant ways to be beautiful and having beautiful hair is one of the key to look fabulous. Keratin hair extensions could turn your average-look of hair into princess-like look of hair in instant way.

Things to Consider before Doing Keratin Hair Extensions

Aside from knowing the benefits of keratin hair extensions is also important to learn about some important things you should consider before doing keratin hair extensions.

  • The very first thing to consider is keratin hair extension is more expensive compared to the usual hair extensions methods. That is why very important to choose branded hair salon only which very experience with keratin hair extensions.
  • Though it requires fewer maintenance compared to other hair extension methods, still you need to be responsible with the hair extensions like choosing the right products like don’t use oil-based hair products and you should have specific brush designed for hair extensions.
  • It is highly recommended for you to not go to swim when you have hair extensions because it will damage not only the hair extensions but also the root of your hair.
  • Though it is possible for you to style your hair but it is still recommended to only use moderate heat only.
  • To prevent knots you should be super careful when you sleep. You could braid your hair or put it in a ponytail.

Hair extension is an instant way for women to have long and beautiful hair but with that comes a big responsibility and of course some sacrifices you should make like spending more money and time in professional hair salon and for you who love swim may need to stop for a while. Keratin hair extension when getting knots are not easy to detangle so you have to be super careful.