10 Proven Benefits of Cherry Juice for Insomnia Cure

Consuming juice, including to gain the benefits of cherry juice for insomnia cure, is a good healthy choice rather than other sweet drink. Many medical experts suggested to people having problems with their quality of sleep to try this method. Therefore, not only consume the fruit directly, but juicing the cherry fruits also can be […]

Great Health Benefits of Goumi Berry – Home Remedies For You

Goumi Berry or Elaeagnus multiflora is also known as the cherry Elaeagnus, cherry silverberry, goumi, gumi, or natsugumi. It is a species of Elaeagnus native to China, Korea, and Japan. This plant usually grows as semi-evergreen or deciduous shrubs or small trees with the height between 2 meters and 8 meters while the trunks can […]

Surprising Health Benefits of Ginseng Berry That Rarely Known

Ginseng has been consumed widely by people due to its nutritional value. It has great health benefits to promote body function. For example, it provides an anti-inflammatory effect, helping to boost energy and promote brain health. Indeed, it has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. Moreover, it has a relaxing agent as well. […]

Benefits of Kumquats Diabetes Treatment – Tasty and Healthy Snack

Kumquats are one of the healthy solutions for diabetic patients who are craving for snacks. During the season, kumquats may be beneficial for diabetes treatments because there are a lot of qualities of this type of citrus that suit the condition of diabetic patients. For those who don’t know about kumquats, this fruit is comes […]

Health Benefits of Ash Gourd That You Don’t Know About

Ash gourd, or winter melon (Benincasa hispida) is a unique variety of melon consumed primarily in China and India. In Chinese cuisine, they are normally cut into cubes and used as ingredients for soup dishes. However in India, the function and value of ash gourd is much more than that; it is regarded as one of the […]

Benefits of Jamaican Star Apple for Health

The Jamaican star apple (Chrysophyllum Cainito) is a tropical fruit, or rather plant of the family Sapotaceae. Native to the Greater Antilles and West Indies, star apple trees have since been cultivated in Central and South America to distant tropical regions of Southeast Asia. In Southeast Asia, star apple is mostly associated with central to […]

15 Excellent Health Benefits of Jamaican Star Apple For Immune System

The health benefits of Jamaican star apple can be something that rare to know. This is because the fruit is not common to sell in many countries. Therefore, to get the fruit needs to make sure the shop that imported this fruit. Since the Jamaican star apple is one of the native fruit that comes […]

10 Dragon Fruits Benefits for Baby – Every Parents Should Know

The choice of foods for baby’s consumption must be restricted. Because baby needs proper and healthy nutrition. Don’t let inappropriate foods consumed by your baby. One of the safest foods for your baby is dragon fruits. Dragons fruits, also known as pitaya or pitahaya in Asian countries, is one of highly nutritious fruits and even […]

Unbelievable Health Benefits of Eating African Pear You Need to Know!

Do you love to eat fruits? What kind of fruits do you love to eat? In this case, we will talk about African pear that has good nutrients contained in it. It is actually a native fruit of the West African mainly found in South East Nigeria popularly called Ube. It has been consumed by […]

Find Out What Are The Health Benefits of African Cherry Here – #Nutritious Fruit

Do you love to eat fruits? What kind of fruits do you love to eat? In this article, we will talk about cherry which has been the fruit everybody loves. Moreover, it is African cherry that is known to have many health benefits. It is also fruit that belongs to the Sapotaceae family. Then, one […]