Benefits of Dog Sleeping With You – Is It Good for You?

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If you are tired of work all day long, sleep is undoubtedly a way to get your body a rest. It is like the activity of recharging body, in order to feel fresh at the time you wake up as it already explained in Health Benefits of Sleeping. Everybody has to sleep with enough amount of time, especially at night even though without pillow as you can read in Sleeping Without a Pillow Benefits.

Talking about optimal duration of sleep, it is said that adults needs 8 hours of sleep in Benefits of Sleeping 8 Hours a Night. In addition, human does not always have to sleep in bed. You actually can get surprising advantages by sleeping in hammock and even sleep on the floor.

Now, how about sleeping with your dog? If you are happen to be a dog owner, maybe half of you often sleep with dog merely because it provides comfort and good sensation, so you spend the night with your little four-legged best friend. Meanwhile some of dog owner with no history of fur allergy and asthma – maybe can also try to rest overnight being accompanied by your pet by your side. Little did you know that there are plentiful benefits of dog sleeping with you.

For further information about those benefits of being accompanied by dog in your sleep, let’s check these out:

  1. Provide safe feeling

The presence of dog in your sleep can make you feel safer. In other words, it gives you a sense of safe feeling. As you know that animal instinct is somehow powerful. Your dog will bark if there is something wrong, so you are alarmed. With the dog by your side, you can sleep even better. You may also need your dog’s companion when your partner is not around so that you do not feel paranoid of being alone.

  1. Give warmth

Hugging your dog while you were sleeping is a good idea to get warm feeling. Pet, such as dog has a warmer body than human being. Dog usually stick in your hug as the form of love to the owner. Therefore, you can get extra warmth from your dog. That natural warm sensation provides you a good night’s sleep.

  1. Create emotional bound

When you are going to get night sleep with the dog, you are more likely to pet your four-legged friend. Besides, dog owner and dog gazing at each other. Apparently, that common act can be advantageous. Science Magazine noted the statement of an animal behaviorist at Azabu University Japan, Takefumi Kikusui.

Kikusui claims that the gazing between human and dog can increase the level of oxytocin. That hormone results emotional bond and the feeling of trust. Consequently, it benefits you and your dog in making the closer connection.

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  1. Boost positive mood

Sleeping with dogs gives positive benefit to your mood as well. When you have deep connection and pet your dog’s body before going to sleep, the level of good hormones within your body increase. Those hormones are: serotonin, prolactin, and oxytocin. Benefits you can get from the hormones is you get a good feeling and consequently, it potentially boosts your mood.

  1. Get rid of insomnia

If you experience insomnia at night, you can try to sleep with your dog. The companion of dog in your sleep helps you to relax. The snoozing dog beside you can give comfort. That way, you can fall asleep easier with the companion of your dog all night and feel the benefits of dog sleeping with you. You do not have to get bad quality and lack of sleep anymore. 

  1. Lower blood pressure

A great deal of study has shown that pet, including dog can lower your blood pressure. It is because sleep with dog stabilizes the level of your stress and refers to blood pressure. In a study, blood pressure of human reduced for around 10% after fifteen to thirty minutes connects with dog. Even it is proven that keep in touch with dog is way more advantageous than the communication between human to human.

  1. Toss the depression away

Going to a sleep with dog and pet its body reduces stress hormone of which causing the depression in human. Interaction between human and dog helps the depressed soul to be healed. Anytime you start to, or already experience depression, you can try to sleep with dog’s companion as a great solution. Indeed, you are able to be carefree and toss your depression away from your life.

  1. Keep your heart health

You might know about the calming effect a dog can give to you. That effect can be given by a dog when you sleep with them. As you reckon that dog companion can lower blood pressure and at them same time may cast the stress away, it can make your heart rate return to normal. This can result cardiovascular organ for not being pressured by high blood pressure and it can help your heart to keep healthy. 

Caution of sleep with dog companion

In order to get benefits of dog sleeping with you, there are few things you need to remember:

  • Ensure that you do not have any allergies to dog’s fur
  • Assure yourself you do not have any history of asthma
  • Keep your dog clean and healthy by giving a proper bath
  • Bring your dog to vet visit regularly
  • Arrange schedule of vaccination for your dog

If all the matters above are already settled, then there is no need for you to worry. Since sleeping with dog offers you so many surprising advantages on it, you should really try being accompanied by your dog while you were sleeping. Feel those great deals benefits of sleeping with your beloved dog and get a good night’s sleep. You deserve to obtain a great quality of sleep all night!