Surprising Benefits of a Dog Licking You for Body and Mental Health

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Dog and human have grown a strong bond. Dog has been a friend for human since long ago. So, it is common for dog to do many things for human. Not only as pet, of which you can get recreational benefits from keeping dog, you can also get some benefits from dog just like the benefits of a dog licking you.

You might have known The Benefits of Dog Saliva for health. well, it might be disgusting for some people. But, let a dog lick you can give some beneficial points for you. It is in term of physical and mental health. of course, there are some conditions that make it possible to get the benefits of dog licking you including the dog’s health.

The Value in Dog Saliva

In French medical world, there is popular saying, “A dog’s tongue is a doctor’s tongue”. It means that the believe in dog licks just like how they believe in doctor’s ability in healing. But indeed, some researches showed that dog saliva contains some beneficial value such as:

  • Histatins
  • Protein
  • Antibacterial property

The Benefits of a Dog Licking You

The assumption that dog lick can bring benefits came from people in Egypt. but today, some studies examined the health benefits. The benefits of a dog licking you has been proven by some studies carried in Netherland, London, and Florida. Thus, here are the benefits:

  1. Boost wound healing

As mentioned above, dog saliva contains a beneficial compound called histatins. Histatins is proven to be able in boosting wound healing process. it is possible since histatins promotes the spread and migration of new skin cell. So, it enables wound to quickly recover.

Besides, dog saliva also contain protein which is called as Nerve Growth Factor. This kind of protein is known for the ability to halve the time in wound healing.

  1. Protect wound from infection

A research conducted in London found that dog saliva amazingly shows ability to automatically creates nitric oxide when the saliva contacts our skin. You should know that nitric oxide inhibits bacterial growth. This ability is beneficial to prevent infection on wound from infection. Therefore, your wound will be well protected after a dog licks your wound.

  1. Boost immune system

A research from University of Arizona found that the exposure of dog in people between 50 to 60 years old significantly improve their immune system. Besides, a study on babies born into a family with dogs tend to have lower allergy reaction. It is possible as dogs licks on skin or on things may be full of bacteria. However, it can also transmit the beneficial bacteria which significantly improve immune system.

  1. Compensate the probiotic

The assumption that dog’s mouth is not cleaner then human mouth is wrong. It is proven by the pH level in dog saliva which is higher than human saliva. As we know, bacteria hardly live in a place with higher pH concentration. This way, it is possible that dog saliva contains probiotic that human miss. And when a dog licks you, it can compensate of some gaps in your need of probiotic. Either from the contact with saliva or the dog breath when it licks you.

  1. Lift mood

One of the reasons in keeping dog as a pet is that a dog gets along very well with human. It even has the Benefits of Therapy Dogs for Autism Treatment. Keeping dog can relieve our stress and lift our mood. Especially when your dog licks you, it just similar when you get kiss from someone else.

The result is the significant improvement of mood as kissing or licking from dog can release serotonin, the hormone which actively enhance our mood. The effectivity of dog in lifting your mood can also be enjoyed if you have dog in your workplace. Then, you will have the Health Benefits of Dogs in the Workplace .

  1. Relieve dog’s stress

Not only for us, the benefits of dogs licking you can also be enjoyed by the dog itself. Just like human, dog is prone to stress. Especially when the owner doesn’t have enough time to take the dog for some walk. Therefore, sharing affection, just like letting your dog licks you can also be beneficial for dog to reduce stress.

Doesn’t allow your dog to lick you may improve the stress level in dog, as they might feel neglected. Besides, you can also try the Benefits of Dog Sleeping With You.

Precautions of Dog Licks

Although it is said that dog saliva has beneficial antibacterial property, it still can transmit bacteria from dog to human. One of the bacteria that might be transmitted by dog is periodontopathic bacteria. It is a bacteria from dog’s plaque.

The bacteria can be transmitted even from the indirect contact with dog saliva. Periodontopathic is known to be able in causing  severe gum disease, which can turn to heart disease, kidney disease, and even diabetes. In this case, to minimize the risk or side effect of dog saliva, it is better for you to avoid kissing with your dog. It is okay with the other parts, but you can try not to let your dog lick your face.

How to Get the Benefit of a Dog Licks

To get the benefits of a dog licking you, you should make sure that your dog in a healthy condition, so that it is free from the bad parasites.

Here are what you should do to keep your dog healthy and get the benefits from dog licks.

  • Make sure your dog to get regular deworming program.
  • Annual fecal examination to make sure the anti-parasite treatment work well.
  • Treatment to control fleas and ticks.
  • Daily pet feces disposal.
  • Give your pet cooked, canned, or dry food.
  • Provide healthy and clean environment for your dog.
  • Give rich nutrition food for dog, such as Benefits of Giving a Dog Fish Oil.