10 Incredible Benefits of Giving a Dog Fish Oil

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fish oilSo far we know the many benefits of fish oil for the health of the body and also the intelligence of the brain. However, it turns out that fish oil is not only used for humans only. Dogs is one of the animals that also require the consumption of fish oil. The vets have also used it for various benefits. So, what benefits of giving a dog fish oil?

Fish oil has several nutrients, such as:

  • Omega 3
  • EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid)
  • DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid)
  • Linoleic acid

Based on research that has been done and also the content of nutrients in fish oil, the benefits you can get by giving fish oil to dogs are:

  1. Treating allergies in dog skin

Omega 3 content has long been known as a drug to overcome the problem on the skin. Including can also treat skin allergies in your dog. Read more: health benefits of iaso tea for allergy

  1. Treating kidney pain

Veterinarians use fish oil as a remedy for kidney disease. Thanks to the nutritional content are able to relieve kidney pain in your pet in health benefits of uva ursi.

  1. Reduce cholesterol

Not only humans, dogs can also suffer from cholesterol. By consuming fish oil, HDL levels will increase while LDL will decrease. It is very good for reducing cholesterol in dogs

  1. Reduce arthritis

EPA on fish is proven to reduce arthritis in dogs in hemp oil benefits for arthritis. Because EPA has excellent benefits for joints.

  1. Make skin and fur more beautiful

One indicator of healthy animals can be seen from the skin and fur. Beautiful, shiny, and well-preserved skin and fur signify the animal is healthy. One way to make your dog’s skin and fur more beautiful is to give fish oil regularly. Read more: benefits of lavender for skin

  1. Helps dogs smarter

DHA content in fish oil not only makes the intelligent human brain. But it can also make your dog smarter. The dog is known as one of the clever animals because it is able to obey master orders. To support his intelligence, give fish oil every day

  1. Reduce cancer cells

Cancer cells will be more dangerous if not treated properly. in addition to consuming healthy and nutritious food, it is the necessary supplement to reduce cancer cells that is fish oil. This is because fish oil has linoleic acid content that serves to reduce cancer cells. 

  1. Prevent degenerative diseases

All living things are no exception dogs must have degenerative diseases. However, what distinguishes is how to prevent it. The proper way to prevent degenerative diseases is to give fish oil to your dog

  1. Prevent mental decline

The last benefit of proven fish oil is to prevent mental decline. Give fish oil every day so that mental decline can be prevented as much as possible.

  1. Makes the heart healthier

This is because cholesterol can be controlled then the heart will be healthier


The dosage of fish oil may vary for each dog. Dogs weighing 18-27 kg give 1000 mg / day, for greater weight give 1500-2000 mg / day, while for lower weight give 500-750 mg / day.