4 Amazing Health Benefits of Oregano Oil for Flu

Are you experiencing disturbance while you get flu? Flu may seem not really severe, but it will disturb your daily activities for sure. As you can see in the drugstore, there are thousands medicines that are effective for curing flu. However, have you thought that some natural ways are better than medicines? Oregano oil is […]

Benefits of Oregano Leaves for Cough (Scientifically Proven)

Oregano is a perennial plant from mint family. It nearly looks like mint leaves, but it is commonly bigger in size. The pleasant smell of oregano makes people love to use this leave as an important culinary herb. You know, we can easily find oregano in many Italian cuisines. Besides the use of oregano leaves […]

15 Oregano Oil Health Benefits and Side Effects

Oregano is a common spice which used in most western countries. Peoples has known the oregano oil health benefits for many years. Therefore, oregano oil is easily to get in the market. Mainly in each store of western countries. Since many dishes are using this herb as a spice. Oregano originally comes from western area. […]