15 Proven Benefits of Ginger Root for Colds and Flu

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Ginger is not only good and useful for kitchen’s prep but it is also useful for traditional medicines, especially to cure flu. Flu is a type of disease caused by virus that can easily attack anyone, moreover due to the changing weather, exhaustion, lack of sleep, night wind and even weaken immune system.

Here are some of the benefits of ginger root for colds and flu and for the health in general that can be consume anytime, anywhere.

  1. Warm the Body and Prevent Cold

Flu usually happens when the weather is cold such as on the rainy season or when you are staying on a country who have winter season. Besides of ginger, there are also some benefits of onions for cold and flu symptoms that you might also want to try.

  1. Smoother Breathing

Ginger have the ability to stabilize the body’s temperature and smooth out the blood stream, as well as smoothing the breathing system through nasal cavity. This will be the one to prevent sneeze that can turn into real flu, due to viruses in the free air that mingles with other free radicals that would usually happen when the climate is changing.

  1. Sore Throat Medicine that Usually Causes Flu

When the throat starts to feel sore, it can be an early symptom that flu will attack your body soon that can end up with other diseases such as cold, cough, or fever. Drink warm tea mixed with ginger water and brown sugar. This mixture is able to cure the irritation and inflammation, thus the flu can be prevented. Here are some symptoms of flu that you should know.

  1. Cure Flu when Sleeping

Rest is the best way to speed up the recovery process of any diseases including flu. When the body is attacked by flu, get yourself used to make a natural herb yourself every night before going to bed.

Grate ginger and make it into a drink, mix it with warm milk since the nutrition in milk and the benefits of ginger will mix together and overcome the flu when you’re fast asleep. You will feel better the next day. Read this to learn further about the health benefits ginger milk.

  1. Prevent Flu at Night

When adults or someone is going somewhere or work or have to stay up late due to something important at night, the carbon dioxide in the air mixed with the cold night wind can cause flu which eventually would lead to colds. To prevent this, you can consume ginger that’s been mixed with lime and palm sugar, then brew it together with coffee.  

  1. Increase Immune System

When the body is tired after working the whole day, it can cause someone’s immune system to decrease. When someone is tired, they can experience dehydration and lose their appetite, thus making the body to easily catch cold, cough, and flu. Drinking ginger will be able to restore the body’s vitality and increase the immune system even when it is tired.

  1. A Good Anti Virus

There are many benefits of ginger root for colds and flu. If you have a friend or family member who is having flu or cough right now, do drink the ginger water routinely so you will not be affected. Ginger have a shagois substance in it that have the ability to prevent flu virus effectively. 

  1. Get Rid of Uncomfortable Feeling on Epigastrium

If your epigastrium is feeling uncomfortable or in pain, drink ginger water mix with honey to prevent flu. Usually flu will appear when the body have given some signals such as stomachache, pain on epigastrium, bloated stomach, headache, or sore throat followed by sneezes.

  1. Restore Fitness after Flu

When someone is having a flu, their body would feel weak and will be hard to finish their everyday tasks maximumly. To restore their fitness and get rid of the flu, then drink the ginger water mixed with a bit of pepper powder.

  1. Prevent Flu on Kids

The changing weather often decrease the kids’ immune system, thus make them easier to catch flu. To prevent this, give the kids ginger water mixed with honey and lemon or lime squeeze before they start their activities such as going to school or play outside the house. This potion tastes fresh and will be loved by the kids. Give the drink every day in the morning and later at night before going to bed. Thus, that’s all the benefits of ginger root for colds and flu.

Type of Ginger for Medicine

Ginger has three different types but have the same benefits when it comes to cure and prevent flu. These are the types of ginger that can be used:

  • Red Ginger

Red ginger is used a lot on traditional medicines since it has greenish red color and lots of essential oils compared to other gingers, it is about 2,58 to 2,72 percent and have a spicier taste than other gingers. Red ginger also has a small and skinny structure, even segments, tend to shape rather bulging to the outside and round, as well as have a very sharp scent.

  • Sunthi Ginger

Sunthi ginger is used a lot in the making process of traditional medicines or jamu/herb drink. It came in small sizes that can be used as an herb for foods, have a flat shape, a little bit thick with wide and thick sections.

  • Elephant Ginger

Elephant ginger is used a lot in the making of traditional medicines that has white-yellowish color. Its rhizome is rather big and wide, have a thick size, with a wide and thick sections too. 

What You Need to Know About Ginger

  • Carrying a bottle of ginger drink mixed with palm sugar and lime or lemon squeeze when you’re going anywhere is very useful to prevent the body from catching flu or flu virus that may be anywhere around us. Ginger water can last long on its best condition for one day, but it is better to drink it no longer than 24 hours to make sure you can still get the full benefits from it.
  • It is better not to keep ginger water inside of the refrigerator since it can decrease the benefit of preventing or overcoming flu. Keep it in the room temperature. A healthy ginger would not require the use of cane sugar in its making process but use palm sugar since palm sugar not only doesn’t contain anything that can harm the blood sugar, but it is also considered safe even for those who suffers from diabetes.

Let’s use and make ginger as a mandatory every-day drink, especially for kids who are still in school to help them avoid flu virus as well as to make sure their energy will remain stable even when they go home after the school is done.

Click this article to know the full explanation of the benefits of ginger outside of the flu and colds. Not only the traditional ginger drink can give you benefits, but there are also some health benefits of ginger beer that you can get. You can add milk (for kids) into the ginger drink, tea, or even coffee to maintain its delicious taste.