8 Benefits of Shallot for Breast Enlargement and Health

Big, firm, and beautiful breasts are certainly something that’s always dreamed for by every woman. Breasts are one of the body parts that becomes an identity for sexual attraction for women. Big and firm breasts are wanted by every women because it can boost confidence as well as make women feel sexier. The health experts […]

15 Proven Benefits of Papaya Seed for Skin Whitening

Today, as popular as it’s been in a while, world population dream skin is pinkish white with bouncy and little slimy texture. Women, or even man, do really love to maintain or improve their skin by anything healthy. For making a perfect skin that everyone dreams of. Beauty products, all out sell in everywhere. Nutrition […]

3 Main Benefits of Jicama Scrubs for Beauty Purpose

Who doesn’t recognize jicama ? This white-solid  texture fruit can be found easily in the market. Jicama (pachyrhizus erosus) generally originated from Mexico and Central America. This sweet and crunchy fruit can thrives in tropical area. This fruit diameter is approximately between 7 until 10 cm. (Also read: Health Benefits of Jicama  ) Jicama usually consumed […]

19 Benefits of Steaming for Face – Essential Beauty Tips

How much money you should spend in monthly basis just for facial treatment? What you would do if there is an affordable solution for your facial treatment that you could do at home? Most people will consider it as hoax because for them beauty is pain, beauty is expensive. However, do you know about the […]

10 Proven Health Benefits of Rosehip Oil for Beauty Hacks

It is rose hip seed oil, extracted from the seeds of the wild bush roses. Some of you might not be familiar about the name, or even do not know what rose hip oil is, what it is use for, and what benefits for you to use rose hip oil as a medical treatment. You […]

15 Benefits of Gold for Skin Care #New Beauty Hacks!

Every woman wants to be beautiful, and a number of them don’t mind using up their savings to visit a beauty center to get a smooth and pretty face. But did you realize something? Among all the beauty products you see in stores, gold has become a common ingredient. Yes! Gold which is normally used […]

4 Health Benefits of Cinnamon on Face #1 Top Beauty Treatment

Who says that beauty treatment must use the expensive way? By utilizing the ingredient in our kitchen, we can make the herbs which are very beneficial for beautifying and brightening the face so that we are able to maintain our beauty. Some kitchen ingredients which are already believed to be useful for skin since long time […]

10 Beauty Benefits of Bitter Gourd Juice #For Anti-Aging

Sometimes people are not really fond with bitter gourd since the taste of it is so bitter and how it shaped like a crocodile’s scale. This is pretty unfortunate since in fact, the bitter gourd is actually very good for the health and even beauty. Not only the bitter gourd itself that has benefits for […]

10 Benefits of Carrot Scrubs for Health and Beauty Treatments

The scientific name of this orange-colored vegetable is Daucus Carota L., yes, we are talking about carrots. In the beginning, carrots grow wildly in Turkmenistan, Transcaucasia, Iran, and Central Asia. In some regions in Indonesia, carrots are also called as bortol, wertel, wertol, or even ortel. The plant needs a cold and humid temperature and […]

10 Beauty Benefits of Pearl Powder for Skin and Health

Gaining health, soft, light, and beauty skin is what everyone’s dream on, especially for woman. Lot of way have been done to get ideal skin. As a recommended one, using pearl powder could help to get the ideal skin. It has been known from a long time ago that pearl powder has been used to […]