6 Refreshing Health Benefits of Rose Water on Skin

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Similar to the benefits of Tuberose flower, Roses are one of the flowers that symbolize love and romanticism. Protection of flowers that use thorns is indeed one of the symbols, how valuable the flower is.

So when you wish to have it, there are only two risks you may encounter. First you get the pain of sticking thorns with flowers. In other words, you let the thorns hurt you for the sake of a rose. 

How difficult it is to get only a bunch of flowers, you must have been able to analyze that the flower is not a regular flower. Roses, in addition to beautiful in their condition as a flower, it is also very good to maintain your health and care. Even its efficacy has been widely used and famous since time immemorial.

Rosewater is most widely applied with health and feminine care, with many properties it produces, and very good to maintain health. Rose water contains antiseptic and antibacterial ingredients that keep you from irritating. The anti-inflammatory properties of rose water make your face that initially looks reddish will subside.

In addition there are also vitamins A, C, and E that are very good for your skin and hair. Even the content of vitamin C is rated 8 times more than vitamin C in general, because of the content of Roses Hip Seeds. The presence of this content provides an excellent antioxidant effect to keep your skin aging.

Rose water or rosewater is fragrant water made by boiling or filtering the stem of rose petals. This fragrance has long been used for skin care, perfume, even as a food aroma enhancer. Originally, rosewater was used in medieval times.

Middle Eastern people (especially Iranians) often use rosewater, in addition to the benefits of rosewater for beauty and culinary, as well as for medical purposes. Traditionally, the type of rose used was Damask rose (or Rosa Damascena).

Rose water contains about 10-50 percent rose oil. Because Rosa Damascena has a very low oil content, rose oil extracted from this species of rose is one of the most expensive essential oils in the world.

However, these are the health benefits of Rose water on skin:

Health Benefits of Rose Water on Skin

1. Cures Irritation

Itching and irritation of the skin can suddenly appear unnoticed. This condition can be caused by many things, for example laundry soap, bath soap or because of an unhealthy lifestyle.

When the skin is irritated, you will usually feel itchy, the skin looks scaly and reddish, even causing soreness or pain. In mild conditions, skin irritation may be harmless. It’s a known fact that skin problems, like irritation can always interrupt your daily schedule.

The benefits of this rose water may be one of the greatest benefits that rose water can provide, because rose water has very strong anti-inflammatory properties. The presence of anti-inflammatory content that can help in the treatment of various diseases, both inside and outside the body.

It can really help the skin problems that are related to irritation and rosacea. With its special benefits of rosewater for dry skin, now you can feel relieved. 

2. Overcomes Reddish Rashes

Hues and reddish rashes on the skin are common. Especially when your skin is very sensitive. Causing disorders in the appearance and health of the skin, red rashes either on the face or also the skin on the body often occur in many people. 

Reddish colors and rashes appear when there is blood flowing on the surface of the skin. Dilation occurs when there are internal and external factors that encourage the onset of reactions on the skin.

For example irritation of the surface of the skin, changes in temperature, or alcohol consumption. However, there are some skin conditions that do require treatment and action from an expert doctor.

These skin conditions include eczema, Rosacea, allergies, and so on. However, you can prevent the appearance of redness of the skin in various ways, according to their respective cases and conditions.

As you might know from benefits of rosewater for acne, Rose water has been used as a beauty product for thousands of years. That is why it is not surprising if rose water is useful to remove scars and reduce redness that arises in the skin. 

Actually, the benefits of rose water can not be separated from its antibacterial properties. In addition, the presence of anti-inflammatory properties in rose water can also reduce redness and swelling of the skin.

3. Preventing and Treating Infections

Furthermore, rose water also has strong antiseptic properties. Such properties are able to prevent and treat infections. That is why rose water is often included in a variety of natural treatments and treatments. 

According to one journal published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, the U.S. The National Library of Medicine found when rosewater is used in eye drops to treat cases of conjunctivitis, the antiseptic and analytical properties that exist in rosewater can help in treating eye diseases.

4. Heal Wounds, Scars, and Burns

Furthermore, rose water also has antiseptic and antibacterial properties that are useful to help heal wounds faster. Such properties can also help clean and fight wound infections as well as burns. That is why it is not surprising if the rose water heals wounds, burns, even scars to heal faster.

5. Has Anti-aging Properties

Rose water is also commonly found in beauty products whose purpose is to reduce wrinkles that are a sign of aging. Anti-aging properties contained in rose water is one of the benefits of rose water for facial beauty is commonly used.

6. Hydrates the Skin

Aside from the benefits of Red Roselle flower, rose water is also able to hydrate the skin. For those of you who have dry skin rose water can be used as a toner. Rose water will work to refresh the skin by precipitating pores and hydrating them.