Scientifically Tested: 11 Health Benefits of Rice Water For Hair

In the event that you regularly soak and cook rice at home, you presumably discard the extra rice water whenever you are finished. However, in all honesty, rice water, the smooth liquid leftover when you drench rice for a very long time, offers a lot of advantages for hair health and then some.  Not only […]

4 Unexpected Health Benefits of Rice Water on Skin

Most people may not realize there are a number of benefits of rice water for the body. Although often missed and seemed foreign, it turns out that rice water offers a series of properties for the beauty of the skin, as similar to the benefits of basil essential oil. As is known, rice is a […]

11 Benefits of Rice Water for Skin and Hair You Must Know

Taking care of body beauty is an obligation for women, especially skin and hair. Especially for those who work as a public figure or because of the demands of a job that requires someone to make up. Therefore, many women are willing to spend a lot of money to buy various beauty products. In fact, […]

4 Amazing Benefits of Applying Rice Water on Face

As a matter of fact you may use cosmetic products made of chemical to treat your face routinely. You also might find problems when applying chemical products on your face. At first you also might already tried several products to find which product could fit to your skin. Other than expensive, chemical products have side […]

16 Health Benefits of Rice Water (#1 Top Beauty Treatments)

Rice is commonly known as a staple food in Asian countries. Besides, while cooking rice, there is a liquid which is called as rice water. The presence of rice water is linked to high-temperature rice which provides starch in the water. On the other hand, many of you may ask about the nutrients contained in […]