Beauty and Health Benefits of Aloe Ferox (#2 is Amazing)

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Aloe plants are very popular nowadays, as you can see this kind of plant as one ingredient of skincare products. It is also famous for being one of the best treatments for some health conditions. Aloe ferox is a plant that grows on a condition that is very dry as you can see in South Africa. This kind of Aloe is also used as Aloe gel for skincare products and also in health drinks.


Health benefits of Aloe ferox

As you cansee some products containing Aloe ferox, you can see that Aloe ferox has a lotof amazing health benefits. Skin, oral and digestion health are positivelyaffected by consuming and applying Aloe ferox. Here are the health benefits ofAloe ferox.

Natural source of laxative

Aloe feroxis very rich in laxative properties that is very useful for stimulating bowelmovements and tighten the intestines. There was a research about the effects ofconsuming Aloe ferox on patients with irritable bowel syndrome, andsurprisingly the result shows that Aloe ferox brought improvement when it isconsumed for 4 weeks.

Cure for sexual transmitted infections

If you are suffering from sexual transmitted infections, you must take Aloe ferox. It has some compounds that are present in its sap. Those compounds are rich in antimicrobial properties that are very efficient for fighting the infections and provide some relief. Gonorrhea is one of the infections that can be cured by using Aloe ferox.

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Wounds are healed!

Aloe feroxalso has some compounds that are rich in therapeutic properties that willstimulate the healing process. Moreover, Aloe ferox helps to prevent bacteriagrowth and action that make the infection worse. You don’t have to worry asAloe ferox does not have any side effect on your skin, unlike other woundhealers. No wonder Aloe ferox is trusted as one of the best wound healers.

Allergies reliever

Symptoms ofallergies can be cured by using Aloe ferox, such as rhinitis and nasal mucous.Inflammation can also be relieved by using Aloe ferox.

One of the essential ingredients for cosmetics

Aloe ferox is mostly found as non-bitter gel in cosmetics. Aloe ferox is one of the best ingredients for skin care and cosmetic products. It helps to soothe skin problems, such as irritation, acnes and other skin problems. You can also get glowing, healthier and younger skin by applying it regularly.

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Protect theskin

Aloe feroxhas amazing effect on the skin, which is protecting the skin from radicaldamage. When Aloe ferox is applied on the skin, it releases metallothionein andan antioxidant protein.


Aloe feroxmay be beneficial for your digestion as it benefits your digestive tract. Italso helps to cure stomach pain, including irritable bowel syndrome. Moreover,Aloe ferox is also useful for inhibiting H.pylori bacteria that may lead to ulcers.

Used astoothpaste

When Aloeferox is used as toothpaste, it will be the best option for maintain your mouthor oral hygiene. Moreover, it helps to reduce plaque as well.


Apart fromthose health benefits of Aloe ferox mentioned above, there are still somethings you should consider when you want to use Aloe ferox.  Here are the side effects of consuming Aloeferox.

  • Largedose of Aloe ferox consumption for a long period of time can lead to kidney,liver, heart and muscles problems.
  • Ifyou are pregnant or breastfeeding, avoid consuming Aloe ferox.
  • Thelaxative amount in Aloe ferox may lead to diarrhea and abdominal cramps.
  • Testapplying the Aloe ferox on your skin before you are using it in a large amount.It may lead to sensitivities.
  • Neverapply Aloe ferox on a severe cuts or injuries.

How much Aloe ferox should be used?

Make sure that you put the dosage of Aloe ferox in the correct amount. Cream for burnt skin only has around 5% of Aloe ferox. Psoriasis may contain around 70% of Aloe ferox. For oral use, there is no standard dose for it. If you are suffering from constipation, you may take around 100-200 mg of Aloe ferox juice. Make sure you ask your doctor about the correct dose of Aloe ferox.

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