What Are The Hidden Health Benefits of Kaffir Lime for Beauty? Seek Answers Here

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Kaffir lime is one type of fruit that is popular all over the world, especially in tropical parts of Asia region. Apart from being used as a drink, kaffir lime is usually used as a cooking spice, and processing other kinds of foods, more on below. You can also process it into juice, like benefits of lime juice.

This fruit has properties that are almost the same as lime, but the difference is kaffir lime has thicker skin and some are textured and wrinkled. That’s why sometimes this fruit is usually referred to as the regular lime.

According to several researches, this Kaffir lime fruit contains very good nutrients for the health of the body. The health benefits of kaffir lime need not be doubted, because they contain high enough nutrients and vitamins, just like benefits of lime.

The benefits of kaffir lime also vary, from health to beauty. One of the benefits of kaffir lime is that it can overcome constipation because it can encourage leftovers and improve digestion. There’s also a way to make it into a skincare product, but we’ll talk about that later.

Unlike other citrus types, the Purut citrus plant is shaped like a small tree (shrub) and has thorny twigs. In terms of appearance, the fruit is also very easy to recognize, where the Kaffir lime has a fruit 1-2 cm in diameter, dark green in color, a rough and thick wrinkled skin surface.

It is common knowledge, where most people have used the fruit and leaves of Kaffir lime as a flavoring and cooking aroma. The smell is so refreshing, and really similar to the smell of limes. That’s why people also use it to make other ingredients smell better. 

Kaffir lime, which has the Latin name Citrus hystrix, is one type of orange that is commonly found in tropical countries like Philippines and Indonesia. Kaffir lime is similar to oranges and limes and in terms of color, kaffir lime has a green color similar to lime. However, in terms of size, the size of kaffir lime is almost the same as a lime which is bigger than limes.

The most striking difference that is characteristic of kaffir lime is the surface of the skin which has wrinkles. The use of kaffir lime is not much different from lime, it is often used as a food complement, especially chili sauce. Kaffir lime can also be used to get rid of the fishy odor in fish or meat, this function is the same as the use of lime.

There are so many good nutrients in kaffir lime, it is no wonder that this fruit is able to make a person feel refreshed and fit after consuming it, especially if it is used as a drink. This orange is a high enough source of vitamin C which acts as an antioxidant which is great for supporting your body within and without.

Health Benefits of Kaffir Lime for Beauty

1. Improves Skin Beauty

Kaffir lime can be used as a natural beauty treatment, just like other oranges, like benefits of guinep fruit for example. You can mix one tablespoon of lime juice with rose water.

Then, dip a cloth in the liquid and compress it on the skin. This method is proven to be effective for dealing with skin spots due to sunburn.

In addition, the content of vitamins and antioxidants in kaffir lime can also increase the brightness of facial skin and reduce excess oil production. The lime juice will carry the bacteria out through the pores, so that the skin is free from dirt that causes acne.

2. Helps to Lose Some Weight

As mentioned above, beauty does not only come from the outside, but also the inside. Fortunately here, kaffir lime works miraculously to make your outer skin prettier while helping you to lose some weight as well.

Kaffir lime can lose weight and overcome distended stomach problems and this type of orange is suitable as a diet menu, like the benefits of mosambi. Kaffir lime liquid will facilitate digestion, so that fat does not accumulate too much in the body, especially in the stomach.

The fruit also contains pectin fiber or a soluble molecular substance. In addition, the antioxidant compounds in kaffir lime will shed stubborn fat and make it an energy reserve so this orange can also detoxify toxins from the body.

3. Natural Hair Care

Besides being good for your skin health, kaffir lime also has benefits for your hair. See it as a natural ingredient for a great shampoo.

Kaffir lime can help moisturize the skin and prevent dandruff. In addition, hair care with lime is also believed to produce a shinier hair look. There are also benefits of kaffir lime for men in terms of hair care. Men have a tendency to go bald early, but kaffir lime can help strengthen hair follicles and reduce the risk of premature baldness. What a good news for enhancing your look once again.

4. Contains a lot of Vitamin C

Kaffir lime contains vitamin C which is quite high and vitamin C is one of the most needed vitamins to support the body’s immune system. This Vitamin C within the fruit can be used by people for enhancing their health, and also skin by having the benefits of kaffir lime leaves and fruits.

The content of vitamin C in 100 grams of kaffir lime can meet up to 72% of daily vitamin C needs. The antioxidant properties of vitamin C make this one vitamin able to prevent various damage to the body.

If you experience symptoms of a minor illness such as a runny nose or fatigue, you may want to consume kaffir lime to speed healing and help the body recover more quickly.

High amount of Vitamin C can also be absorbed by your body to make your skin tighter and look younger. With just a regular amount of kaffir limes, you can get your desired results.