List of Herbs that Start with K and Health Benefits

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There are a lot of people out there are still wondering about the meaning of herbs. Herbs are mostly derived or made from all parts of plants such as the leaves, seeds, root, fruit, flower and even the bark of the plant could be included as herbs. Herbs are mostly used as food flavouring and medicine. Below is the list of herbs that start with K and health benefits you probably have known well since they are easy to find your back yard or in your kitchen board.

  1. Kaempferia Galanga

The health benefits of kaempferia galangal have been well known among Asian top herbs. This traditional herb could cure several health conditions from cold, cough up to joint pain.

  1. Kaffir Lime

Kaffir lime is not only unique in appearance but also has a lot of health benefits which is good for digestive system, maintain oral health and also traditionally used as blood detox.

  1. Kaffir Lime Leaves

Compared to the fruit, there are more health benefits of kaffir lime leaves. The aromatic aroma of the leaves is not only good to release stress but also great to revitalize the body.

  1. Kakawate Leaves

Kakawate leaves are traditionally used as mosquito repellent. However, aside from that kakawate leaves are also used to reduce the pain caused by rheumatism, sprains and even broken bones.

  1. Kale Leaves

It is a common knowledge that there are a lot of health benefits of kale due to its antioxidant content, anti-cancer properties and packed with some essential vitamins and minerals.

  1. Kalonji Seed

Not a lot of people know about the benefits of kalonji for depression. Kalonji contains some active compound that could help stabilizing the mood, acting as anti-depressant and decreasing anxiety in patients with symptoms of depression.

  1. Kalonji Oil

The health benefits of kalonji oil have been well known since 2000 BC. This oil made of the extract of kalonji seeds but richer in fat and protein content. That is why kalonji oil when consumed in daily basis could help improve memory and maintain brain health.

  1. Kamansi Seeds

Kamansi is another name of breadfruit and less people know about the health benefits of kamansi seeds. Kamansi seeds are excellent source of energy but great for weight loss.

  1. Kangra Tea

Kangra tea is actually made from the same herbs that made Chinese tea, Camellia sinenis. However, the soil condition and topography of Kangra valley makes Kangra tea a bit different in flavour. The health benefits of Kangra tea are good to lower high blood pressure, manage cholesterol and reduce the risk of cancer.

  1. Kasni Seeds

For those who are currently in a weight loss program, adding kasni seeds to your diet may be super helpful. It is an excellent source of dietary fiber that could help optimizing the digestive system to process food and optimize the absorption of nutrient.

  1. Karela Leaves

Karela is Tamil word for bitter gourd and the health benefits of karela leaves are super potent to lower the blood sugar level, boost immunity system and remedy to malaria.

  1. Karpooravalli Leaves

Karpooravalli leaves are also well known as Mexican mint which comes from the same family as regular mint leaves. Due to its aromatic aroma, karpooravalli leaves are traditionally used to reduce the symptoms of asthma and other respiratory problems such as sore throat, cough and cold.

  1. Katuk Plant

Katuk plant is commonly consumed as vegetables due to its amazing benefits to help boosting milk production for breastfeeding mothers. As rich of calcium, katuk plant is also recommended for mothers during pregnancy.

  1. Kharbuja Seeds

Kharbjuja seeds are rich of essential vitamins and minerals and health benefits of kharbuja seeds are good option of snack for diabetic patient, good for heart health and able to manage the blood pressure.

  1. Kino Tree

Kino tree has been well known for its amazing ability to manage blood sugar level by controlling insulin level, cure some intestinal problems to promote better digestion and improve metabolism.

  1. Kiwi Seed

Kiwi is well known as tasty and healthy fruit but less people know about the health benefits of kiwi seed extract that is an excellent source of healthy fat, fiber and antioxidants.

  1. Knotweed

Knotweed is native to Japan with a lot of health benefits such as reducing the risk of inflammation, supporting vision, boosting immunity system and promoting brain health.

  1. Kombucha Tea

Kombucha tea is well known for its sour flavour but super potent in treating diabetes and preventing cancer. Consuming this tea regularly is also able to reduce the cholesterol level and boost immunity system.

  1. Konjac

Health benefits of konjac have been part of traditional Asian medication since ancient time. Konjac help improving digestion, control blood sugar level and optimize the mineral absorption.

  1. Korean Red Ginseng

There are a lot of varieties and species of ginseng and among the famous ones is Korean red ginseng which has been commonly consumed as health tonic to improve brain health, increase haemoglobin and cure insomnia.

  1. Kratom Tea

Kratom tea made of kratom leaves which come from coffee family. This tea is good to release stress and great for mental health. This tea could help relieve pain and improve immunity.

  1. Kuri Squash

Kuri squash is very famous among women due to its amazing benefits for skin and hair. Aside from that kuri squash is also able to improve mood and increase sleep quality for women during PMS period.

  1. Kush Weed

Not a lot of people know about the health benefits of kush weed but those who know will make sure to have stock of kush weed in their house. This weed could help alleviating muscle spasm and seizure, treating glaucoma and even able to reducing the risk of Alzheimer and dementia.

  1. Kutki

Kukti is one of the herbs in the top list of medicinal plant of Himalayas. Kutki is very rare but with amazing ability to improve liver function, appetite stimulant and super rich of antioxidants.

The list of herbs that start with K and health benefits above are consisting of vegetables, fruit, root, flower and herbal plants, though some of them are in the form of tea which made from specific herbs or the mixture of several herbs. However, all of them are containing amazing medicinal properties beneficial for human health.