17 Health Benefits of Kaempferia Galanga #Top Asian Herbal

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The benefits of kaempferia galanga for health is no doubt very good. The kaempferia galanga is an herb that can be used as a natural medicine for the body. A lot of people likes kaempferia galanga because of the signature taste.

Not only that, kaempferia galanga is a natural herb. The kaempferia galanga is sold a lot by herb agents or traditional herb sellers. With a precise measurement and natural ingredients, the kaempferia galanga can be turned into natural medicines.

Health Benefits of Kaempferia Galanga


There a lot of kaempferia galanga benefits that are not known by many people. Here are some of the benefits of consuming kaempferia galanga:

1. Boost Your Appetite

The kaempferia galanga can be useful to increase your appetite. This herb is fitted to be consumed by children who have some problems with their appetite. The essential oil contain in it can increase the appetite on children.

2. Thicken the Stomach Wall

One of the benefits from consuming kaempferia galanga daily is to thicken the stomach wall. Therefore, it is very recommended to be consumed by those who have ulcer problem which can cause annihilation on their stomach wall.

3. Relieve from Tiredness and Aches

Consuming kaempferia galanga daily can be used to relieve your body from the tired and ache feelings. Those who work hard can drink the kaempferia galanga daily to remove the tired and ache feelings in their body. The same benefits can also be achieved from consuming:

4. Increase Vitality

For men, consuming the kaempferia galanga daily can be used as a booster for their vitality and stamina. Therefore, men will feel tired easily on bed.

5. Cure Colds

The warm feeling from kaempferia galanga is believed to be able to cure colds. People who suffers from colds are recommended to drink this herb. It is because the warmth in the kaempferia galanga can be used to relieve the nausea feeling caused by the colds.

6. Relieve from Pain

Other health benefits of Kaempferia Galanga is that it is believed to be able to relieve pain from the body. This same benefit is also achievable by consuming:

7. Cough Medicine

Cough can also be cured by consuming kaempferia galanga. It is because there are some ingredients in it that can be used to relieve the cough. The warmth in the drink can also neutralize the cough and the achy feeling from it. Therefore, it is recommended for those who are having coughs to drink this in order to feel warm and relieved.

8. Refresh the Body

The fresh and warm feeling from the kaempferia galanga herb is also believed to be able to refresh tired bodies. The fresh taste in kaempferia galanga is similar to those in hot ginger drinks that can also warm the body. Do not hesitate to consume the herb when your body is aching and tired. After consuming the herb, the body will then be freshen up and super fit.

9. As Analgesic

If you consume kaempferia galanga, then the consumtion of it will make analgesic substance. Analgesic substance can be used to ease up pain and other diseases.

10. Slimming the Body

Consuming kaempferia galanga can also slim down the body naturally. Many kinds of substance in it make the kaempferia galanga capable of slimming the body and make it look prettier.

11. Cure Heartburn

Kaempferia galanga can also cure heartburn. The kaempferia galanga can make the skin and body fresher. Beside that, the essential oils in it can be used to overcome heartburn. The warm and hot taste in it are believed to be able to cure the heartburn.

12. Sprue Medicine

Kaempferia galanga can also be used to cure sprue problems. You just need to drip some of the herb on the lip’s surface that suffers from the sprue. The hot taste is similar to chilis, therefore it can also be used to cure the sprue.

13. Headache Medicine

One of the health benefits of Kaempferia Galanga is to be used as a medicine for traumatic headaches on those who suffers from migraine. Although we can find generic medicines that can cure this problem easily, the kaempferia galanga can be an alternative choice as it is very safe to consume and have no side effects. The generic medicines in the markets also contain many chemical compounds that can be dangerous.

And if we were to consume it daily, it may have some negative impacts on the other organs. After all, dependency on outside medicines needs to be avoided and minimalized as it may have some bad impacts on your body.

14. Prevent Acnes

The kaempferia galanga can also be used to prevent acnes from appearing. The kaempferia galanga is useful to prevent the hormones that can cause the growth of acnes, making the acnes that were about to show then disappeared. It is very recommended to be consumed for women who are on their period since period can sometimes cause rapid growth of acnes on the face.

Othere ingredients that are good to overcome acnes are:

15. Ease up Ulcer

The kaempferia galanga is also believed to be able to cure a relapsing ulcer. It is because consuming kaempferia galanga can decrease the gastric acid inside the stomach. Normal gastric acid can normalize and heal the ulcer problem.

16. Decrease Cholesterol Level

The contents of kaempferia galanga are very useful to increase the bile flow. The liquid of the bile that are flowing have a really important role in absorbing food inside our body. If the food can be absorbed well, the cholesterol level will then decrease too.

17. Prevent Free Radicals

Kaempferia galanga is also useful to ward off free radicals. If free radicals are warded off, the body will be healthy and more fit. Free radicals are one of the cause of many diseases that develops inside your body. For example, the skin cancer and many other kinds of dangerous disease. 

Kaempferia Galanga Recipe

Ways to Make Kaempferia Galanga Herb:

If you can’t find any kaempferia galanga herb seller around your home, do not worry as kaempferia galanga is very easy to make. You just have to pay attention on the ingredients’ measurement and how to make it the right way to get the unique taste of kaempferia galanga and get the benefits of it.

Here are the ways to make kaempferia galanga that you can try at home:

Here are the ingredients of kaempferia galanga that should be prepared to make the herb:

  • 200 grams of rice
  • kaempferia galanga in medium size for 500 grams
  • 100 grams of palm sugar
  • Half a tea spoon of salt
  • 1 lime
  • Clubs
  • 200 grams of sugar
  • Cinnamon
  • 5 liter of water

The contents inside kaempferia galanga are natural and have no side effects. That is why the kaempferia galanga can be a natural medicine without no side effects, making it very safe to be consumed even for such a long time and will cause no harm on your body. Thus, there are some effective health benefits of Kaempferia Galanga you can try.