Find Out the Benefits of Kalonji for Depression Here!

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Unfortunate fact about depression is most people thought those who have depression issue considered as crazy. Well, depression is a serious issue and there is no shortcut to treat the conditions or symptoms of depression. A professional help is mandatory and supports from family and friends are essential to prevent the fatal effect of depression and optimize the recovery of the patients with depression.

Depression, Causes and Symptoms

Generally, the meaning of depression is a serious medical illness that could affect the way you act, how you feel and the way you think in a very negative way. The stage is also varying from mild to serious or severe. The fatal effect of depression could lead to spontaneous action like suicide especially when the condition is not properly treated. That is why very important to know the early symptoms of depression such as:

  • Feeling helpless without reason
  • Lost interest all of the sudden
  • Easy to get angry and irritated
  • Change of behavior
  • Severe insomnia
  • Lack of energy and concentration
  • Feeling suicidal

There are a lot of types of depression but medication and professional help is essential to treat depression. Psychotherapy and ECT (Electroconvulsive Therapy) are two types of modern therapy commonly used to reduce the symptoms of depression. Asides from that diet management is also proven to be helpful in treating depression.

Benefits of Kalonji for Depression

Speaking of diet management to treat depression, kalonji which is also well known as black cumin or black caraway are well known as traditional remedy to depression. Kalonji are the seeds of flowering plant which has scientific name Nigella sativa. Some scientific studies have proven the health benefits of kalonji oil and seeds of this flowering plants are excellent to treat depression and the list of benefits of kalonji oil for depression below will tell you more.

  1. Mood Stabilizer

Kalonji contains some active compounds that could act as mood stabilizer. A person who is suffering from depression is commonly suffering from mood swing. It looks abnormal for us but it is common for them. The worst from this condition is when the mood is really bad patient could do anything to remove that feeling. I mean anything.

  1. Kalonji Acts as Anti-Fatigue

There are a lot of drugs that could be prescribed to depression patient that acts as anti-fatigue. However, each drug must have its own side effect. If you are looking for a natural solution to deal with the fatigue in depression patient, adding kalonji as part of daily diet is highly recommended.

  1. Natural Anti-Depressant

Just like anti-fatigue, kalonji is also natural anti-depressant. Though of course professional help and medication are very essential to fight depression but in mild stage, depending on kalonji as anti-depressant is a good choice and highly recommended. However, when the symptoms continue contacting a professional and talking to your loved ones are important as well.

  1. Decreases Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the common symptoms of depression. It is not easy to deal with but consuming kalonji may help in decreasing the effect. Today there are a lot of options of drugs to decrease anxiety but natural way is always the best and the most recommended option. You could combine with the regular exercises because there are a lot of health benefits of exercises for mental health which is beneficial for patients with depression.

  1. Improves Appetite

Losing appetite is common symptoms suffered by depression patient. In short term, losing appetite may affect nothing but in long term, losing weight in rapid way could affect your health significantly. Adding kalonji as part of the daily diet may help solving this problem because kalonji contains active compounds that could help improving appetite.

  1. Enhances Memory and Attention

Brain is the source of everything. Depression patient may have problem in controlling their mood and the effect is they are easily losing attention. Kalonji is also well known as neuro-transmitter that could improve or enhance the memory and improve the attention span. So, it is a perfect combination to help depression patient to stay focus to other things instead of their present condition.

  1. Controls Blood Pressure

With all the pressures suffered by depression patient, it is common for them to suffer symptoms of high blood pressure as well. It means, their cardiovascular health is in danger. So, it is better to maintain their blood pressure in normal stage. Kalonji contains some minerals that could help maintaining the blood pressure such as iron and potassium. One of the health benefits of potassium is good for heart health.

  1. Home Remedy to Headache

Depression patients are familiar with the list of prescribed drugs. So, headache is probably one of the side effects that may occur. Well, instead of consuming pain killer that could numb them is better to consume natural pain killer like kalonji. For centuries, this natural plant has been used as home remedy to headache. It is also safe to be consumed by pregnant mothers who are suffering early symptoms of baby blue syndrome.

  1. Great for Weight Management

Though in many cases, depression patients are losing their appetite which could lead to deficiencies and losing weight but there are also some cases when the weight gain becomes uncontrollable. It is not easy to manage weight when you are in normal stage and it is even harder when you are in depression stage. Consuming kalonji may help reducing the risk of weight gain due to its fiber content. One of the main health benefits of fiber is making sure all nutrients are optimally absorbed and all the wastes are maximally washed off from the body system.

  1. Healthy Diet for Depression Patient

There is no easy way to manage depression patient to have a healthy diet but kalonji may be helpful in this matter. As mentioned above, kalonji contains some active compounds that could act as anti-depressant up to natural weight management. Though of course, in severe condition, depending on kalonji only is not recommended because no matter what, professional help and direct support from family and friends are more essential.

Cautions of Kalonji for Depression

So far the negative effect of kalonji for depression is not yet reported but still when it comes to depression, there is one important thing to note which is depression is not a condition you could deal with lightly. A professional help is strongly required and if you know somehow who is suffering from depression, a direct support from important people around is super essential. Kalonji is probably helpful in reducing the symptoms and probably the worst effect of depression but depending on it only is not recommended. As a human being, helping others are essential and if you know someone are struggling with their depression, don’t hesitate to help or at least find someone who could help them because depression has no face but once it shows it face, sometimes it is already too late.