13 Amazing Health Benefits of Russian Sage For Wellness

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Not many people realize that there are some health benefits of Russian sage. This is commonly consume as a beverages and famous as an extract tea. Therefore, some people consume it since believe it can bring better health and wellness.

Russian sage has a latin names of perovskia atriplicifolia. The plant is a kind of perennial plant that has long stems dotted with small purple flowers. Not only fragrant, apparently the plant also have several medical benefit. Therefore, people start to extract this plant and consume the extracted tea for various medical purpose.

How to Grow Russian Sage

Growing Russian sage may not difficult. Since it is normally grow on spring season. Therefore, a country rich with sunny light will be a perfect place. To grow this plant in detail, below are the instruction:

  • Make sure to plan the sage in a full sun area. Therefore, the backyard might be the best suitable location.
  • Make sure to choses poorer soil with alkaline conditions. Since it will not grow in acid soils.
  • Plant the sage with 24” distance to give them enough space to grow later on.

How to Consume Sage Extract Tea

There are various way to consume the tea. It will be depends on each person preference. However, most of the people prefer to consume it with some honey or lemon to add strong flavor on it. Furthermore, other people consume it with ice, while another people consume warm. Hence, it is again will according to each person lovable method to consume it. The most important is the tea will bring enough benefit, mainly if consume every morning or afternoon.

Health Benefit of Russian Sage

As mention previously, the extract tea from this plant bring many advantages. Therefore, if curious and want to know in details, below are several specific health benefits of Russian sage:

1. Reduce Fever

One of the common benefit of this extract tea is to help reducing fever symptoms. Therefore, when people feel unwell, consuming sage extract tea will benefit to avoid worst symptoms. This is the same mechanism as the benefits guava dengue fever that will help reduce fever symptoms too.

2. Better Respiratory

The extract tea or oil of Russian sage will help to produce a better respiratory system. It will help to flush out the mucus and help to ease the breath. This is why the extract of sage plant is another good herbal medication to avoid breath difficulties during fever.

3. Avoid Cold

The plant will help to avoid further cold symptoms. It will ease the sickness and help to bring fasten relieve. Therefore, if feeling unwell and get some cold, the warm extract tea of sage will help to avoid further cold symptoms.

4. Better Digestive

The extract of Russian sage also believe will help to improve the intestinal bowel movement. It will help to bring fasten digest and avoid further digestive problems. Such as constipation or similar symptoms. This is the same health benefits of Korean cooking that can help to optimize the digestive system too.

5. Avoid Upset Stomach

Another health benefits of Russian sage including to avoid any upset stomach symptoms. Therefore, it is suitable for those who frequently experience heartburn. It will eliminated too much gasses in the stomach and help to avoid sickness.

6. Relaxation

Consume the extract tea of sage will help to relax the mind and thinking. Therefore, it is a good way to keep a positive mind. This is why drinking sage tea extract is really suitable in the afternoon. It helps to relax mind and body after a long day of working or activities.

7. Avoid Stress

By helping bring some positive mind and thinking, it will automatically bring some happiness feeling. Therefore, this extract tea can help to avoid any stresses due to various problems. Furthermore, it will improve a better feeling and lead to relaxing mind. This is the same way as the health benefits of storytelling for mental stress reliever that help to avoid any stresses too.

8. Improve Sleep

Through a good thinking and feeling, which also can bring joyful and happiness moment, it can be an automatic way to improve the quality of the sleep. It will bring some comfort sleepiness time and avoid any nightmare. Therefore, it manage a better blood tension number.

9. Avoid Insect Bite

Apparently sage also have some specific smell that will help to avoid insect bite. Therefore, some products also use sage to help avoid further insect bite such as from a mosquito.

10. Manage Diabetes Symptoms

It also surprisingly that the benefits of sage extract is to manage the blood sugar level too. Therefore, it will help to avoid any diabetes problems. This is the same benefits of indian kino tree that will lead to manage diabetes symptoms too.

11. Avoid Diarrhea

One of another benefit of the Russian sage is to manage any diarrhea symptoms. Furthermore, it can lead to a fasten relief that consider safe and less side effects. Therefore, it is good for them with bad stomach condition. 

12. Blood Circulation

Consume the extract tea will help to manage a better blood circulation. Therefore, it will avoid further sickness mainly due to blood circulation problems.

13. Avoid Anxiety

Through relaxing the mind with sage tea extract, it can help to manage avoid anxiety and help to calm down the feeling. Hence, it will help to able own positive thinking.

Side Effects of Russian Sage

It also known that the Russian sage also have several side effects. Therefore, if plan to consume the extract tea or oil, it is better to attend below cautions and recommendation:

  • It might be poisonous. Therefore, it is better to consume the product rather than extract the tea from the plant directly. Since wrong way in extracting may cause poison and danger the health.
  • If having allergically symptoms such as itchiness or redness skin, it is better to stop consume the extract tea.
  • Do not continue consume the tea if having dizziness or sickness symptoms.

A herbal alternative such as the health benefits of Russian sage always a good option to consume. Mainly for those with several problems in medical and wellness. However, every treatment may have a side effects. Therefore, always careful with the dangerous side of any medication and better consult with the doctor first for sure. Otherwise, it might bring you the optimum benefits at all.