9 Surprising Health Benefits of Kharbuja Seeds (Must Read!)

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Kharbuja (or in Western countries known as Muskmelon) is a fruit that first discovered in Borderline Countries of Europe and Asia. It is commonly consumed while it’s fresh, though sometimes it’s needed to be dried first. This fruit eventually found its way to Asian countries, where its range of benefits extended by people there.

For example, in Southeast Asia there is a kharbuja soup (locals called it with different names, from Muskmelon cocktail, Midori, es timun suri, hami drinks, etc) which is usually a thirst-satisfying drink incorporated with sliced pieces of kharbuja fruit.

Still happening in Asian countries, oil production made of kharbuja seeds is a thing. Speaking of which, kharbuja seeds apparently provide health benefits for traditional medicine consumers. What are those health benefits? Let’s find out here. (See also : Sweet Potato Benefits for Weight Loss)

Nutritional Value of Kharbuja Seeds

Based on experts’ analysis, kharbuja fruit is a rich source of Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Does this fact also apply to the seeds? Well, let’s see.

Researches on kharbuja seeds done by scientists said per 54 g (0.33) serving, it contains 199.8 calories with calories from fat 9 at 4.5%, a low amount of fat (1 g), 42 g carbohydrates, 40 g net carbohydrates, 2 g sugar, 2 g fiber (8% of Daily Value), 6 g Protein, 1.8 mg Iron (23% DV), 13 mg Thiamine (864%), 2.5 g Riboflavin (150%), and 4 mg Niacin (20%). To sum it up, kharbuja seed doesn’t contain any vitamins unlike the fruit.

But, it does contain necessary substances needed to improve your health. (You may want to read : Health Benefits of Kiwi for Weight Loss) Here are the health benefits of kharbuja seeds :

1. It can help you avoid diabetes

Due to its low sugar contents, kharbuja seed is one of the grains that you don’t need to worry consuming it would cause diabetes. Its low sugar and low fat composition helps balancing blood sugar level, thus reducing the risk of type-2 diabetes (a common diabetes).

While cause of diabetes is mostly genetic, your diet and habits may contribute, too. You can control your diet by eating these seeds instead other snacks with high sugar composition.

2. Excellent food for heart

Kharbuja seed contains omega 3 fatty acid which is a good chemical for cardiovascular health. Also it helps balance cholesterol level and has adenosine to regulate blood circulation. Some snacks (peanut, beans, hazelnut, etc) have higher risks of causing heart diseases (i.e. heart attack, hypertension, etc) because their risky composition.

If you want to be healthier, it’s time to replace your daily snacks with kharbuja seeds.

3. Keeping bone strength and stay active longer

You must’ve seen many high-calcium products (tipically milks) advertised in media. They offer different benefits for bones health. While they’re good, the price sometimes can be high. Instead of spending 2-5 dollars on these products, you can try inexpensive methods, such as consuming kharbuja seeds.

Its decent minerals content is essential for bones health, and increasing its density will lower the chance to get osteoporosis in old age so you can stay being active for longer period of time.

4. It helps control blood pressure

Another one of health benefits of kharbuja seeds. Due to its heart-friendly composition and certain chemicals, blood pressure can be controlled. Thus, preventing fatal heart failure. This made kharbuja seeds a healthy snacks and you can incorporate it to your diet with no worries.  

5. Assisting weight loss 

Again, kharbuja seeds easily can be part of your healthy diet. When you are trying to lose weight, consuming these seeds will certainly help. If you look at the nutritional value, you can see that kharbuja seed contains almost no sugar and fat (any type of fat).

Not only that, kharbuja seed contains balanced amount of carbs and fiber! This fact means it makes your stomach full without raising the body fat percentage. So, to sum it up, this is a good food for someone who is still in the journey of weight loss. (Recommended : Benefits of Dragon Fruit for Weight Loss)

6. Excellent source of fiber

Fiber is an essential substance for body systems to work properly. Without it, you’ll experience quite a lot of diseases. For example, constipation and other intestinal diseases. Fiber (or dietary fiber) can be obtained from many sources i.e. vegetables, fruits, etc.

Kharbuja seeds is one of them. It contains solluble fiber which can ease the absorption of water and foods, thus preventing diseases caused by the lack of fiber. Don’t forget foods rich in fiber tend to keep your stomach full for extended time. So, you can exercise more without feel hungry.

7. Reduce the risk of developing obesity

This is still weight-related benefit of kharbuja seeds. Sometimes obesity is caused by genetic, but actually it can be prevented. How? By consuming low fat, low sugar, and high fiber diet. Don’t worry, you don’t have to decide which food you should take.

You can effortlessly get these attributes from kharbuja seeds. This edible seed contain dietary fiber which is need to bulk up your diet. Fiber-rich foods give you more energy without adding your body weight. Also, based on the study, obese people tend to incorporate less rich-fiber foods to their diet. In conclusion, try consuming foods rich in fiber (usually dark leaf vegetables are the best source, but kharbuja seed is not bad) to avoid obesity at all costs. (Also read: Health Risks of Obesity

8. Helps you to prevent anemia

Do you know kharbuja seeds can help you prevent blood disorders (especially anemia)? That’s right, this is another health benefits of kharbuja seeds you may find interesting. Minerals (particularly, iron) in a cup of kharbuja seeds are not only goods for bones, obviously. A mineral, iron, is essential to balance the supply of hemoglobin in red blood cells.

As we know, lack of hemoglobin may lead to certain diseases and disorders, such as anemia. Anemia is a condition associated with hemoglobin deficiency. This is however, preventable. By consuming high iron diet, and kharbuja seeds can help avoid anemia.

9. A good source of protein

Among other essential micronutrients for your body, protein’s role is significant. Scientist says, protein performs vast array of functions within human body, e.g. transporting molecules from between locations, replicating DNA, producing enzyme, etc.

It’s a vital component in metabolism. Well, if you are looking for a good source of protein (beside the common animals’ meat), you should try kharbuja seeds. (See also : Benefits of Pea Protein Weight Loss)

Cautions in Using Kharbuja Seeds

There is no issue regarding kharbuja seeds. This is a quite safe food for daily consumption.