8 Health Benefits of Ipil Ipil Leaves No One Knows

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Ipil ipil has a scientific name called Leucaena Luecocephala. This plant native to southern Mexico and northern Central America. Actually, it is not the only name for the plant. Numerous names are awarded to it; such as, white leadtree, jumbay, river tamarind, Subabul and white popinac.

The young pods can be eaten and usually used in cooking. Almost all parts of this plants are beneficial and useful. However, the most useful part in medical world are the leaves. Here are the lists of how health benefits of ipil ipil leaves.

Nutrients of ipil ipil leaves

Each 100 grams of ipil ipil leaves contain 85 calories,15.4 grams of carbohydrates, 12 grams of protein, 6.5 grams of fat, 3 grams of Iron substances, 100 mg phosphor, 1.5 mg calcium, vitamin A, vitamin B1 and lastly vitamin C. That’s what its leaves contain. Here are another Benefits of Vitamin A during Pregnancy

However, ipil ipil’s pod contains different nutrients; such as, 85 calories, 15.4 grams of carbohydrates, 5.7 grams of Protein, 0.3 grams of fat, 3 grams of iron substances, 53 mg of phosphor, 180 mg calcium, vitamin A, B1 and C. You should know Benefits of Taking Vitamin C Tablets

  1. Cure worm infestation

One of its benefit is to treat intestinal worms. If the leaves are consumed continuosly, they are able to eradicate worms that settles in your body. Therefore, these leaves are effective as an anthelmintic substitute.

2. Prevent cancer

The leaves are able to take care of the cells’ healthiness inside the body so that it will not trigger cancer to occur. You may also want to read Benefits of Yoga for Cancer

3. Prevent insomnia

Usually insomnia is caused by certain biological factors. It may be psychiatric and medical conditions or unhealthy sleep habits. It can be quite bothering since suffer from it means we suffer from sleep disorder. However this could be overcome by consuming ipil ipil leaves.

4. Menstruation

Most ladies will not know about this fact but yes, ipil ipil leaves help in adjusting your menstruation cycle and reducing menstrual pain. This plant contains analgesic properties which will minimize the muscular pain or cramp inside our body.

5. Improving blood circulation

By improving blood circulation, blood clotting might be avoided. You will be claimed healthy if you had a normal blood flow. To gain that, consume more ipil ipil leaves.

6. Heal cracked bones

Ipil ipil leaves can speed up the healing process of cracked bones. Apply it as an ointment, then rub it to the injured part and lastly do not forget to wrap it with a bandage. Read also Benefits of Calcium

7. Produce smooth skin

Besides having health benefits, more or less ipil ipil leaves have impact toward beauty either. Starting from now on, ladies do not have to worry much about their skin. Using this cheap and practical ingredients, all of you may have smooth and brightening skin. It can be used while massaging or spa. You should also know Health Benefits of Thai Massage

8. Removing acne and its scars

Ipil ipil leaves had proven effective in eradicating skin disorders; such as Acne and itchiness.

Side effect of ipil ipil leaves

There is not any side effect caused by consuming ipil ipil leaves. However, we may not know if it reacts differently in every kinds of human’s body. In addition, for people who suffers allergy from peanuts better avoid consuming ipil ipil. If you are having any medication treatment better always discuss with your doctor if you consider to consume ipil ipil for we might not guarantee whether it will react badly to your medication or not.

That’s all about the healthy benefit of ipil ipil leaves toward our body. Besides all of the health benefits of ipil ipil leaves above, there are still many benefits that it provided. To know the real benefits of this plant, I suggest you to try it by yourself and encourage the other to try consuming it if you get the positive impact from it. Keep reading and stay healthy!