10 Optimum Benefits of Russian Twist Exercise to Shaping Waist

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Having routine exercise always become a good thing. Including getting the benefits of Russian twist exercise. This exercise might be familiar for some people that often doing sport that help to relieve the muscle tension. Some even combine it with some exercise tools such as barbell or ball.

Russian twist itself actually an exercise for abdominal muscle. It works by twisting the abdomen several times. It is believe that the exercise will help with abdomen relaxation before doing any kind of sport. Therefore, before begin some activity, the twist can be a good alternative to perform. Furthermore, the way to perform this twist also simple and not difficult. If want to get to know further, check on below explanations.

How to Do the Exercise and the Pose

There are several specific ways to perform this exercise. People that often doing this twist might have familiar with the step. But those that consider beginner, it is better to follow on below instruction for the best way performing this exercise:

  • Preparation
    This step needs to prepare some towel or other fabric on the floor as the exercise mat. Make sure the fabric is stable and not easily move. Then do the first pose. Lay your body above the fabric and bend the knees.
  • Starting
    Start elevate your body up to about 45 degree angle to the floor. Reach you’re both arm together and start pull you bellybutton toward. This is the first starting activity and make sure that the body is straight mainly your spine area.
  • Twisting
    After finish with first pose, then start to do the twist. Do this until the arms parallel to the floor. Turn to both side, left and right repeat. One turn to the left and one turn to the right will measure as one repetition. Do several repetition of the twist and don’t forget to take deep breath in between.

Benefits of Russian Twist

Of course, as the other exercise, this twist also bring several benefits too. Therefore, if want to know in details on the benefits of Russian twist exercise, see below points.

1. Improve Metabolism

A routine exercise will lead the body to improve the metabolism system. It will help to change the food into energy that needed for perform the exercise. Therefore, it will help to fasten metabolic rate. This is the same mechanism as the health benefits arugula that change energy fasten too.

2. Detoxification

Some people believes that doing this exercise will help the detoxification process. Furthermore, it will help to flush out the toxin through the produce sweat. Therefore, it will also keep balancing hormones and lead to a better wellness.

3. Strength Muscle

Frequent exercise of Russian twist will also help to strength the muscle. It will optimize the coordination between all body muscles. Therefore, it will good to increase muscle power and help with more flexibility. This is the same health benefits of herring fish that also works to strength the muscle too.

4. Weight Management

Another benefits of Russian twist exercise also to help with weight management system. Mainly for those who feels over weight. A frequent exercise will help to reduce the weight and avoid further weight gain. Therefore, it is another good way to manage the weight properly.

5. Fat Burn

When the metabolism system increase, the body will require more food to burn into energy. When the food is finish burn out, then the body fat is the next thing to burn out. Therefore, this exercise also a good way to help with fasten fat burning. This is also the same way as the benefits of bike exercise for weight loss that will lead to fasten fat burning too.

6. Manage Blood Pressure

By doing the twist, it is actually will lead the blood pressure to be well manage. Therefore, it can help to avoid blood pressure increment. Furthermore, it is good for people with hypertension symptoms to lower down the pressure and manage better symptoms of this condition.

7. Avoid Cardiovascular Problems

Doing the exercise also help to balance the cholesterol level inside the body. It is important to manage a better cardiovascular system and avoid any blood cod. Therefore, it will help to bring better blood circulation. The same way as the benefits of running for cardiovascular health that also help to avoid further cardiovascular problems.

8. Healthy Heart

Through a healthy cardiovascular system, it will help the heart vessel to improve too. Therefore, it can manage to avoid any possibility of getting heart attack syndrome. Furthermore, it will maintain a healthier heart by optimize the blood circulation in the heart vessel.

9. Shape Body

As one of the benefit of getting more fat burn, is to help shaping the body parts. Whether the arm. Leg and mostly the abs. By the time the abs muscle weight is gaining, then the body fat will reduce. This mean that the body will result a better body shape. This is the same health benefits of muay thai for females that also works to shape the body too.

10. Improve Balance

Another good thing of this activity is help to improve the body balance. By frequent training on twisting the body, the balance works between all over body system will be optimize and increase. Therefore, it is also a good way to avoid sickness and perform healthier balance body.

Cautions and Recommendation of Russian Twist

Doing this exercise may lead to injury if not properly done. Therefore, it is suggested to do below recommendations before starting this pose of exercise.

  • Ask the doctor first whether you are healthy enough to perform the exercise. Since people with lower back problems suggested not to perform this kind of exercise. Otherwise, it can bring their condition worst.
  • Do not continue the activity if feels something wrong such as pain in your back or other body muscle.

Those all the benefits of Russian twist exercise that will help to bring better wellness and improve muscle too. However, several cautions needs to perform when starting this activity. If having several medical case that not allowed to perform this exercise, it is better to stay away from this twist and look for another way of safer exercise.