12 Unexpected Health Benefits of Indian Green Chillies

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What’s on your mind when you heard the word “chili”? It must be some words like ‘spicy’, ‘red’, and others. But actually, this spicy little thing is not always come in red. There are some green chilies as well, and one of the famous one is Indian Green Chilies. Why this one is famous, because surprisingly, there are discoveries about this chili which it gives health benefits to our body. But before we explore more about this hot and spicy friend, you may also check health benefits of bell pepper as well.

So here are 12 unexpected health benefits of Indian green chillies, check them out!

What is Indian green chili?

Indian green chilies is one of the chili that originated from India, with dark green color. This chili usually used for cooking purpose, but researchers found that this chili has some benefits for our body health. What are those benefits? They will be explained below.

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What are the good side effects of Indian green chili?

Behind its spicy taste, Indian green chili has lots of elements that gives health to us. We will explained them all below:

1. Zero calories

As the main benefit from this friend, chili are basically has no calories. Another fact is that chili even speed up our metabolism until up to 50% faster than normal. So for those who want to lose some weight, this buddy might help you!

2. Fights cancer

Not all chili has this, but green chilies has antioxidants, which is useful to fight over cancer inside our body. For men, green chili will help you avoid prostate cancer as well. You may also read about Health Benefits of Indian Long Pepper

3. Maintain cardiovascular health

Eating green chilies regularly with the right amount will help you reduce the cholesterol and decrease the triglyceride levels on your blood. And in the end, this buddy also fights over stroke for you! You may also read about Health Benefits of Eating Raw Bell Pepper

4. Chills body temperature

What’s more health benefits of Indian green chillies? Maybe it sounds weird but actually researches discovered that eating green chilies will help you cooling down. As it stimulates the cooling center in hypothalamus, it will reduces you body heat. That’s why even though India is hot, you can find people eating chilies!

5. Fights cold and sinusitis

As it contains capsaicin, it helps your body to fight over cold and sinusitis. Capsaicin stimulates blood flow through the membranes and decreases mucus secretion. So you can say your goodbye for cold and sinusitis right now! You may also read about Health Benefits of Eating Habanero Pepper

6. Pain reliever

This point is actually related with the spiciness, which helps us to relieve some pain, and its proven effective. Even though not everyone could handle spiciness, but for those who able to, this is a great pain reliever. 

7. Rich of Vitamin C

As we know, Vitamin C brings lots of benefits to our body. And also this Indian green chili, it also has Vitamin C inside which is useful for our eye, skin, and immune system. You may also read about Benefits Of Alligator Pepper for Health

8. Mood-booster

As its role as pain reliever, it surely lift your mood up and you’ll be happier after the pain has gone. Thanks to the endorphins from this friend, it stimulates our brain to be happier. As you can see when someone has finished eating something spicy, they always give their brightest smile after!

9. Balances blood sugar level

As for those who fights over diabetes, this buddy might be your perfect knight in shining armor. Since its ability to balance blood sugar level is proven by researchers, you should try this alternative!

10. Iron source

As for those whose suffering from iron deficiency, green chili is a great booster for that. Containing great amount of iron, this might be the right answer for your fight!

11. Treats skin infections

Since green chili contains antibacterial elements, it also able to help you treating those annoying skin infections. So you can say hello for healthy and glowing skin from now on!

12. Rich of Vitamin K

As it contains great amount of Vitamin K, it will be very useful for those whose suffering from osteoporosis and excessive bleeding. Vitamin K helps you to strengthen you bones structure, and also speed up your healing after got cut. Meanwhile, there are many health benefits of Indian green chillies.

What are the bad side effects of Indian green chili?

Beside all of those benefits explained above, there are also some bad side effects if you consume this green chili with the wrong amount. Consuming extremely hot chilly can not only burn the mouth from inside, but can also be very irritating when evacuated from the body.

Ensure that you wash your hands after touching chilly food items or chilies and do not touch your nose, eyes, mouth or any other sensitive body parts after you have handled chilies. The high amount of capsaicin is very toxic and can be very painful. Stomach and skin irritation can be toxic, if consumed in high quantities.

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What is the recommendation intake for Indian green chili?

As for this spicy buddy, it’s always the best to use this chili only when you completely sure with the doses. Consulting the use of this chili with the doctor might be the best alternative, but if you don’t have time to do so, you can use this chili inside your cooking. But please do note that giving too much of this chili into your cooking might be too uncomfortable for your kids and those with sensitive tongue. It’s better to put it little by little into your cooking and taste it until it reached your taste standard. Or you can also ask for your children’s help to taste it, whether it’s too spicy or not.

So that’s all about 12 unexpected health benefits of Indian green chilies, and please pay attention for the good and bad side effects and also the recommendation intake. There are some good benefits but if you’re intolerant with spiciness then it’s better to find another alternatives beside Indian green chili. Asking you doctor will be a very great help, so please don’t be hesitant to ask your doctor. Last but not least, hope this information is useful for you!