19 Health Benefits of Using Mustard Oil In Cooking

So far, people only know the Mustard as a vegetable. We often call it a Caisim for Meatball noodles, or as Cha Caisim. Though Mustard-seed is processed into Mustard oil and condiment such as seasoning or sauce. In India, Mustard oil is known as quite important oil for cooking Additionally Mustard oil is also an […]

30 Benefits of Coconut Oil for Dogs (#Top Amazing)

Dog is one of common pets people like to take care. You can easily find dog lovers at your surrounding. Dog festival is also routinely held in some cities as well as other dog events. Caring dog, therefore, begins to become nowadays people’s life style. They choose to care the dog for various reasons ranging […]

Benefits of Fish Oil For Hair Loss (#Top For Growth)

Hair loss is a common type of hair problems people usually find it as they grow older. This means that the hair loss is a sign of aging which is inevitable in most of cases. However, aging is not the only one cause as hair loss could also appear due to some other reasons, particularly […]

12 Proven Jojoba Oil Benefits for Health and Beauty

Jojoba oil is one of the essential natural oils are made from jojoba fruit. The oil itself has been widely used as a base for the manufacture of a wide range of cosmetics and other health products that can be used from head to toe. Pure jojoba oil also known as anti-inflammatory and contains good […]

Is Olive Oil Good for Your Hair ?

Olive oil has been around in the market for so long, it is renowned for its healthy properties as opposed to many other natural oils, such as palm oil. Containing a lot of good fats, olive oil comes from the fruit of Olea europaea, a traditional tree grown across the Mediterranean Basin. It is of […]

11 Health Benefits of CBD Hemp Oil (No.2 Surprising You)

Since the legalization of CBD hemp oil in some states in the US, there has been quite a fuss and misleading information about this product. Most people think that CBD hemp oil is marijuana oil since both come from the same plant: Cannabis family. Apparently it’s not. Before going further, here are some terms we […]

26 Proven Benefits of Peppermint Oil (No.7 Unbelievable)

Peppermint is considered as the oldest herbal medicine in the world as it is proven has already been used since 100 centuries ago. It has good antimicrobial, antioxidant, antispasmodic, and anti tumor. The essential oil is extracted with dry or fresh steam distillation, especially its leaves that is commonly used as aroma therapy. 21 Benefits […]

Top 25 Health Benefits of Lavender Oil (# Best Oil in Earth)

When people are talking about essential oil, they must be also thinking about lavender. The name of lavender itself has been taken from the Latin root lavare and it has the meaning “to wash”. The reason why lavender means “to wash” is because since ancient times this herb was used to take a bath in […]

21 Proven Health Benefits of Oregano Oil Evidence Base

Oregano oil is a herbal oil that extracted from the leaves of oregano, a perennial herb which has botanical name Origanum vulgare. Oregano name is comes from Greek words, “oros” and “ganos”. Oros means mountain, while ganos means joy in Greek. So, oregano literally mean the joy of mountain because oregano always symbolize the happiness. […]

34 Proven Health Benefits of Olive Oil (# Holy Herbal Oil)

We all have ever heard about Mediterranean people who suffer less incidence of cardiovascular disease  and cancer. This condition is may rise since they have a Mediterranean diet which including olive oil in their meals. Whats special about olive oil? Olive oil is the key of Mediterranean diet. Choosing olive oil is a healthier way to […]