13 Health Benefits of Kombucha Tea (No.3 You Need It)

Currently there are many diseases which attack human’s life. It leads the scientists to discover natural medicine to heal every diseases occures in our life. Nature saves its secret and benefits relating to healing and treatment for many diseases. Natural medicine is currently developed by many scientists. One of the natural healthy source for treatment […]

20 Proven Health Benefits of Aam ka Panna (No.1 Is Best)

Do you ever hear a beverage called Aam Panna? If you’re not, it is alright since it is one of the Indian beverage made from raw green mangoes and has a light green color. Most Indian people agrees that this Aam Panna (also known as panha or panhe) will be a perfect choice to drink […]

17 Proven Health Benefits of Zamzam Water (No.1 Amazing)

Water is arguably one of the most important aspect of human life. According to a study, 70% of human body comprise of water. That means, our body will need significant amount of water to keep our body well-hydrated. Unlike other source of water, zam-zam water is sourced from a well in Mecca that is considered […]

49 Proven Ice Cream Benefits (No.1 & 2 Shocked)

Who did not know Ice cream ? Do you like ice cream? The answer of first question is no one. Everybody know ice cream. It is a really big question if someone does not like it. How about you, what is your answer for second qustions. It is must yes. If you say so, maybe you […]

17 Health Benefits of Hibiscus Tea and Its Side Effects

With its sour taste, hibiscus tea is carrying full-packaged benefits for your health due to the numerous nutrients contained including vitamin C, antioxidants and minerals. Because of the benefits, hibiscus tea is even used medically for treating some diseases. Hibiscus flowers or also called as Roselle, which was firstly dried, is boiled to end up […]

17 Marvelous Benefits of Almond Milk (# Scientific Evidence)

If you can’t stand the taste of dairy milk, almond milk can be a nice alternative because it is packed with high nutrition your body can reap the benefits. Some people might be questioning, is it that good that almond milk can be used to substitute dairy milk? The answer is yes, it is excellent. […]

67 Sugarcane Juice Benefits for Health Will Surprise You

Actually, this is not a big information anymore, that sugar is made from sugarcane. But, how about sugar is a monster. Did you know that there are many sugarcane juice benefits for health? Most of old people have to stop consuming everything that is sugary, containing glucose and others compound such as sugarcane because it […]

20 Incredible Karela Juice Benefits (No.1 My Evidence)

Most of us avoid to eat or do not like to consume karela because of the bitter taste. But behind the bitter taste of karela, it has a variety of benefits that be good for our bodies. One of these benefits can be obtained from the fruit of karela is to lower blood sugar levels for […]

35 Health Benefits of Coconut Water (No.1-5 Indisputable)

As one of the most natural water, coconut water is packed with a bunch of benefits for your body. Not only this is low in calorie and is free of cholesterol and fat, coconut water is also said to be higher in potassium than bananas. It is awesome how bananas are known to be the […]

26 Incredible Benefits of Alkaline Water (No.26 Rarely Known)

Nowadays there are so many products that offer water with a high pH, including alkaline water. Then what is alkaline water? Alkaline water is water that has a pH level (power of Hydrogen) above 8. High pH levels in alkaline water make this water is more alkaline than normal water. Naturally, alkaline water is very beneficial […]