Health Benefits of Reciting Qur’an You Must Know

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For Muslims, the Qur’an is not only limited to the holy books that are respected and used as instructions for lifestyle. But this revelation from God conveyed through the Prophet Muhammad, is a solution to various problems of life in various fields. Starting from the political, social, cultural to health issues.

The health benefits of reciting Qur’an for health have been tested or researched by scientists from Muslim and non-Muslim circles alike. It is proven that not only in terms of the contents of the Qur’an contain instructions on how to maintain both physical and mental health, reading or reciting the Quran also has many benefits for human life. Some of them are as follows:

Makethe heart calm

The Qur’an contains many moral teachings suchas social care, honesty, loyalty, devotion to both parents, patience, and otherkindnesses. People who read the Qur’an will feel the beauty of the moral values​​that are in the health benefitsof reciting Qur’an so that the peace of the soul will beobtained.

One of the historical evidence that reading the Qur’an can make a hard heart in heart health even has the intention to kill someone who can be melted and soft because of the reading of the Qur’an which is a condition of meaning. The historical event is the story of the entry of Umar bin Khattab into Islam. At that time Umar bin Khattab was about to kill the Prophet Muhammad because he was considered to be the one who disturbed the order of the ignorance society at that time. When going to the place of the Prophet Muhammad, he was then advised by someone to undo his intention and better take care of his younger brother, Fatima who had converted to Islam. Suddenly Umar turned toward his sister’s place. While at his younger brother’s house, Umar listened to the chanting of the Qur’an, at that time Umar felt calm so that his intention to finish off the Prophet Muhammad was lost. Umar was amazed at the Qur’an and decided to convert to Islam.

Relievesemotions and other liver diseases

Sometimes when we are emotional, both sad and angry emotions, are easily out of control so it is very difficult to relieve it. read more: benefits of exercise for emotional health. By reading the Qur’an, it will be able to relieve these turbulent feelings. A study shows that one way to ease emotions is to shift focus, reading the Qur’an is one of them. But it must also be considered what feelings are in an emotional state which is then adjusted which part you want to read in the Qur’an. For example, being emotionally sad because of being left by a loved one, the values ​​in the Qur’an read are related to the afterlife, where death is not the end of the journey of life, but as a phase of life that will be loved by everyone. By reading and pondering their meaning, we will be able to be more sincere when many of our loved ones leave us first. We will interpret that they are not leaving us, but they are ahead of us to the next phase of life.

Re-balancedamaged cells

According to research conducted by Muhammad Salim published at Boston University, that damaged cells can return to their balance when they have vibrated again like health benefits acetes. And the chanting of the verses of the health benefits of reciting Qur’an is proven to stimulate cells to vibrate. Voice reading of the Qur’an also has an extraordinary effect on the balance of brain cells. A study also states that cancer cells can also be destroyed due to sound frequency alone.