12 Relaxing Benefits of Indian Head Massage on Digestive System for Men and Woman

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For many years, the benefits of Indian head massage on digestive system is no longer secret anymore. Even this treatment is now available in many places around the world. Therefore, this massage is quite known by some peoples and believe can deal with various symptoms or diseases.

Indian head massage actually one kind of massage that focus on the nerve system around the head. It is believe that all nerve around the head will connect with the other body part. Therefore, any diseases will successfully recover by having a light head massage, specially if using the traditional Indian head massage steps.

How to Do Indian Head Massage

The benefits of the massage making many people interesting to have this treatment. Even today some people also learn on how the appropriate way to run the massage, either for them selves or for helping other persons. However, the effective ways to perform the massage at home is through below lists:

  • Prepare the massage oil and get the person sitting as comfort as possible.
  • Start with massage the shoulder and works in towards the spine.
  • Continue with massage the top of the shoulder and then to the base of the skull gently.
  • Massage the neck area and let the head to tilt forward. Then move the head back.
  • Massage the head by rubbing the scalp.
  • Rub the scalp with fingertips.
  • Stroke the fingers from the top of the forehead back.
  • Last, finish up with strokes the back of the head gently.

Benefits of Indian Head Massage

As mention previously that this massage bring many benefits, specially it has been found that it can help with digestive, below are several lists of benefits of Indian head massage on digestive system.

1. Improve Intestine Movement

The head’s nerve that massaged will actively lead the intestinal to improve the bowel movement. Therefore, it can produce a healthier digestive process. The same way as the Bulgarian yogurt health benefits that also can help to improve the intestinal bowel movement in digestive system.

2. Circulate Blood Flow

The massage will be good to perform a better blood flow circulation. Therefore, it will avoid any blood cod. When it ia happen, then the blood flow of digestive system also works very well lead to an optimize digestive.

3. Provide Fasten Digest

Through a better intestinal movement, it will lead to a better digestive process. This is the mechanism where the digest will perform in fasten rate. The same mechanism of the health benefits of purple hull peas that providing a fasten and healthier digest system.

4. Bring Relaxation

Doing the head massage can lead to a better body relaxation. All the nerve and all the stresses, including all the anxiety can disappear and replace with a better and positive feeling. When the mind become better than the body system will followed. Hence, the digestive will improved better.

5. Improve Hormon Secretion

The benefits of Indian head massage on digestive system including affect the hormonal secretion. It will lead to progress and circulate reguler digestive hormones to support the digest process. This is the same health benefits of kale that also can help to improve hormone secretion, specially in supporting the digest system.

6. Increase Metabolic System

Perform the massage also will improve the body metabolism. It can provide fasten metabolism from food into needed energy. That is why an improved metabolic rate will help to provide a better power for daily activities.

7. Avoid Digestive Problems

The benefit of the massage on digestive also help to avoid any digestive problems. Therefore, it is another way to avoid constipation or digestive difficulties. This is the same health benefits of rainier cherries that also work to avoid any digestive problems.

8. Manage Upset Stomach

Through a frequent massage, it will automatically works to deal with upset stomach. It can reduce the gas inside the stomach and manage a better stomach and intestine condition.

9. Avoid Reflux

It also good to control any acid inside the stomach. Therefore, it can help to avoid any gas reflux or heartburn after meal. This is the same health benefits of eating Jerusalem artichokes that will help to avoid heartburn and gas reflux too.

10. Improve Nutrient Absorption

A better digestive means a better nutrient absorption. Therefore, it will help the body to absorb more vitamins and minerals that needed for body health.

11. Avoid Cardiovascular

The massage also believe will help to control the cholesterol level in the blood. Therefore, it will avoid any cardiovascular diseases and automatically will lead to a healthier digestive system too.

12. Manage Blood Sugar Level

Another advantage including to manage the blood sugar level and produce normal insulin to help the digestive perform better. Therefore, it will help to provide a good digest rate and normal digestive process.

Cautions and Recommendations of Indian Head Massage

Even the therapy can help as digestive aids, there are several concerns related to this massage. Therefore, before decide to perform the massage, it is better to check on below listed of suggestions or recommendations.

  • It is recommended to do the massage with expert therapist, as the head system contain various important nerves. Doing with unexperienced persons will lead to head nerve injuries and lead to another ache.
  • Even the therapy can help manage the digestive system, it is not a direct effects but a slower process and takes weeks or even months to perform it. Therefore, people with digestive ache still needs to consult their doctor for any medication.
  • People experience allergies to the massage oil shall confirm first to the therapy to avoid any allergically symptoms such as itchiness or redness in skin area.
  • A pregnant woman shall avoid having this massage since some researches find out that there might be relation between the nerve with the fetus. Therefore, avoid doing the massage to avoid further miscarriage or negative effects to the fetus development. Otherwise, if necessary, shall consult with the caregiver first.

Those are the benefits of Indian head massage on digestive system. Through a good massage frequently, it will effectively bring a better body system including metabolism and digestive. Even though it would not happen in sudden time, it is worth to perform for several weeks or months. Therefore, the digestive system will always maintained and performed better. Through a better digestive system, it can lead to a better nutrient absorption and lead to better wellness everyday. Have it a try!