5 Health Benefits of Ichthyotherapy

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Ichthyotherapy, yes! When we hear or read the word, maybe the things that only ‘make sense’ is the ‘-therapy’ unit as a single morpheme.

Okay, we still get most of the part: it is some sort-of-a-way or a-kind-of-therapy thing, but, what kind is that?

Is it just for a treatment or for healing specific diseases? Is that hurt? What in the world is implemented in this kind of therapy?

Yeah, those questions commonly arise when we are talking about therapy. But to answer those questions, we need to know first about what therapy is. Anyway, we may also know the benefits of primal scream therapy.

Therapy, also known as “medical treatment”, is a medication effort for certain medical diagnosis. The effectiveness of a therapy may vary, but the essence of these activities is for a better health condition, both physically and mentally.

There are many kinds of therapy around the globe which categorized based on three classes: (a) the chronology, priority, or intensity; (b) therapy intention, and; (c) its composition.

There is a therapy, like the benefits of Cryotherapy for Arthritis, which has specific function. Then what about the ichthyotherapy? So, to answer that question, here are five health benefits of ichthyotherapy – what is that?’:

Like we already discussed above, the last part of the name can be recognized with ease. But the first part, the “Ichthyo-”, is quite intriguing.

Actually, it is derived from a Greek word meant as ‘fish’. Yes, it is a therapy by using fish, especially, small kind of fish like Garra rufa.

If we talk further, it is not just about the benefits of Gelfilte Fish for snacks. It works as we may soak the designated area of our body in the water, whether we fully dip in or partially (i.e. feet only), then the ‘doctor fish’ will swarm and do their ‘best’ – cleaning skin wounds or other skin treatment.

So, there comes another question: What are the health benefits of this therapy?

And here are some health benefits of ichthyotherapy:

1. Stand as an alternative medicine.

Just forget about a near-fatal rate treatment or some high-dose drugs: alternative medication will give you a great favor.

The essence of this kind of therapy stands as another ‘backdoor’ for those who don’t want to take any risk or feel any pain.

Some low-chance mortality surgery or strong drugs can be a double-edged sword – it may heal you but also destroy you in its own way.

ecause of that, the ichthyotherapy is coming. Although a study suggested that ichthyotherapy might provide an alternative medical option.

Even though if there are some advantages of laparoscopy over open surgery, surgery is always a ‘surgery’.

2. Affectively impact the patient.

Since we are utilizing the healing abilities of other organism within a scope of symbiotic relationship, the patient need to approach the fish.

In that case, human approach upon the fish’s natural habitat is the key of this therapy – people need to jump into the water.

This kind of approach gives a new exiting experience for the patient. A research showed that the patients of the ichthyotherapy feel amused and pleased after the treatment.

Thus, it can be said that the therapy is impacting affectively.

3. Don’t forget about the mental benefits.

For your information only, actually, the natural habitat of this fish can be traced back to the bank of Euphrates, especially within the vast area of Kangal, Turkey.

This is the ‘ground-zero’ where the ‘bizarre’ behavior of the fish first observed. So, at the beginning, people found this therapy as some specific healing effect of the Kangal only.

Thus, many people came to Kangal and it became a health resort. In that time, the effect was not only affecting physically but also mentally since people will travel there and enjoy the resort.

4. Side-effect? Nope.

The most pleasant thing of this therapy is that: it doesn’t have any side-effect.

There are many kinds of therapy out there which inflicting many awful side-effects. Some of them even come with pain and suffering.

Thus, how about the ichthyotherapy? In the opposite way, instead of ache and agony, this kind of therapy even gives you joy and fun.

Interacting with other organism, maintaining a symbiotic relation, and the most important thing is, getting healthy! Therefore, say yes to ichthyotherapy.

5. It really works.

When we talk about ‘effectiveness’, it is not the health benefits Yucca Flower only. Yes, some people may doubt the actual effect of this therapy.

Swim and soak with fishes can make you healthy, without any pain and suffering also have no side-effect? It even sounds more like magic than a scientifically-based medical treatment.

But in fact, it is pure science! A study found that 65% of the respondent is getting better after the treatment.

Even 87.5% of them said that they more favored the result of ichthyotherapy than the other treatment before.

Those are five health benefits of ichthyotherapy which can add some insight for you.


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