20 Proven List of Healthy Fruits for Weight Loss

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For healthy living, one of the parameter used is weight scale. There are a lot of people who are willing to do anything, extreme diet included, just to reach the ideal weight goal. It is true that healthy weight will lead to positive impact and there is no place for obesity in healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, most people are to focus on how to reach certain goal and forget about the fact that to reach that goal, they need to life healthily. The list of healthy fruits for weight loss below may become the solutions that most people have forgotten about.

  1. Apple

One of the benefits of eating apple for breakfast is for the sake of weight loss. An apple for breakfast is not only keeping you in shape because the calories in apple are very low but also providing you enough energy to do the activities.

Furthermore, apple is super rich of fiber and vitamin that will improve the body metabolism by optimizing the work of digestive system, so all foods will be optimally processed and all nutrients will be optimally absorbed as well.

  1. Watermelon

When it comes to fruits for weight loss, some people will prefer to avoid watermelon because it is high in sugar. Well, aside from being high in sugar there are a lot of health benefits of watermelon and other qualities which are actually great for weight loss, such as rich of fiber.

As long as you can control your sugar consumption, consuming watermelon regularly is highly recommended especially for those who are currently in bodybuilding program because watermelon contains certain compound that helps in reducing the muscle soreness during a workout.

  1. Banana

The debate whether banana is great for weight loss or benefits of banana for weight gain is not reaching the ending yet. However, the problem is lying in the portion, if you eat it in big portion, it is likely to give you a weight gain but if you consume it in just the right portion, banana has qualities for weight loss as well.

Furthermore, if you have problem with food craving, the fiber in banana will help you feel full in relatively longer time, so you could avoid the unnecessary snacks that you shouldn’t eat. Besides, banana is available all year around and quite cheap.

  1. Orange

When it comes to weight loss, all from citrus family is great solution, and the health benefits of oranges are among them. Orange is a healthy snack you could consume whenever you want without worrying about gaining weight, besides everybody love orange and there are more option of citrus you could add to your diet as well.

Orange is because orange is super rich of vitamin C, beta-carotene and fiber. Those combinations are not only making you feel full because fiber could do that but also vitamin c and beta-carotene are excellent team of antioxidants to protect your body from free radicals. 

  1. Berries

All kinds of berries are great for weight loss from strawberry, blueberry, mulberry, raspberry and of course the legendary health benefits of acai berry for weight loss. It is because they are packed with certain chemical which is also powerful antioxidants well known as polyphenols.

In some animal studies, the significant result has been released about the connection of consuming berries with weight loss such as the reduction of abdominal fat and the decrease of fat cells formation.

  1. Avocado

There are a lot of health benefits of avocado and the main reasons why avocado is great for weight loss is because avocado is so rich of omega 9 fatty acid which is excellent solution for weight loss. Furthermore, its super nutrient compounds will help improving the body metabolism to optimizing the fat burning process and turn it into energy while at the same time will make you feel full longer to help you cutting your snacking time significantly.

  1. Pomelo

One of the health benefits of pomelo is for weight loss. It is because this big orange is great for digestive system and could act as natural detoxifier. Since your intestine is in its best condition, there are no unnecessary things that will disturb your body metabolism because all nutrients will be absorbed optimally.

Furthermore, research studies also find out that there is certain enzyme, fat-burning enzyme, found in pomelo which has function to make all fat cells will be optimally turned into energy, and so there is no excess fat cell to cause weight gain. So, just like orange, pomelo has unique flavor with the combination of sweet and sour that so refreshing.

  1. Lemon

The health benefits of lemon water and honey could do wonders to your weight problem. Those combinations will give you a natural detoxifier for your body if you drink them in the morning in the empty stomach. Regular detoxification in your body is not only improving your body metabolism but also making you feel fresher all the time. Furthermore, lemon contains super high vitamin C which makes it an excellent source of antioxidant to provide one more layer protection to your immunity system.

  1. Honeydew

Honeydew or melon has a lot of good qualities to help dealing with weight gain problem. During pregnancy, sometimes mothers find it very difficult to control their weight and for the sake of the baby, diet is strictly forbidden but consuming honeydew regularly could help dealing with this problem. The soluble fiber found in honeydew is effective in improving digestion tract and eliminating condition likes constipation and slow bowel movement. Healthy digestion will lead healthy weight management as well.

  1. Pear

Pear is not also rich of vitamins and minerals but the skin of pears are rich of fiber as well. So whenever you grab a pear, just eat it with its skin included and don’t peel it. Fiber is excellent solution in weight loss diet because it is not only improving your digestive system so nutrient absorption could be conducted optimally but fiber also able to suppress your appetite by making you full a bit longer. There are a lot of varieties of pears and you could just choose one that suit your taste best. furthermore, pears are so rich of water, just excellent fruit to keep your body hydrated because hydrated body is also the key to healthy digestion that leads to healthy metabolism.

  1. Peaches

The same thing as pear goes with peaches as well. Do you know that almost 98% of peaches are consisting of water? It means, you don’t need to worry about getting dehydration because dehydration is actually one of the factors that could disturb healthy body metabolism. Due to disturbed metabolism, conditions like weight gain and obesity are likely to happen. Furthermore, peaches are excellent source of vitamin C which could assist in optimally the absorption of nutrients to reduce the formation of fat cells.

  1. Passion Fruit

Why passion fruit is great for weight loss? To answer that question is very easy because among the health benefits of passion fruit, one of them is low in calories. All fruits or foods that are low in calories are good for weight loss but it is not all. Passion fruit is also rich of vitamins, minerals and some other organic compounds such as fiber.  If you are currently looking for healthy snack, just enjoy some seeds of passion fruit and you will get everything you need from your favorite snacking time and healthy lifestyle without worrying about weight gain.

  1. Mango

When it comes to mango benefits, the list will be endless because mango has been consumed is not for the sake of healthy lifestyle but also for beauty, including weight loss purpose. Mango is great for digestion because it is rich of fiber to help optimizing the nutrient absorption while at the same time optimizing the burning process of calories to promote healthy weight gain only. So, if you are currently in diet program, adding mango to your diet is highly recommended. Furthermore, mango is also rich of vitamin C which is one of the important vitamin during weight loss diet.

  1. Kiwi

Kiwi is probably on the top of the list of super food because this fruit is not only packed with important nutrients that are essential for body metabolism but also great for weight loss and bodybuilding. The benefits of kiwi for bodybuilding and weight loss is because it is rich of zinc to promote muscle building, potassium to balancing body fluid during workout and also iron to boost energy to the maximum level. Those combinations are not only optimizing the muscle building but at the same time also managing weight.

  1. Fig

When it is in fig seasons, don’t hesitate to add this super nutritious fruit to your daily weight loss diet. One of the health benefit of fig fruits is for weight loss and there are two reasons why fig is great for weight loss, first fig is low in calories and second, fig is rich of fiber. Fig will be a delicious and healthy addition to your salad bowl because it is not easy to find healthy but delicious food to eat during weight loss program but fig is the exception. The nutrients packed in this fruit will make sure your body are working optimally.

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Actually any fruits are okay for weight loss and even the list of healthy fruits for weight loss mentioned above are not the magic potion that will give you the ideal weight just in one night, no matter how creative you are in consuming them. However, the nutrients contained in those fruits may be optimizing your current diet or help you controlling your weight in much easier way. Furthermore, consuming healthy food and doing regular exercises are also important to keep you in shape.