23 Amazing List of Herbal Beauty Products (Natural Tricks)

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Healthy living and beauty lifestyle should be in a balance line. Unfortunately, there a lot of people out there are striving to be beautiful but forget how to stay healthy; that’s why they tend to spend a lot of money for beauty products but forget to invest their money to healthy foods. The fact is healthy living will lead to beauty lifestyle naturally, simple example is by consuming greens in daily basis, you could eliminate wrinkles naturally and by doing exercises regularly you could make sure to keep your body in shape, your skin firm and brain sharp. Besides, the list of herbal beauty products below may help you saving a lot of money for beauty products.

  1. Honey for Sexy Lips

The list of health benefits of honey could be fantastic but among them the benefits of honey on face is for sexy lips. Well, cracked lips are common conditions most people should face due to some factors from dehydration, sun exposure but a tea spoon of honey is enough to do the magic. Just apply honey regularly every day or whenever you think your lips needed to be moisturized then use honey for healthy and kissable sexy lips.

  1. Cucumber for Bright Eyes

Swollen eyes could be a problem in the morning but there is one excellent beauty hack you could find in your refrigerator to deal with this condition; it is cucumber. Just slice some cucumber and apply it to your swollen eyes for a couple of minutes and swollen eyes will be away in no minute. It is because the anti-inflammatory properties found in cucumber and the fact that most of cucumber is made of water, so it is great for hydrating the area around your eyes and reduce the swollen and give you bright eyes instead.

  1. Lemon for Radiant Skin

You always find your skin dull and unhealthy no matter how often you wash your face is. Well, why don’t you try to add lemon to the treatment? Lemon is rich of vitamin C that promotes the production of collagen that responsible for the firmness of your skin. What you need to do is just applying the lemon juice to your face and leaving it overnight. You must be surprised how bright, clear and radiant your skin will be in the morning. Apply it every night and regularly for excellent result.

  1. Dried Lavender and Peppermint for Facial Scrub

If you have some dried herbs in your house like dried lavender and peppermint why don’t you mix them to make a facial scrub? It is because among the health benefits of lavender on skin, dried lavender and peppermint could be used to exfoliating the dead skin cells that may layering your beautiful skin. Those dead skin cells are the reasons why your skin looks dull and old. Just by using them as facial scrub you could eliminating those dead skin cells and reveal the real you. You may add more dried herbs and essential oil to the mix.

  1. Rose Petals for Natural Face Toner

The fact that one of the health benefits of rosewater is for skin is no longer a secret. How much money you should spend for face toner made from unidentified chemical ingredients? Well, perhaps it is the time for you to go natural and use rose water instead as face toner. Face toner made from rose petals that you could made yourself will help eliminating some skin problems naturally from dry skin, acnes and even could act as make up remover as well.

  1. Olive Oil for Dry Skin Mask

Olive oil is one of the beauty hacks you should have in your house because the benefits of applying olive oil on skin could be really amazing especially those who have problems with dry skin. Dry skin could be lead to conditions like acnes and dull skin and even premature wrinkles. Just add olive oil to your favorite face mask made of natural stuff like fruits or leaves to help moisturizing your skin face naturally while at the same time removing the sign of premature aging.

  1. Cider Vinegar for Oily Skin Mask

You must be surprised that the benefits of apple cider vinegar are not only for health but also for beautiful skin. Those who have problems with oily skin must have known how difficult to maintain skin face with excessive oil production because oily skin is closely related to shiny face, broken make up, acnes, pimples, dull skin and so on. There is no  way to deal with this condition but controlling the oil production and adding cider vinegar to your favorite face mask could help suppressing the excessive production of oil on skin.

  1. White Egg for Natural Blackhead Remover

Blackhead could be really annoying but there are a lot of tutorial you could find in the internet about the health benefits of egg especially the white egg to remove blackhead. It is not a hoax but proven to be effective. So, when you enjoy all the benefits of egg yolk for beauty and baby, you could use the left out white egg to remove blackhead. There is no side effect from using white egg as blackhead remove but still you need to wash your face with cold water to close the pores after remover.

  1. Sea Salt for Fresh Pores

Healthy pores are the key to healthy skin face. However, to maintain healthy and fresh pores you need to open it regularly to eliminate whatever stuff that may entering your pores. There are a lot of scrub products you could find in the marketplace but do you know that salt you have in the kitchen could do the trick as excellent as those beauty products? It is because among the health benefits of sea salt are it could help exfoliating skin by removing the dead skill cells and revealing the real beauty of your skin.

  1. Shea Butter for Body Lotion

The fact that Shea butter is excellent natural body lotion has been well known since Cleopatra era. Since ancient time Shea butter that has been applied to skin will protect the skin from the worst effect of sun exposure. Furthermore about the health benefits of Shea butter as body lotion is because it contains specific chemical ingredients that could act as sun block while at the same time could act as skin moisturizer and treat dry skin naturally.

  1. Tea Tree Oil for Natural Face Wash

There are a lot of people out there who believe that facial foam is the reasons why their face is clean. Well, the chemical ingredients found in facial foam are actually the main reasons of dry skin. That’s why is better to just depend on natural health benefits of tea tree oil on skin. You may add the tea tree oil to your current facial wash and enjoy all the amazing quality of this essential oil in your face such as eliminating excessive oil for those with oily skin, moisturizing skin for those who have dry skin type and at the same time treating some skin conditions effectively.

  1. Garlic as Acne Solution

Garlic is one of the spices commonly found in the kitchen but not everyone knows that garlic is an excellent way of how to get rid of acne naturally. What you need to do is just taking a clove of garlic and chopping one of the edges to release the juice and apply it directly to acne or pimples and leave it overnight. It is because the anti-inflammatory properties found in garlic will help reducing the swollen area caused by the infection while at the same time the anti-bacteria agents will kill the bacteria that cause the infection.

  1. Jojoba Oil for Body Massage

There are two main health benefits of jojoba oil you could get from using it for body massage, first all of your muscle aches will be relaxed and second your skin will be exfoliated naturally to reveal the true and healthy skin. Not only that, when talking about the health benefits of jojoba oil for skin the list could be endless because it is actually a natural skin cleanser to protect skin from getting aging and worst effect of UV rays. Not only that jojoba oil could be used for hair treatment as well as nail treatment.

  1. Aloe Vera for Nourished Hair

You have problems with dull and dry hair. Well, that condition could lead to conditions like dandruff, itchy scalp and even split ends. Among the health benefits of aloe vera are the benefits of aloe vera for hair and scalp. The jelly-like texture of aloe vera is excellent to be used as natural conditioner to reduce dandruff, prevent hair loss, keep the hair moisture and give you smooth, nourished and healthy hair instead. Apply it regularly to your hair and scalp for excellent result.

More Herbal Treatments for Beauty

There are a lot of herbs from dried herbs, fresh herbal leaves, herbal plants, fruits and even vegetables you could find around you and could be used as herbal beauty products and below are some more list of herbal beauty products:

  1. Benefits Curd for Beauty to improve complexion and radiant skin.
  2. Health Benefits of Cilantro for Skin as top beauty trick everyone should know.
  3. Benefits of Chocolate Face Mask as skin treatment from outside to keep skin firm and young.
  4. Benefits of Yogurt for Beauty which has been well known since ancient time.
  5. Benefits of Drinking Green Tea for Beauty as part of Chinese and Japanese’s secret of being young in longer time.
  6. Benefits of Turmeric for Beauty which believed by most Asian.
  7. Benefits of Ginger for Skin as part of Asian’s secret of radiant, healthy and younger skin.
  8. Health Benefits of Moringa Leaves on Skin which has been proven scientifically.
  9. Benefits of Coffee for Skin and Hair for those who want to have healthy and nutritious shiny hair.

Probably it is a surprise for you that your kitchen cupboard is actually the source of all of the list of herbal beauty products as mentioned above. The fact is natural and herbal beauty products are not going to give you instant solution to your beauty problems but they are indeed the best solution in long term because they comes with almost zero side effects compared to all beauty products in the marketplace which have been mixed with chemical properties that are not only harmful for your body in long term but also for environment.

So, staying healthy and being beautiful are not only about you but also about how you care with things that are surrounding you.