5 Unexpected Corn Husk Benefits in Many Fields

Corn is one of the food ingredient that can be process into any kind of food and there are many Health Benefits of Corn. Whether it is grilled, boiled, to steamed, corn become a tasty food and has various benefits for health. But a lot of people throw away the corn husk. Even though there […]

10 Unexpected Benefits of Mango Peels on Skin Treatment

Mangifera Indica is the latin for mango fruit. This oval shaped fruit is originally from India. The size of the fruit is about 25 until 30 cm. Mango fruit contains a lot of vitamin such as vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E. Mango fruit has a tasty and delicious taste. Mango fruit has been sold […]

10 Surprising Health Benefits of Anna Apple

Apple is one of kind of fruits that has a lot of benefit. Not only for a diet program, apple also take an effect for an expectant mother and the embryo. Apple has also spreaded widely in Indonesia market and it is very easy to get it whether the native archipelago one or the imported […]

18 Powerful Health Benefits of Japanese Persimmon

The benefits of persimmon fruit are quite plentiful. The persimmon fruit itself has a very nutritious content for our body. Even the nutritious content of this persimmon fruit is similar with apple fruit. Persimmon fruit contains a high fiber. Read: Health Benefits of Persimmon The fiber content is twice more than an apple fruit. Beside the […]

3 Main Benefits of Jicama Scrubs for Beauty Purpose

Who doesn’t recognize jicama ? This white-solid  texture fruit can be found easily in the market. Jicama (pachyrhizus erosus) generally originated from Mexico and Central America. This sweet and crunchy fruit can thrives in tropical area. This fruit diameter is approximately between 7 until 10 cm. (Also read: Health Benefits of Jicama  ) Jicama usually consumed […]

8 Health Benefits of Tofu Dregs (Okara) That You Never Know

Tofu dregs is one of the well-known dish in some region of Indonesia such as Central Java and some other region. However for urban region it is normal to not know the dish that comes from this tofu which is tofu dregs. Tofu dregs is a waste substance obtained during the tofu production process. The […]